Monthly Archives: September 2004

Diary Entry for 9/1/2004

69° and 54°. Partly cloudy. Partly sunny. A bad hurricane Frances headed for Florida and the Carolina’s this weekend. Vi and Florence here. Florence has relatives in path of storm in Florida. 972 USA soldiers killed today in Iraq so far. 3300 students are enrolled in Jefferson Community College, Watertown, NY. I called Jim. He called back as he was riding his bike.

Diary Entry for 9/2/2004

71° and 46°. A sunny day. Hurricane Frances getting closer to Florida coast. Folks moving inland. Jim’s 61st birthday. Vi here. Also Sally and Florence. Florence gave me watermelon and Sally gave me a tomato.

Diary Entry for 9/3/2004

A great sunny day. Jolie called in AM. She has a new job at the Ford Dealership down the street from them. She starts Wednesday. She said Camille has a job in a cell center. Jim isn’t going to Joel’s until next weekend. Angie and Vi here. Vi’s granddaughter Julie and 2 girls there for supper. Juanita called in evening. She’s going to her sister, Judie’s for a week.

Diary Entry for 9/4/2004

A sunny warm day. Florence went to emergency room with terrible pains in her stomach. They let her come back home after lots of tests. I put clean sheets and cases on my bed. Will wash next week. Hurricane Frances moving slower toward Florida. Vi, Angie, Sally and Florence stopped by. I watched NASCAR from California. Zack there tomorrow.

Diary Entry for 9/5/2004

A just beautiful summer day. Hurricane Frances in Florida slowing down some. I went to church with Jim N. Also went to service here in PM. Vi here for paper in evening. Also Florence stopped by.

Diary Entry for 9/6/2004

A sunny day. I washed clothes in the morning. I talked with Lyla. Vicky and Marge came back with Cheryl and Kathy on Tuesday. Jerry and Amy took them home to Ohio yesterday. Former President Bill Clinton had quadruple bypass surgery today. Florence, Sally and Angie here.

Diary Entry for 9/7/2004

76° and 66°. Windy, hot and humid. Rain in late PM. I went to exercise class. VIP meeting 2 PM. Man from Social Security Benefits guest speaker. 8 present. My cactus plant blossomed in evening. Angie here. Florence had 2nd chemo.

Diary Entry for 9/8/2004

66° and 59°. Cloudy, rainy day. I went over to hospital for blood work in morning. Vi went with me. I called Jim. He’s leaving on a bike ride to New York City. Be back Friday. Florence, Sally, and Vi here. Vern called in evening. He had his stress test today in Syracuse. Went well.

Diary Entry for 9/9/2004

Raining all night and all day. The end of hurricane Frances up this way. I didn’t go to exercise class. My appointment with Dr. Weinstein at 3 PM.

Diary Entry for 9/10/2004

Partly sunny. Jessie here to clean. They washed our widows today. Bill took out my screens. Vi, Angie, and Florence here.

Diary Entry for 9/11/2004

71° and 50°. A nice day. Sunny. I received a letter from Philadelphia UNC about meeting to plan a new church for Philadelphia and Evans Mills. Church ham supper. Vi and I ordered ours in. we ate together here at my place. Very good.

Diary Entry for 9/12/2004

Sunny nice day. I didn’t go to church. They were staying for dinner after church. I didn’t have anything to take. Vi here for Times. Jim N brought me church bulletin. Angie here. Gave me some cider from Burrville. Florence here also. I called Jim. He was at Joanne’s. He had talked with Zack and Jolie. Her job good. She works on Saturday. 260 soldiers returned home from overseas to For Drum today. More to return tomorrow, some came last night. They have been gone over a year.

Diary Entry for 9/13/2004

69° and 57°. A nice fresh sunny day. Elgin called from Canada to say Carmi is in Spencerville hospital. He has fallen a couple of times. Hurt his foot his balance is bad. Vi, Florence and Sally here. I talked with Lyla a couple of times. Postage to Canada is 60 cents. Centennial meeting at 7:30. They are preparing new by laws. Dues will be $5 instead of $3.

Diary Entry for 9/14/2004

Another great summer day. Hurricane very bad in Cuba. Lots of folks killed. I went to exercise class. Not many there. Cheryl took me for my appointment with Dr. Sanni. He wants me to see Dr. Byron Rutledge in Syracuse. Eye pressure 15 and 18. Vern called in evening. Sally, Florence and Angie here.

Diary Entry for 9/15/2004

77° and 64°. Sunny day. Hurricane Ivan getting close to Florida. Vi and Florence here. I called Jim. Also Cheryl. She will take me to Syracuse next Wednesday. Vi paid her half of Times paper. I sent card to Carmi Bowman in hospital in Canada.

Diary Entry for 9/16/2004

Sunny day. Rain in evening. I went to exercise class. Angie and Florence here. Mrs. Schipic called. I have appointment September 30th.

Diary Entry for 9/17/2004

68° and 55°. Cooler and partly cloudy. I renewed Vi and my Times for 26 weeks at $92. It used to be $12 for 52 weeks when we first started taking it when we were at Barkers. Vi, Florence, and sally here. Stompers singing group here in evening. A great time by all. Had cider and donuts. Had a good turn out. Jim called about 9:15 PM. He and Walt Prow were almost to Iowa. Only one hour away. He’s taking “big” the dog to Joel. I called Vi.

Diary Entry for 9/18/2004

Much cooler but sunny. Vern called about 11 AM to say they would be here about 12:30. We ate lunch at Longways Diner. It was packed as usual. We went to Calcium cemetery. The flowers on our lot look great. We stopped at P and C in Seaway shopping center to get my groceries. The Washington Street Big M Crosby’s is closed. It has been sold. Vern and June left about 3:30. Angie here. Also vi. Esther Taylor called. Also Jim N about church tomorrow.

Diary Entry for 9/19/2004

Sunny day. Cold was down to 34° over night. I went to church with Jim N. Art and Madeline Miles there. Vi, Florence and Angie here. Vivian Triese called. They are coming to see me tomorrow.

Diary Entry for 9/20/2004

62° and 36°. A nice sunny day. Clark and Vivian Treise here. They took me out to lunch at Shelby’s. Glenda Webb met us there. It was so good to see them all. Vi here. Zack, Jolie and Madison called. Zack wants me to come visit them. They are so proud of their new home. I talked with Lyla.

Diary Entry for 9/21/2004

A nice day. I walked over to hospital for blood work. Vi went with me. We saw Ellen Meeks. Linda Beyette was here. Kinney’s delivery man here. I washed clothes in PM.

Diary Entry for 9/22/2004

74° and 55°. Another great day for the first day of autumn. Like summer. I went to Syracuse to see Dr. Byron Rutledge. Dr. Sanni referred me. He says I have the worst kind of glaucoma. A real bad kind of it. Dr. Sanni was concerned it was macular degeneration. Cheryl took me to Syracuse. We had lunch at KFC on way home.

Diary Entry for 9/23/2004

A sunny great day. No exercise class. Angie, Vi, Sally and Florence here. Florence brought me some watermelon. Sally took my watch to get a back put back on it. Jolie and Madison called. They were at a toy store buying a birthday gift. Today is Madison’s 5th birthday. WCNY radio and TV station is 50 years old today.

Diary Entry for 9/24/2004

76° and 50°. A perfect summery day. Angie, Florence, Sally, Vi and Andrea here. Sally took my watch to mall jewelry store to get the back put on it. Free.

Diary Entry for 9/25/2004

Partly cloudy. Vi, Florence, Angie and Sally here. Julia Beers called in evening. She is Indian and speaks the language. She repeated the Lord’s Prayer in Indian. Interesting. She also told me about their burial ritual. Goes on for nine days. She lives in apartment next to me.

Diary Entry for 9/26/2004

A great day. I went to church with Jim N. Jim Nash is going to a Yankees ball game in New York this week with his son form Massena and his grandson from Florida. Fourth hurricane hitting Florida. Lots more damage. People have lived in shelters for 6 weeks. Vi and Florence here.

Diary Entry for 9/27/2004

A sunny day. Vi, Florence and Angie here. Vern called in evening. June at a church meeting. Hope and her mother fly to France for 12 days.

Diary Entry for 9/28/2004

68° and 56°. Partly sunny. Cheryl took me to Dr. LaPoint’s. I went to exercise class. Doris Haggerty called in PM. Florence gave me piece of lemon pie. I talked with Jim. He was cleaning house.

Diary Entry for 9/29/2004

Sunny day. Cool. Vi here for Times. She is going to Esther Taylor’s tonight. They are going on a bus ride to Mountains on Thursday. Florence here. Angie here two times. She brought me some oatmeal cookies. Good.

Diary Entry for 9/30/2004

61° and 38°. Partly cloudy. I didn’t go to exercise class. I had my teeth cleaned at Dr. Schipic, $42.00. Vi here in evening. She had a nice bus trip to mountains with Esther Taylor.