Monthly Archives: May 1992

Diary Entry for 5/1/1992

Pay telephone this month. We went for groceries. Gilenda here all PM. Sunny but cold north wind again.

Diary Entry for 5/2/1992

Merrill went to dump. I washed clothes. Called June and Vern in morning. She’s doing pretty good with radiation. Has had 9 treatments so far.

Diary Entry for 5/3/1992

We went to Sunday School 33, and church 54. Communion. Spent PM doing book work. Wrote checks to pay bills. Jolie called. Jim went to Albany on bike yesterday. Got soaked coming home. It rained all PM.

Diary Entry for 5/4/1992

Sent Kristen birthday card, note, and $5.00. Another cold day. Sunny in late PM. Sent for car plates renewal registration.

Diary Entry for 5/5/1992

Kristen’s 1st birthday. We went to Administrative Council in evening. 8 there.

Diary Entry for 5/6/1992

We went to city. Went out to Don’s but no one home. Stopped at Beulah’s on way home. Bible Study. Only 4 out. A nice day.

Diary Entry for 5/7/1992

Warmer today. UMW at Margaret’s, 10 there. I went with Marion.

Diary Entry for 5/8/1992

Warm today, 75°. Got letter from Beulah. Merrill made a new bird feeder and set it up.

Diary Entry for 5/9/1992

Washed clothes. Merrill remade bird feeder. Talked with Jolie.

Diary Entry for 5/10/1992

Mother’s Day. Youth group had church service. Very good. Got pink carnations and petunia plant. 75 out. Jim, Joel, Jolie, Baby Shawn here for dinner. Vern and June came in PM. Here for supper. They brought bucket of chicken. Great day.

Diary Entry for 5/11/1992

A great day. 79°. Merrill mowed lawns for first this year.

Diary Entry for 5/12/1992

80° today. Merrill took off storm windows. I washed windows. Put winter clothes upstairs and brought down summer ones. Picked first asparagus. Debby stopped by on way to school.

Diary Entry for 5/13/1992

Perm at Donna’s, 6 PM. Merrill went to Bible study. Last one until fall. Rebekah’s postponed until later.

Diary Entry for 5/14/1992

We went for groceries in AM. Washed Merrill’s work clothes. Cooler today.

Diary Entry for 5/15/1992

Girls here early today. Froze first asparagus.

Diary Entry for 5/16/1992

Merrill helped at church on clean up day. I washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 5/17/1992

Surprise party for Lawrence at Piller Point Fire Hall. Jolie, and baby went with us. Great party and good to see the folks. We didn’t go to church.

Diary Entry for 5/18/1992

Men’s meeting. Only Merrill and Mike. Cloudy day. Cold north wind. Froze more asparagus.

Diary Entry for 5/19/1992

We went to Route 342 store to get plants and seeds. Saw Halls there. Merrill mowed rest of lawn. I wrote June and Vern and Gehm’s. Sent Don birthday card for his 80th birthday.

Diary Entry for 5/20/1992

Lawrence, 65 and Velma’s, 77 birthdays. Merrill planted garden. Got Tupper ware stuff.

Diary Entry for 5/21/1992

We went for groceries in AM. Beautiful day. 79°. We got invitation to Hall’s 40th anniversary. Sue and girls left for Washington DC after school.

Diary Entry for 5/22/1992

No school, teacher’s meeting. We cleaned front porch. Merrill painted windows.

Diary Entry for 5/23/1992

We put plants on porch. Joey moved blocks of tree stumps from back yard with tractor scoop. A great sunny day. Very windy in late PM. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 5/24/1992

We went to Sunday School 21, and church 52. Turned real cold over night. Rained. Vern called in PM. June ended her radiation treatments last Thursday. She had 23. Merrill covered tomatoes.

Diary Entry for 5/25/1992

Memorial Day. Killing frost last night. Cold all day. Sunny. Lazy day here.

Diary Entry for 5/26/1992

Cold and cloudy. Rained off and on.

Diary Entry for 5/27/1992

Rebekah’s Mother and Daughter covered dish supper at 6:30. 29 for supper, 13 at lodge. Very nice. Talked with Lyla. She’s feeling better.

Diary Entry for 5/28/1992

Church conference at Oswego ends the 30th. Sun out today. Finally. Merrill mowed lawns. We went for groceries in AM. Merrill got hair cut.

Diary Entry for 5/29/1992

Roast beef supper at church. We didn’t go. Glenn and Hazel Backus here in PM for 2 1/2 hours. Great visit. I washed clothes. A nice day. Moving van moving furniture out at 1st house on Carpenter Meadows.

Diary Entry for 5/30/1992

Hall’s 40th anniversary. We went to Vern and June’s. Took plants to cemetery. Stopped at Pharmhouse. Also Don’s. They were going to auction. Had lunch at Ken and Esther’s barn. Nice visit. Went for ride in evening around harbor.

Diary Entry for 5/31/1992

Rev. Carol’s Ordination, 9:30 AM. We went. 400-500 there. Great. We came home in PM. Raining. Got Sub for supper. Both tired.