Monthly Archives: December 1950

Diary Entry for 12/1/1950

Home Bureau at the church on gift wrapping. I went. 14 there. Wrote Mom.

Diary Entry for 12/2/1950

Worked on dress. Made button holes & buttons & buckle. Baked.

Diary Entry for 12/3/1950

We went out home for dinner. Merrill helped Dad fix roofs that was damaged by the wind. Eleanor & Ken, Mr. & Mrs. Jacobs was there in PM. Nice warm day.

Diary Entry for 12/4/1950

Rained all night last night. Turning to snow in morning.

Diary Entry for 12/5/1950

Home Bureau dress review at YMCA. I went. Merrill & I went to city. Very nice. Got first Xmas card from Doreen Parker Allen.

Diary Entry for 12/6/1950

Grange. Vernon & I went. Put on graduation ceremony. Vernon graduated. Also Arlene B. & Edith G. Juvenile decorated windows.

Diary Entry for 12/7/1950

Merrill & I went to Gouverneur shopping today. First time I’ve shopped over there.

Diary Entry for 12/8/1950

Vi, Beulah, & I went to city to show at Avon. Saw the Hilton Siamese twins in person on stage.

Diary Entry for 12/9/1950

Merrill, boys, & I went to city Xmas shopping. Jim saw Santa. Terrible crowd up there. Saw Bill, Vi, & Martha there. Got electric percolator for Anniversary.

Diary Entry for 12/10/1950

They had a surprise party for us last night. [anniversary] 27 present. Had a very good time. They gave us a lace tablecloth. Boys & I went to church & Sunday School.

Diary Entry for 12/11/1950

Our anniversary. Merrill went to Lodge. Stormy.

Diary Entry for 12/12/1950

Vi & I went to city all day. Real nice day. Vern was sick & didn’t go to school.

Diary Entry for 12/13/1950

Terrible storm out Adams way. Started snowing awful hard here in evening. Xmas party at Rebekah’s. I was on committee. Merrill took me to Lodge. 40 there.

Diary Entry for 12/14/1950

Got card saying Uncle Berle was in hospital. Lots of snow. Still snowing some. Worked on dress. Gave myself Toni Wave. Merrill went to Lodge at Mills. Philadelphia put on degree. Also had dart game.

Diary Entry for 12/15/1950

Merrill didn’t get home until 2:00 AM last night from Lodge at Mills. Sleepy today.

Diary Entry for 12/16/1950

We went to city to see Uncle Berle. He had kidney stone removed yesterday.

Diary Entry for 12/17/1950

Went out home for dinner. Men helped Dad on barn. Snow damaged it. Stopped to see Uncle Berle at hospital. Addressed cards.

Diary Entry for 12/18/1950

Washed clothes. Merrill went to Lodge. Worked on my dress.

Diary Entry for 12/19/1950

Got card saying Alice has to go to hospital again. December 16. We took calf to Gouverneur. Did some shopping. Home Bureau party postponed. Mary S. sent me pillow case lace.

Diary Entry for 12/20/1950

Xmas exercise at school. Aunt Maude & I went. Grange Xmas party. We all went. Also went to Xmas sing at church.

Diary Entry for 12/21/1950

Boys had tree at school this morning. School let out for vacation. Xmas tree & exercises at church. We all went. Jim had part. Merrill & I went to city after plants for Lodge, & others.

Diary Entry for 12/22/1950

Stormy, snowing, & windy. Tired today. Did ironing. Esther Hardy had operation. Uncle Berle got out of hospital. Went to Lasher’s.

Diary Entry for 12/23/1950

Wrapped Xmas gifts. Baked pies & cookies.

Diary Entry for 12/24/1950

Baked cake.Had our tree in evening. We all got nice gifts. We all went to church. Went over to Uncle Ray’s in PM. Called Uncle Berle at Lasher’s.

Diary Entry for 12/25/1950

We went out home for Xmas. 26 there. Stopped at Adams to see Merrill’s folks. Had a nice Xmas. Orv’s, Lloyd’s, Marg’s, Beulah’s, Don’s, Dad’s, & us. [were there]

Diary Entry for 12/26/1950

Everybody tired today. Too much Xmas. Awful cold.

Diary Entry for 12/27/1950

Rebekah’s. Very cold. 28° below last night. Esther Hardy got home from hospital. Was blowing so, I didn’t go to Lodge.

Diary Entry for 12/28/1950

Home Bureau Xmas party at Marie Sharkey’s. I didn’t go. Merrill went to LeFargeville to play dart baseball. Baked bread, & cake.

Diary Entry for 12/29/1950

Not quite so cold today. Seems good. Merrill has lame back. I feel better tonight.

Diary Entry for 12/30/1950

Baked pies. Cleaned kitchen floor & waxed it. Did some washing.

Diary Entry for 12/31/1950

Boys & I went to church & Sunday School. Mower’s came over in evening to see the new year in 1951.