Monthly Archives: September 1983

Diary Entry for 9/1/1983

Just a beautiful day We got home at 12:30. Went for groceries after we got home. Enjoyed our visit at camp so much. Russia shot down Korean plane. 269 lives lost. American’s on it too.

Diary Entry for 9/2/1983

Jim’s 40th birthday. Got State tax $374.15. Glenn Ridsdale here. They are meeting with their lawyer’s to settle things. Merrill mowed lawns. Merrill went over town. I called telephone company about buying phone. Last game of Pittsburgh Pirates at Fairgrounds. Broke attendance record, 76,232.

Diary Entry for 9/3/1983

Another nice day. Canned 7 quarts of tomatoes. Washed clothes. Lawns look nice. Rev.Salisbury called about Trustees meeting Thursday night.

Diary Entry for 9/4/1983

We went to church, 30 there. Nancy Quick’s brother there with Shari Heck. Shari and Sina sang. Nice. June Ridsdale here in PM. MD Telethon starts this evening. We walked down to look over Senior Citizen projects.

Diary Entry for 9/5/1983

73rd annual Fireman’s Field Days at Adams. Watched Telethon all day. WWNY raised $430,000. Nationwide 30 million. Hot muggy day but a beautiful holiday weekend.

Diary Entry for 9/6/1983

Canned 7 quarts of tomatoes. Washed work clothes. Marty was here a couple times. Elsie Bacon, age 95 entered Hill Nursing Home at Redwood.

Diary Entry for 9/7/1983

Clinic: Merrill’s blood pressure 123/72 and blood count 16.2. Mine 158/88 and blood count 14. School starts today. Marty and Darcy stopped by before and after school. Marty and Darcy’s first year at high school.

Diary Entry for 9/8/1983

UMW at Doris Haggerty’s. I went with Margaret K. Nice meeting. We went for groceries in AM.

Diary Entry for 9/9/1983

Sent order to Wards for bras and hose. Merrill had oil changed at Joe’s in AM. Wrote Vern’s. Merrill cleaned church. A beautiful day.

Diary Entry for 9/10/1983

Thunder storms off and on all day. We canned 7 more quarts of tomatoes. Washed clothes. Merrill cleaned out cellar at parsonage. Marty, Darcy, and Joey in. Joey got a trumpet today. Very hot and very humid. In the 80’s

Diary Entry for 9/11/1983

Church at 11. Judy Van Tassel Sunday School Superintendent. We started Sunday School. Aunt Maude also. Tracy had 9 in his class. 34 to Sunday School and 44 out to church. Good to be back at later time. Vern called in morning. They came for super. Had their 1983 Chevrolet Cavalier. Nice. They went to reception for District Superintendent, Allison Wood, in evening.

Diary Entry for 9/12/1983

Called phone company for private line. Extra $2.06 per month. Coming Friday. Harry and Frieda Kent renewed wedding vows, 35 years, at church. Had a surprise reception for them after. 26 there. Very nice. Merrill worked at parsonage in PM. Also helped Carl fix chain on haybine. Lost his wallet, but found it.

Diary Entry for 9/13/1983

Much colder today. We voted in primaries in PM. Carl Horton here for wrenches to fix haybine chain. Cutting hay by Collins. Only up to 65° all day. Down to 40° overnight.

Diary Entry for 9/14/1983

Cliff Hamilton finally brought load of wood that was ordered June 21st. $210 this year. Merrill paid fuel bill at gas station. Rebekah’s first fall meeting, 11 out. Carrie Thompson there with Esther Taylor. Went up to Jerry Dellis’. He will take Sunday School papers.

Diary Entry for 9/15/1983

I took my coat over to Vivian’s to be shortened. We went for groceries. Merrill worked at wood.

Diary Entry for 9/16/1983

Phone put on private line at 5 PM. Merrill worked at parsonage. Carl Taylor also. Raining in evening. The D.Eastham (?) family moved out today. Marg Pitkin died two year ago today.

Diary Entry for 9/17/1983

We went to city and out to Don’s. Went to Roy’s. Good to see everyone. A new family moved into the red house. David and Laurie cook and son Aaron from Holkins Road.

Diary Entry for 9/18/1983

We went to Sunday School, 40 out and church, 48. Rev.Barnes, and Art’s, and Medeline Miles in church also. Jim’s here for dinner. Rained in PM and evening.

Diary Entry for 9/19/1983

Mom died 6 years ago today. Telephone man here adjusted phone. Washed. Merrill cut up wood. Administrative Council at church, 14 out. Trustees meeting first. Rained in evening.

Diary Entry for 9/20/1983

Hot 88°. Wrote Vern’s. Sent him card and $5.00. Merrill cut wood. Merrill went down to Ridsdale. We got notice on her check from bank “no funds”. June will have milk plant (Crowley’s) mail us our check each month starting in October. [entry crossed out]

Diary Entry for 9/21/1983

Vern’s 47th birthday. Cloudy and windy. Merrill went over to bank. They started laying brick siding in Chase Harrington Manor. Raining in PM. Made apple pies. Bob Griffin called to say he is resigning all his church offices.

Diary Entry for 9/22/1983

Merrill went to Agway for frozen peas. We went for groceries. Merrill cut wood. Glen Brady stopped by for awhile in evening.

Diary Entry for 9/23/1983

Wrote Uncle Berl. Merrill cut wood. I washed clothes. Merrill called Robbins to clean our furnace and one at parsonage. I got my coat from Vivian, $4.00. Merrill called Harry McKeever about repairing parsonage chimney.

Diary Entry for 9/24/1983

Sunday School Paper Drive. Merrill helped. A nice day. UMW District Meeting at Sandy Creek. No one from Philadelphia went.

Diary Entry for 9/25/1983

We went to Sunday School, 38, and church, 49. Jennifer Drake 4 started going to Sunday School with us. Patty called. We went down there for PM and supper.

Diary Entry for 9/26/1983

Cloudy and rainy. Merrill worked at wood. Rev.Salisbury left for Pastor’s School at Watson Homestead, Horseheads, NY. Carl called. Jim went to see him in evening. Noreen does not want Treasurers job at church.

Diary Entry for 9/27/1983

Merrill cut wood. A great day. In 70’s. Partly cloudy some in morning. Merrill went down to Ridsdale’s in evening. She couldn’t pay him.

Diary Entry for 9/28/1983

Rebekah’s election of officers. Zelda NG, Leah VG. Roy came in morning. Stayed all night. Marg and Roy went up to Jerry Dellis’ and over to Lila and Jim’s. Lila scalded her stomach.

Diary Entry for 9/30/1983

Washed. Jerry Dellis here. Can’t take Sunday School papers as fuel pump broke on his truck. Called paper mill. Merrill finished cutting up wood. Got it the 14th. Merrill paid school tax, $374.13. Went to bank. Sent Bea Gehm card and note.