Monthly Archives: December 1992

Diary Entry for 12/1/1992

Merrill is getting a cold. Tired today.

Diary Entry for 12/2/1992

Ginny’s eye operation. Started putting up Christmas decorations. Called for food for Davenport girls funeral. Lyla called.

Diary Entry for 12/3/1992

Merrill’s cold worse. We went for groceries in AM. Diane went with us. I made chocolate chip cookies for bazaar. Sue here in PM. Walter Fikes has had his leg off because of sugar.

Diary Entry for 12/4/1992

UMW and set up for bazaar tomorrow. Merrill and I helped. Snowing in evening. Beautiful out. We took food for Davenport’s. Vi helped. We went to city in PM. Got dry cleaning at Frederick’s. Merrill got hair cut, $4.00 now. Fort Drum 10th Army going to Somalia soon.

Diary Entry for 12/5/1992

Church Bazaar. Made $800.00. Joyce and Nancy made donuts on the spot for it, $2.50 a dozen. We went over for lunch. Finished decorating house and set up tree. Washed clothes. Finally got my black dress I ordered from Blairs, September 14.

Diary Entry for 12/6/1992

We went to church, communion, 67 out. Decorated church after service. We didn’t stay. Cold and windy. Merrill and I lighted the advent candle.

Diary Entry for 12/7/1992

Trustee meeting, Merrill went. I washed my sweaters and blouses. Also dark clothes. Sent first Christmas cards. Wrote Beulah letters. Canceled Reader’s Digest Book Club.

Diary Entry for 12/8/1992

Sunny but cold. 10° this morning. Operation Restore Hope, troops landed in Somalia, Africa today.

Diary Entry for 12/9/1992

Rev. Carol’s birthday. Rebekah’s covered dish. Nice day and dinner. We went after Ginny and took her home.

Diary Entry for 12/10/1992

Bea Gehm’s hip operation. Roy’s 90th birthday. Vern and June called in evening. Bea came through operation fine. I called Jolie. Her operation changed to December 29th. Snowing in PM. We went for groceries in PM. Saw Pat Brancatella. His father died in April.

Diary Entry for 12/11/1992

Our 57th anniversary. I made Christmas cookies. Jolie’s operation changed to December 29th. Very stormy all over. Soldiers had trouble leaving for Africa because of bad weather on East coast.

Diary Entry for 12/12/1992

Washed clothes. Sent Bea Gehm card and letter at Oswego Hospital. Merrill cleaned driveway. Went to dump. He cleaned floors.

Diary Entry for 12/13/1992

Sunny, 20°. We went to church, 100 there. Children’s Sunday School program during church. Very good. Ecumenical church service at our church at 7 PM. Over 200 there. Very nice. Jim, Joel, Jolie, Shawn and Melvin “Chip” here for supper.

Diary Entry for 12/14/1992

Girls here this morning. We went to city shopping. Took Roy a red poinsettia plant. He was so pleased. He seemed more like himself.

Diary Entry for 12/15/1992

Senior’s Christmas party, 6 PM. 2 gifts, $1.00 per person. 62 present. Very nice. Sent some Christmas cards. Wrote Beulah. Vi’s birthday.

Diary Entry for 12/16/1992

Shawn Lawler’s 21st birthday. We went to Sears shopping. Took medicine for Baby Shawn (to Stone Mills) that Jolie left here Sunday. Warmer and sunny. Lyla here in evening.

Diary Entry for 12/17/1992

We went for groceries in AM. Foggy and raining. The fan quit on car. Sent more cards. Got some.

Diary Entry for 12/18/1992

Sent Baby Shawn card, and $5.00. Supper at Baptist church, 5 PM. Bill and Vi went with us. Delicious supper and musical program. Sent more Christmas cards. Got some. Kathy sent pictures. Merrill took car to George’s. Fan okay. Chipmunk had built nest in it so fan couldn’t run, Cost $36.38.

Diary Entry for 12/19/1992

Pact shut-in baskets, about 30. I gave oranges. Harry Kent, 63 died. Rev. Carol called. We helped pack and deliver baskets. Planned for memorial at church for Kent’s. Stephanie and Sammy here in evening. Brought us fruit basket.

Diary Entry for 12/20/1992

Shawn Michael’s 1st birthday. We went to church, 54. Youth group here caroling in PM. Vern called in evening. Wants us to come to Oswego Saturday. Bea still in hospital.

Diary Entry for 12/21/1992

Harry Kent’s funeral at Philadelphia church. Church full. Rev. Carol and Rev. Collin had real nice service. Fed about 60 in the dining room afterwards. Merrill and I helped. Robbins man cleaned furnace.

Diary Entry for 12/22/1992

Cloudy. We went for groceries in AM. Laura Lancaster brought us red poinsettia plant. Margaret brought basket from church. We decorated cookies. Took box to Cha’s. Gave paper man peanuts for Christmas.

Diary Entry for 12/23/1992

Vivian was over. Brought us cheese ball. I made 2 pumpkin pies. Got picture of Brent, 4 years.

Diary Entry for 12/24/1992

Christmas Eve service at Mills. We didn’t go to it. Very cold. My leg very sore.

Diary Entry for 12/25/1992

Jim, Jill, Joel, Jolie, Shawn I, and Shawn II, here for dinner. Jim had to go to work at 2 PM. Got nice gifts. Merrill coat, gloves, socks and cap and corn popper. I got homemade quilt, sweater, jam, and flat iron, and pictures of Jill and Shawn.

Diary Entry for 12/26/1992

Vern’s wanted us to come down there but is too snowy. My leg is so sore I can hardly walk.

Diary Entry for 12/27/1992

Merrill went to church, 31 out. My knee too sore. Tom Spicer trailer over by the high school burned this forenoon. Had 3 fire companies. Started from furnace. They lost everything but the garage. Very cold but sunny.

Diary Entry for 12/28/1992

Lazy day. My leg still very sore. Jill called to ask if Jolie had been here for her card. Merrill went to store. Much warmer. Sent Leah card at C Hospital.

Diary Entry for 12/29/1992

Cloudy but warmer. Jolie called in evening.

Diary Entry for 12/30/1992

Sent Jolie her card and key. Merrill took it to post office. Foggy, icy in St. lawrence County. Wayne Huntress here with parsonage keys.

Diary Entry for 12/31/1992

Foggy and very icy. Jolie called. She didn’t receive her card yet. I have kept a diary for 50 years every day.