Monthly Archives: April 1957

Diary Entry for 4/1/1957

Merrill went to lodge. Redwood lodge put on 1st degree on 2 candidates.

Diary Entry for 4/2/1957

Got letter from Melba. Elmer is going to take Vern to Utica. Wrote Vern. Davie’s 3rd birthday.

Diary Entry for 4/3/1957

Kind of cold today. Went to Sears at noon. Bought new aluminum combination door & also canopy. Got letter from Mom. Sears brought 2 kitchen doors.

Diary Entry for 4/4/1957

Merrill went to Redwood to lodge. He went with Louie.

Diary Entry for 4/5/1957

Very rainy. I took Jim & Norton girls to Theresa to a play & dance. Got 2 door sets for kitchen. $8.27. No riders home. Past Noble Grands but I didn’t go.

Diary Entry for 4/6/1957

Raining. wrote Merrill’s father. Started boy’s room.

Diary Entry for 4/7/1957

Lazy day. Didn’t go to church. Painted new door in kitchen.

Diary Entry for 4/8/1957

Mother & Dad Tryon’s 51st anniversary. Sears brought door canopy. Merrill went to lodge. Shoes came from Spiegel.

Diary Entry for 4/9/1957

I started sewing on rickrack. [at work] Very slow work. 500 dozen. I went to Theresa & had tooth filled in evening. $4.00.

Diary Entry for 4/10/1957

Dad’s birthday. I didn’t go to lodge. Sears brought combination door & wall board for kitchen. Got letter from Vernon from Utica.

Diary Entry for 4/11/1957

Merrill put on new combination door. Snowed. Painted upstairs in evening on boys room.

Diary Entry for 4/12/1957

Vernon’s tax refund came. $50.52. Rebekah district meeting. 64 present. Turkey dinner at Methodist church at 6:30. I joined Ann’s club. Cold. Mr. Pilbeam was here in PM.

Diary Entry for 4/13/1957

We went to city in AM. Got clothes hamper with S&H Green stamps. Got new beige hat. Washed, painted boys room. Merrill & Jim got hair cuts at Theresa. No Mail.

Diary Entry for 4/14/1957

We went to church. Stopped at Leah’s & got beige bag. Two sets of twins were baptized today. Smith’s & McKeever’s. Painted floor in boy’s room.

Diary Entry for 4/15/1957

Merrill went to lodge. I baked cookies & pies. Edna & I went down town at noon.

Diary Entry for 4/16/1957

Hurt my foot on cart at shop. Edna & I went down town at noon.

Diary Entry for 4/17/1957

Jim got out for vacation.

Diary Entry for 4/18/1957

Vern got home for vacation. Got letter from Mom. Nice day. Merrill & I had second polio shots. Stopped at Leah’s. She gave me pie.

Diary Entry for 4/19/1957

Grand day. Like summer. Second week of Ann’s club. Edna & I went down town. Rented Vernon typewriter @ $2.50 a week.

Diary Entry for 4/20/1957

Beautiful warm day. Vernon’s appointment with Dr. Kelsey. Had 2 teeth filled. $7.00. Merrill, Jim, & I went to city. Got ceiling tile & kitchen light. Zina McKeever & Merlin Shorkey married today.

Diary Entry for 4/21/1957

Easter Sunday. We all went to church. Went out home for dinner. Dorland’s were there also.

Diary Entry for 4/22/1957

Grand day. Men tore plaster off kitchen. Some mess. Aunt Til Walts died at 6:30 PM. 83 years old.

Diary Entry for 4/23/1957

Men worked at kitchen. Edna & I went down town at noon. I got new round kitchen light. $11.49.

Diary Entry for 4/24/1957

Warm & cloudy. Merrill & I went to Theresa funeral home to see Aunt Til. Called Aunt Esther.

Diary Entry for 4/25/1957

Aunt Matilda Walts funeral. We didn’t go. Men got a lot done on kitchen.

Diary Entry for 4/26/1957

Merrill & Vernon started Rappole’s porch.

Diary Entry for 4/27/1957

4-H here. 9 boys & 6 adults. Took car to Gouverneur to have tire changed & tailpipe put on. Merrill & Vernon worked on Rappole’s porch.

Diary Entry for 4/28/1957

Took Vern back to Utica. Our first trip there. Nice day. Stopped at Uncle Len’s but no one home.

Diary Entry for 4/29/1957

Merrill started fitting ground for first.

Diary Entry for 4/30/1957

Howard & Evelyn have baby boy. Jeffrey Lynn. 8 pounds & 2 ounces born yesterday.