Monthly Archives: April 1954

Diary Entry for 4/1/1954

Was too tired to go to bookkeeping class. Wrote Mom. Vern showed film at theater for adult education classes.

Diary Entry for 4/2/1954

Merrill & I took calf to sale to Gouverneur. Called several about getting T seat for parsonage. Feel punk. Jim went to Hall’s to see TV. Don & Juanita have baby boy. 8 pounds 7 ounces. David Don.

Diary Entry for 4/3/1954

Very cold last night. Vern painted cupboards. 2nd coat of paint. Cold & snowy. Baked cake.

Diary Entry for 4/4/1954

Grand day. Boys went to Sunday School. We went out home in PM. Was in accident on top of Gulf Hill. No one hurt. Cars damaged.

Diary Entry for 4/5/1954

Washed. Beautiful day. Went up to school to see movie for P.T.A. I went to bookkeeping in evening. Elliott’s were here. Merrill took car to Gouverneur.

Diary Entry for 4/6/1954

Did ironing. Raining. I went to Home Bureau at Flora L. Gave sewing lesson.

Diary Entry for 4/7/1954

Grand day. Merrill went to auction at Depauville. Merrill, Jim, & I went to Grange. Official visitors were present. Frogs are hollering.

Diary Entry for 4/8/1954

I went to P.T.A. & bookkeeping in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/9/1954

I went with Past Noble Grands to Natural Bridge to receive my P.N. Grands degree. I went with Vi. Grand day. Wrote Elliott’s.

Diary Entry for 4/10/1954

We went to Burrville & city. Merrill bought new drag at Farrell’s. Got Jim sneakers size 3 1/2. Merrill got rubber boots.

Diary Entry for 4/11/1954

Boys & I went to Sunday School. I had terrible headache. Ben Kiechle was here in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/12/1954

Washed & ironed. Nice day but cool wind. I went to bookkeeping in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/13/1954

Mended about all day long. Gerow was here in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/14/1954

Boys got out at noon. Boys & I cleaned yards. Wrote Elliott. Merrill started building fence. Aunt Keitha, Ethel, & Mrs. Schultz, were here in PM. Merrill & I went to lodge. Men were on refreshment committee.

Diary Entry for 4/15/1954

Grand day. Boys finished cleaning yards. Lyle H. was here with straw. 42 bales.

Diary Entry for 4/16/1954

Rained all night & very windy. Also all day. Vern took eggs up town & Jim got hair cut.

Diary Entry for 4/17/1954

Vern got fishing license. Vern, Jim, & Howard went fishing at Crooked Creek. Vern got ticket for parking. $3.00. Baked cakes & pies.

Diary Entry for 4/18/1954

Easter Sunday. Boys & I went to Easter breakfast. We all went to church. Grand day. Merrill, Jim, & I went up to Uncle Rays in PM. Lila’s were there.

Diary Entry for 4/19/1954

Raining. Merrill & boys went to city after lumber. Took calf to sale. Merrill went to lodge. I have cold. Gloria C.V has baby boy today. Douglas.

Diary Entry for 4/20/1954

Washed clothes. Merrill changed doors on bathrooms. Carl Killenbeck, George & Margaret Waters, were here in evening to make out lodge slips.

Diary Entry for 4/21/1954

Merrill, Jim, & I went to Grange. No Juvenile meeting. Father & Son banquet at church. They didn’t have very good turn out. I have cold. Cheryl & Vickie came.

Diary Entry for 4/22/1954

Flood kids were here to play with girls & Jim. Grand day. Vern sealed up porch.

Diary Entry for 4/23/1954

I was sick in bed about all day. Vern got lumber for Grange stands. P.N. Grands at Carrie T. I couldn’t go. Also 4-H at Kiechle’s.

Diary Entry for 4/24/1954

We all went to city in PM. Gave Vickie a Stanley perm. Cheryl went up to Uncle Rays in evening. Got letter from Mom.

Diary Entry for 4/25/1954

Lula R. birthday. Cloudy day. Vickie went home when boys went to Sunday School. Didn’t go to church. Mowed yards for first. Walked over to back of farm.

Diary Entry for 4/26/1954

Merrill sick today. Aunt Maude & I went to city in AM. Got raspberry bushes. I went to bookkeeping & IOOF party. Did Cancer Drive.

Diary Entry for 4/27/1954

Merrill feeling better. Jim Matteson brought him Sunshine basket from lodge. Raining. Vernon stayed home to help.

Diary Entry for 4/28/1954

Vern didn’t go to school. He has sore throat. I went to Rebekah’s. Lee Hall’s have new car. Sent letter to Albany about car.

Diary Entry for 4/29/1954

Jim came home sick from school Washed clothes. Set out raspberry bushes. Sowed 3# peas.

Diary Entry for 4/30/1954

Grand day. Jim is quite sick with sore throat & flu. I went to bookkeeping in evening. Jim has temperature of 104°.