Monthly Archives: September 1954

Diary Entry for 9/1/1954

Painted kitchen cupboard yellow on inside. Got letter, & Jim got card from Uncle Berle. Vern built fence for Evelyn.

Diary Entry for 9/2/1954

Jim’s birthday. Made him cake. Vern started guest book stand for church. Gave $2.75 for lumber. Washed. Painted kitchen table.

Diary Entry for 9/3/1954

Martha Mowers was here all day. Merrill, Jim, Martha, & I went to show in evening. Baked pie, cakes, & cookies.

Diary Entry for 9/4/1954

Cleaned kitchen. Waxed floor. Transplanted iris. Howard H. got home from reserve training.

Diary Entry for 9/5/1954

Cloudy day. We all went for ride in PM. Vern varnished church stand.

Diary Entry for 9/6/1954

Washed clothes. Merrill combined at Casses. Vern packed away shop things. Labor Day.

Diary Entry for 9/7/1954

School starts. Jim started going to Theresa. 6th grade. Goes in PM only. I went to city & got Vern suit.

Diary Entry for 9/8/1954

Rebekah’s first fall meeting. I didn’t go. Vern pre registered for draft. Claude was here & baled straw.

Diary Entry for 9/9/1954

Vern starts in college at Oswego State. Mom, Dad, Merrill, Jim, & I took him to school. Juanita & kids came home with us.

Diary Entry for 9/10/1954

Cloudy day. Merrill finished combining for this year. He helped Claude bale straw in PM. Carl Tryon came in PM.

Diary Entry for 9/11/1954

Got letter from Vernon. Juanita, kids, & I went to Gouverneur. Uncle Ray, Aunt Maude, & Grandpa were here in evening. Carl went home in evening. He helped draw straw.

Diary Entry for 9/12/1954

Took Juanita & kids home. Grandpa Haggerty went with us. Got bushel tomatoes at Hills. $2.00. Nice day. Uncle Lloyd is sick.

Diary Entry for 9/13/1954

Raining all day. Cleaned cellar & furnace. Set up kitchen heater. Got letter from Vernon. Merrill went to lodge.

Diary Entry for 9/14/1954

Froze corn, & canned tomatoes. I went to P.N. Grands at Hall in evening. Good time.

Diary Entry for 9/15/1954

I went to city. Put my name in at Faichney’s. [for work] Jim & I went to Grange election of officers. Washed clothes. Aunt Maude was here.

Diary Entry for 9/16/1954

Church turkey supper. Made $112.00. I was sick all day. Raining. Got letter from Vernon.

Diary Entry for 9/17/1954

Got letter from Vern. Vi was down in evening & I gave her Toni.

Diary Entry for 9/18/1954

Vern came home today. I went to city for him & Carl Schlappi. Men filled silo here. Canned 4 quarts pears.

Diary Entry for 9/19/1954

We all went to church. Rained hard in AM. Had dedication for guest book stands at church. Vernon made it & gave it to Philadelphia church. Took boys to city at 9:00

Diary Entry for 9/20/1954

Washed clothes. Canned pears. Men filled silo here. Sent Vern card. Wrote Mom.

Diary Entry for 9/21/1954

Vernon’s 18th birthday. wrote Uncle Berle. Vern’s first time away from home on his birthday.

Diary Entry for 9/22/1954

Merrill & I went to city. Bought a 21 inch Emerson TV at Carl’s. I went to lodge. Election of officers.

Diary Entry for 9/23/1954

Had corn cutters for dinner. Jim didn’t have to go to school. Teacher’s conferences. I went to Home Bureau at Helen’s. Covered dish.

Diary Entry for 9/24/1954

Merrill & I went to city for more TV antenna. Flood kids were over. Grandpa Haggerty came down for visit.

Diary Entry for 9/25/1954

Merrill helped fill silo at Norton’s. Baked pies & cakes. I worked at lodge cafeteria supper. Got letter from Vernon.

Diary Entry for 9/26/1954

Rainy day in PM. Howard & Lynn helped Merrill put up TV antenna.

Diary Entry for 9/27/1954

Cloudy day. Cleaned. Merrill filled silo at Norton’s. Took Grandpa H. up to Uncle Rays. Stopped at school for books.

Diary Entry for 9/28/1954

I went to city. Got job at Olga. Washed. Made pickles & canned tomatoes. Did ironing.

Diary Entry for 9/29/1954

Very hot. I started work at Olga Knitting Mill. Signed up for social security card. I saw Aunt Myrtle in shop.

Diary Entry for 9/30/1954

Wrote Vernon. Sent $3.00 for 4 months of Times. Raining again. Wrote Mom. Birthday card to Brenda.