Monthly Archives: October 1952

Diary Entry for 10/1/1952

Windy. Merrill plowed all day. Baked cookies.

Diary Entry for 10/2/1952

I went to city with Vi. She tried road test. Passed. Rained hard all day.

Diary Entry for 10/3/1952

Juanita & Don have baby girl born at 3:45 AM. Don & Donna were here for dinner. We took them to Ogdensburg. Don was going out home to stay all night. Booster night at Grange. We didn’t go.

Diary Entry for 10/4/1952

Aunt Maude & I went to Carthage to see Juanita. They named the baby Brenda May. She weighed 8 pounds. Sure is a lovely baby. Merrill worked for Shorty today.

Diary Entry for 10/5/1952

Marg’s birthday. We all went to church. Communion Sunday.

Diary Entry for 10/6/1952

Merrill & I went to city in AM & then up to Carthage to see Juanita in PM. Merrill went to Lodge. I washed & ironed in evening.

Diary Entry for 10/7/1952

Merrill & I took Juanita & Brenda home from hospital. Merrill, Jim, & I, went over to Aynes in evening. Kept cows in for first night.

Diary Entry for 10/8/1952

Rebekah installation. I was installed as Noble Grand. 68 present. Small turn out. Mrs. Heatherington died last night about 10:00 PM. Got letter form Uncle Berle.

Diary Entry for 10/9/1952

Grange installation. Merrill, Jim, & I went. Good turn out. Vernon has cold.

Diary Entry for 10/10/1952

Helped Vernon dress 4 roosters. Sleepy today.

Diary Entry for 10/11/1952

Mrs. Heatherington’s funeral. 19 from here went. Boys & I went to city. Vernon took chickens & vegetables. Got 1st prize on chickens. $7.00. He had dinner at Hotel Woodruff. Got new car battery.

Diary Entry for 10/12/1952

Boys & I went to church. Boys went to Sunday School. Vern started teaching class. Emma Farnham’s father died today. Jim & I went to show. Greatest Show On Earth.

Diary Entry for 10/13/1952

No school. Washed & ironed. Quite windy but very nice. Merrill combined clover seed. Merrill went to Lodge. Got letter from Carl.

Diary Entry for 10/14/1952

Merrill started combining alfalfa, Is too green yet. got letter from Mom. Nice day. Cleaned kitchen woodwork.

Diary Entry for 10/15/1952

Got card from Merrill’s folks. Merrill & I went to city. Took out crate of eggs. @ $.45. Jim & I went to Grange. Merrill went over to Mrs. Hagan’s.

Diary Entry for 10/16/1952

Home Bureau meeting here. Helen K. gave lesson on salads. 7 present. Vernon went to Sunday School meeting at Coons.

Diary Entry for 10/17/1952

Nice day. I went to Stanley party at Phi Buker’s. Baked cake for Grange supper. Vi & I went to Mills after church books.

Diary Entry for 10/18/1952

We all went to city. Vern had appointment with Dr. McAskill. He has to have all new glasses. Heard & saw Senator Nixon. Went out home. Saw Bea & Raymond Holmes on street.

Diary Entry for 10/19/1952

Vern taught Sunday School class for first. Went over to Aunt Maude’s to see Aunt Belle, Beatrice & Braynard, George, Nelda & Reggie. Merrill, Jim, & I went to Aunt Cora’s. They took Aunt Edna to the hospital this morning. Uncle Ed had accident.

Diary Entry for 10/20/1952

Very windy. Didn’t wash. Merrill went to Lodge.

Diary Entry for 10/21/1952

Mother & Dad’s 38th anniversary. Washed. Lucy Nevilles was here. Merrill & I went to Felts Mills in evening. Aunt Edna is home from hospital.

Diary Entry for 10/22/1952

My first lodge meeting as Noble Grand & I was sick in bed & couldn’t go. Vomited all day long. Vernon went to play practice at school.

Diary Entry for 10/23/1952

Vivian & I took sewing lesson # 1 at city. I went to better dress lesson at Bechard’s in evening. Merrill set up new kitchen heater.

Diary Entry for 10/24/1952

Got letter from Carl. Feel tired today. Went over town in PM to do errands. Did my ironing in evening.

Diary Entry for 10/25/1952

We all went to city in AM. Vernon ordered new glasses. Gave eggs for W.S.C.S. food sale.

Diary Entry for 10/26/1952

Beautiful day. We all went to church. Merrill & I drove down to Aunt Keitha’s in PM. Boys went to show.

Diary Entry for 10/27/1952

Washed & ironed. Baked cakes, doughnuts, & cookies. Merrill went to Lodge.

Diary Entry for 10/28/1952

Blacked kitchen stove pipes. Merrill finished plowing. Merrill & I went to Gouverneur. Took calf to sale. Took Vernon to city after school for new glasses. $23.00. Uncle Berle, Clara, & Mae Mount were here in evening.

Diary Entry for 10/29/1952

Aunt Maude & I were up to Juanita’s all day. Merrill played darts in evening with firemen.

Diary Entry for 10/30/1952

Boys went to Halloween show at theater. Sponsored by Jerry Sprayer.

Diary Entry for 10/31/1952

Dad Tryon’s birthday. (74 years) I went to program at school. Very good. Is very smoky from fires.