Monthly Archives: March 1945

Diary Entry for 03/01/1945

Another grand day. Vernon got up & dressed. Sent $40.00 to bank. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 03/02/1945

Jimmy is coming down with cold. Got grate cogs. Finished cleaning Vernon’s room. Merrill went to Lacona for saw dust. GotTrue Story.

Diary Entry for 03/03/1945

Got back Bank Book from bank. Raining today. Baked pies, cake, & cookies.

Diary Entry for 03/04/1945

Grand day. Made chocolate ice cream. Jimmy not feeling good. Merrill cleaned stove pipes. Wanda Zufelt has baby.

Diary Entry for 03/05/1945

Jimmy quite sick. Couldn’t get Dr. before tomorrow. Wrote letter to Mom. Merrill sent order to Wards. Vernon went back to school.

Diary Entry for 03/06/1945

Had Dr. Reed for Jimmy. He is feeling better today. $5.00. Foggy & rainy.

Diary Entry for 03/07/1945

Grand day. Edith, Dot, & Evelyn were down. Got letter from Mary S. Sent cards to bank & letter to Mom. Jim got up today.

Diary Entry for 03/08/1945

Washed clothes. Baked bread. Merrill & Buster cut some trees between here & Barkers. Are having terrible floods in Ohio.

Diary Entry for 03/09/1945

Gave $5.00 to Red Cross. Merrill took a bath. Wrote letter to Mother T.

Diary Entry for 03/10/1945

Arlene was down. Got letter from Angie & Marion. Marion is in Indiana. Merrill & Vernon went to Lorraine in evening. Made cherry ice cream. Merrill brought me box of candy.

Diary Entry for 03/11/1945

Vernon & I went skiing. Mom & Dad were up in afternoon. Dorland came as far as Barkers on his bicycle.

Diary Entry for 03/12/1945

Sent for slip covers. Couldn’t get my dress to Chicago Mail Order. Got back Xmas package we sent Loren September 18, 6 months ago. Sent $8.45 to Spiegel. Letter to Marg.

Diary Entry for 03/13/1945

Wrote to Aunt Edna & Mother T. Merrill got package from Wards. Washed clothes. Did ironing. Oren Jr. was here on way to woods. Planted window box, peppers, tomatoes, & cabbage.

Diary Entry for 03/14/1945

Dot was down for supper. Made bread. Oren Jr. was here. Grand day. Merrill tapped 4 trees. Running grand.

Diary Entry for 03/15/1945

Went to Adams. Edith, Dot & Evelyn went with us. Got letter from Arlene. Got Jimmy new suit. Shampooed my hair.

Diary Entry for 03/16/1945

Thunder storm in morning. Started cleaning my bedroom. Made 1 1/2 quarts syrup. Buster stopped in on way to woods. Carlton Hibbert killed on March 1. Got 1stCountry Gentlemen.

Diary Entry for 03/17/1945

Raining. Cleaned clothes closet. Baked pies & cookies. Snow going fast. Took bath in evening.

Diary Entry for 03/18/1945

Sally Kestler’s wedding. Grand day. Went over home for dinner. Eleanor, Vernon, Ken & I went to Hodge’s sugar bush. Merrill helped Dad tap.

Diary Entry for 03/19/1945

Washed clothes. Ironed. Wrote to Marg. Cloudy day. Russell Sands missing in action since March 1st.

Diary Entry for 03/20/1945

Sent birthday card & $1.00 to Mary S. GotTrue Story. Merrill got birthday card from Mother T. Rainy & foggy.

Diary Entry for 03/21/1945

Dad & Oren Sr. were here, Merrill got card from Mary S. Went to Lorraine in evening. Stopped at Marg’s. Raining.

Diary Entry for 03/22/1945

Snowed during night. Got letter from Aunt Mildred. Sent Merrill card. Merrill got card from Eleanor. Buster was here. Marg & Roy were up for supper.

Diary Entry for 03/23/1945

Jimmy & I went up to Barkers. Sent letter to Wards & card to Eleanor. Oren Jr. was here.

Diary Entry for 03/24/1945

Made quart of syrup. Evelyn was down. Jimmy ran away. [Was] half way to barn when Oren brought him home. Went to Adams in evening. Also over home. Merrill got car horn.

Diary Entry for 03/25/1945

Eleanor’s birthday. (19 years) Went over home. Jimmy & I went to Grandma’s, & Aunt Esther’s with Uncle Ray. A grand spring day. Merrill went with shirt off for first time this year.

Diary Entry for 03/26/1945

Evelyn was here. Got new slip covers. $25.65 from Spiegel. Went up to Yerdon’s in evening. Merrill & Earle went to Redfield. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 03/27/1945

Frogs are hollering for first night this year. Dot was down. Donnie Brown is home from over seas. Sent for suit & coat.

Diary Entry for 03/28/1945

Cars have started going by. Evelyn was down. Got letter from Annie. Another real warm day. Jimmy has a cold. Cleaned my bedroom.

Diary Entry for 03/29/1945

Mailman went by for first time. Vernon gets out at noon for Easter vacation. Has until April 9. Wrote to Angie. Sent letter to Cox about chicks. Went to Redfield in evening. Mr. Olean not home. H. Gerow was here.

Diary Entry for 03/30/1945

Colder today. Merrill got blank to fill out from draft board. Got Easter card from Mary S. Not feeling very good.

Diary Entry for 03/31/1945

Rainy & colder. Hailed in evening. Arlene was down. Is her 18th birthday. Feeling horrid. Been in bed about all day. Side awful sore.