Monthly Archives: May 2000

Diary Entry for 5/1/2000

Cloudy Some sun. Clark and Vivian Trice stopped in. It was good to see them. They had doctor’s appointments. They planned to change Real Estate dealers to Century 21. Juanita called twice. Lyla called. Jim called in evening. Brenda is showing our house tomorrow. Cheryl and Marion took me to Super Duper to get groceries. Cheryl’s first day back to work. I went to meeting in evening and joined the Centennial Club. $3 to join. I paid my rest today. $151.

Diary Entry for 5/2/2000

I went to first Visually Impaired Persons (VPI) meeting. Mike White sang. So good to hear him again. Jim called. Said Dr. Perug had called him but he couldn’t understand her. I called her. Merrill isn’t good and she thought he should be in hospital. She and nurse Phyllis decided to treat him at Genesis. Jim and I went to Genesis. I spent evening there. Jim came after me. I talked to Vern twice. Jim talked to June earlier. I talked with Lyla. Dr. Perug was in to see Merrill after we left. Said he was very dehydrated. Irene Foley died here at Centennial today. She was 95 years old.

Diary Entry for 5/3/2000

I spent most of the day with Merrill. Jim took me in morning and came after me in PM. Merrill not good at all. His pneumonia is bad. Jim and I went to see him in evening. He was sleeping good so we didn’t disturb him. The Stopmer’s Group entertained here in evening. Very good. Vi came with her friends. They all stopped by to see my apartment after the show.

Diary Entry for 5/4/2000

A beautiful summer like day. Jim took me to stay with Merrill about 9 AM. He and Walt came for me at 5 PM. Merrill much better. He knew me and was talking a lot. They put a catheter on him to measure urine output. Lyla called when I got home. Robin Tryon called about Vern’s surprise retirement party. Juanita called in evening. I’m tired tonight.

Diary Entry for 5/5/2000

Raining warm. I did laundry this morning Sent letter to Jolie and Zack. Jim took me to nursing home in PM and Brought me home at 6:30 PM. Merrill better today. BP 82/50. Lyla called. Also Margaret K.

Diary Entry for 5/6/2000

A sunny day. 78°. Jim went to Philadelphia to mow the lawn. Some one was looking at the house. Brenda told Him it would sell fast. She’s having a good response. Jim gave me ride to Madonna. Jill brought me home. Merrill real good today. So much improved. Talking and busy. I cleaned apartment when I got back. I made potato salad and lemon pudding. I called Terry Hall about house. Also talked with Mary Hall.

Diary Entry for 5/7/2000

Another warm day. Some showers. I went to memorial service for Irene Foley that lived here in PM. A large crown in the Metcafe Room. I called Fran Soluri. Jim took me to see Merrill. He’s doing better all the time. Vern called in evening. They are coming Thursday to work at Philadelphia.

Diary Entry for 5/8/2000

Hot. Rain in morning. I called again about r. Powell’s bill. I ordered basic cable. Will be hooked up Wednesday 10-12 AM. The man called about my Life Line. He said it is paid for me. Jolie called in evening, She just got my letter.

Diary Entry for 5/9/2000

Cloudy day but no rain. Kay, head nurse from Madonna called to say Merrill has pneumonia again. She asked about feeding tube for him. She said his food is going into his lung instead of his stomach. I called Jim and Vern. We all agreed Merrill would not want the tube. Jim was here on his bike. I wrote Elgin and Carmi. Also sent application for Epic. They will go out tomorrow. I talked with Vern, Jim, and Lyla.

Diary Entry for 5/10/2000

Bad thunderstorm at midnight and again at 6 AM this morning. More off and on during day. Heavy rain all day. Jessie here to clean. She went to store for me. Rebekah’s went to Esther’s for pizza party. I didn’t go. I called Esther in morning. Jolie called me early this morning very upset about Grandpa. Jim talked with her and Joel last night. It is hard on the kids being so far away. Jim and I went to see Merrill in PM. He was having a good day. We had meeting with head nurse and another staff members. Lyla called in evening.

Diary Entry for 5/11/2000

Vern, June, Jim, Walt Prow, and I worked at Philadelphia all ay getting ready for garage sale next weekend. Jill bought bedroom suit for $75. (6 pieces) We didn’t get to see Merrill today. Juanita called. Also Jolie and Darcia. Jolie is planning to come home to see Grandpa before something happens to him.

Diary Entry for 5/12/2000

Windy. Partly sunny. Juanita called in morning. She is coming to city with Brenda today. She goes to Crystal’s tonight. I called Genesis. Merrill is coughing some. Ate his breakfast. I sent Crystal graduation card and $10 check. I got Mother’s Day card from Patty. Jim and Nancy left for Plattsburg to her daughter’s graduation. Jill called. She will take me to see Merrill tomorrow at 11 AM.

Diary Entry for 5/13/2000

Jill took me to see Merrill at 11. She was getting a perm. She brought me home about 4 PM. Merrill was having a good day. A lot like himself at times. Jill brought me home. Jim called on way home from Plattsburg. Crystal Hanson graduated from Canton College. Doreen called in evening.

Diary Entry for 5/14/2000

Cloudy. Windy and cold. Vern and Sue took me to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Delicious. Jim here in morning. Brought me nice card. He called in PM to say Brenda R may have a buyer for the house. It has been shown 14 times. (Nancy Bonjour of Philadelphia) Patty called to wish me happy mother’s day. Vern hooked up answering machine that Bea Gehm had. Her voice was on it. Darcia called in evening for Jolie’s telephone number.

Diary Entry for 5/15/2000

Sunny. Cool. I talked to Hope about window leak. She said it was supposed to be fixed last Thursday. Patty’s 53rd birthday. Jim has called twice. He is bringing the Real Estate Lady, Brenda Rathburn to see me tomorrow at 3:30 PM. Jolie hope to come May 20th and leave June 2nd.

Diary Entry for 5/16/2000

Raining some off and on. Tandra and Darcia T here to spend a couple hours. Doreen brought them and she and Randon came after them. All good looking kids. Jim called to say he and Brenda R would be here tomorrow. He forgot about coming today. Jolie called. Also Joel. I talked with Vi.

Diary Entry for 5/17/2000

Sunny and warmer. Elgin and Carmi B called this morning. They just got my letter I sent a week ago. Jim and Brenda Rathburn here with purchase offer for me to sign. She came back in evening for me to sign other purchase offer. The party that gets there first gets it. I gave Brenda the house deed. Jim called Vern. I talked with Jennie Mae Cooper. She has purchase offer on her house. I talked with Jim a few times. Brenda called at 7:30 PM to say that Susan Bonjour won the race for the house.

Diary Entry for 5/18/2000

Raining hard part of night and all AM. My window still leaks. Bill and floor repairman here to see about bathroom floor. Bill said he’d call the window man. Jessie here to clean. She does a good job. There was a covered dish supper tonight but I didn’t think of it. Jolie called. Darcia was on 3 way hook up. Jolie is coming Sunday sometime. Jim and Vern both called.

Diary Entry for 5/19/2000

Partly cloudy. Sunny in late PM. Our first day of our rummage sale. Vern and June picked me up at 8 AM. A good crowd about all day. Got rid of a lot of stuff. Took in $700.. Jim helped also. It kept us all busy. We closed up about 6 PM. I received first message on answering machine. It was about Nancy Huntress’s mother being so ill. We put her on prayer line.

Diary Entry for 5/20/2000

Cloudy and cold. Only a very few sprinkles. June and Vern picked me up at 8 AM. Jim met us at Philadelphia. Had a good crowd at rummage sale. Got rid of most of stuff. Jim will take rest to Adams for rummage sale there later. Linda Belile came to see me. She likes her new home. Joe has an apartment at Stonewood. We got back here about 5 PM. We aren’t going tomorrow. Lyla called in evening.

Diary Entry for 5/21/2000

Cloudy day. Warmer Jim took me out to Philadelphia to Sunday school and church. Betsy LaClair brought me hoe and came in and saw my apartment. Church was a surprise to Rev. Jane in honor of her graduation from Queens in Canada. Several of her family and Evans Mills there. More than 100 folks. We had a delicious covered dish dinner with most of them present staying to eat. Jolie, Shawn Michael, and Madison to arrive in Syracuse at 5:30 PM. I finally got to see Madison. (8 moths old tomorrow) She’s a doll. Not afraid of anyone. Shawn Michael has grown. He’s such a nice little boy. Jim and Nancy came with the. Jim was so happy to finally meet his granddaughter.

Diary Entry for 5/22/2000

Jolie and Madison came after me to go to Genesis and I stayed with Merrill. They came back after they ate lunch. Merrill loved Madison. He was a different person. Even the nurses couldn’t get over it. Jim was to see his dad. Darcia came home with us for a while. Lyla has tests. All went well. They found a stone in the hole that would not heal in her chest. I cooked rhubarb and froze some in evening.

Diary Entry for 5/23/2000

Partly sunny. Warm. Rained in evening. Eye appointment with Dr. Ford 10:45. Vern and June came after me to go to doctors. We ate lunch at McDonalds. Then we went to Calcium cemetery and put red geraniums on Mom and Dad’s grave. We saw Ellen Hanson at cemetery. We went out to Philadelphia after Uncle Berl’s chair. Jolie called. She will take me to store tomorrow.

Diary Entry for 5/24/2000

Cloudy. Rained in evening. Alice called about prayer chain for Glenn Coon. He’s having his operation in Syracuse today. It is a 6-hour operation. Jolie, Madison, Darcia, and Anthony here in PM. Jolie took me for groceries to Super Duper. Jim here in late PM awhile.

Diary Entry for 5/25/2000

Cloudy. Raining and windy. Jessie here to clean and do my laundry. Jolie, and Madison here. They took me to nursing home. Merrill very sleepy. We got stuff at Wendy’s and ate here. We met Jim and Nancy at mall before we came home.

Diary Entry for 5/26/2000

Cool but no rain. Some sun. Jolie and Madison came and brought Shawn Michael and Doreen and her kids Alexis and Stephen. Hope Johnson came in to look at bathroom floor. She knows Patty. She has known Michael for years. Jim’s retirement in Times tonight. Jolie talked with police department. They are planning party for Jim at Jerry Golden’s Pizza place on Coffeen Street. Arlene Wilson called me to compliment Jim for taking the stand published in Times today.

Diary Entry for 5/27/2000

Sunny. Cool. I called Ethel Hanson Dunn. She is doing good after her major operation in Rochester for an aneurism. She almost died. They flew her to Rochester by helicopter. No room for her in Syracuse. I talked with Lyla twice.

Diary Entry for 5/28/2000

Jim and Nancy here on bike in evening. I wrote note to Vern and June. Jolie called a couple times.

Diary Entry for 5/29/2000

Memorial Dad. I went to the park with Jolie, Madison, Mike, Darcia, Anthony, Doreen, Alexis, Stephen, and Chas. Jolie and Mike here for lunch. Mike is a friend of Zack and Jolie from Fort Drum. It was so nice at the park. Jolie dropped me off at the nursing home and came after me later.

Diary Entry for 5/30/2000

A nice cool day. Windy. I sent Vern and June letter and clippings. I went down to see Marion Carvel. She has her hip operation Thursday. John dropped me off to see Merrill. She, Shawn Michael and Madison came later. First time Shawn has seen Grandpa this trip. Linda Beyette here. She is applying for a new phone for me. She put dots on my microwave oven.

Diary Entry for 5/31/2000

Windy. A partly sunny day. Jolie called in AM. I washed my rose dress and slip by hand. I visited with Lydia. She does monthly calendar. Frinks snow plow company closed for good suddenly today. It has been sold and will be moved to Canada.