Monthly Archives: August 1958

Diary Entry for 8/1/1958

Four cent postage stamp goes into effect. Warm day. Lawn mower not fixed yet. Edna Knapp had baby boy today.

Diary Entry for 8/2/1958

85°. I went to city in AM. Got Jim sport jacket. $13.00. Jim worked for Howard. Lee was here to check freezer. Washed.

Diary Entry for 8/3/1958

Sunday, but we worked all day drawing hay. I drove tractor. Jim baled. Swell day.

Diary Entry for 8/4/1958

Wrote Vernon & Mom. Got lawn mower from Sears but still wouldn’t work.

Diary Entry for 8/5/1958

Rose LeClair, Marty Rudes, Jim, & I, went to Gouverneur fair. Rose stayed all night. Nice time at fair. Finished haying !!!

Diary Entry for 8/6/1958

Merrill started combining wheat at Kettles. Farrell’s brought over new tractor for him to try out. Rose & I had pizza from Tuflo’s.

Diary Entry for 8/7/1958

Rained hard. Merrill couldn’t combine. Jim washed car. Jim got home from Marty’s.

Diary Entry for 8/8/1958

Vernon graduated from Oswego State Teacher’s College. Mom, Dad, Brenda, Jim, Merrill, & I, went to commencement. Very nice. Vern graduated cum laude.

Diary Entry for 8/9/1958

Took car to Gouverneur to get signal lights fixed but they didn’t have part. Got Jim 2 pair black pants & shirt.

Diary Entry for 8/10/1958

Raining again. I had headache all day. Lazy day.

Diary Entry for 8/11/1958

Merrill combined wheat at Kettles. Sears brought 3 piece sectional. Very nice.

Diary Entry for 8/12/1958

Merrill finished Kettle’s wheat. New road in Philadelphia opened. Mercer’s opened new gas station.

Diary Entry for 8/13/1958

Jim went to Ken’s on 7:15 bus from city. Rained during night. Merrill started combining Hales oats. Merrill & I went to Theresa.

Diary Entry for 8/14/1958

Vernon got home at noon. He mowed lawns. Merrill finished Hale’s oats.

Diary Entry for 8/15/1958

Merrill & Vernon worked at Millard Thompson’s. I took Jim’s record player up to Sears. Paid Sears account.

Diary Entry for 8/16/1958

Merrill combined oats at Kettles. Cool today. They had covered dish supper at Jenny Hayes. I didn’t go. Made Sun dress & jacket, & fixed another sun dress. Vernon worked at Thompson’s.

Diary Entry for 8/17/1958

Rained some. Vern started polishing car. We went for a ride over Gouverneur way to see road. Came to Philadelphia on new road.

Diary Entry for 8/18/1958

Wrote Jim & Mom. Vernon got 3 doors & lumber at Mills. $36.20. Also lumber from Theresa. $7.91.

Diary Entry for 8/19/1958

Merrill combined at Landon’s. Mother Tryon, Beulah, Roger, Danny, Timmy, & Pat were here when I got home. Truck insurance runs out.

Diary Entry for 8/20/1958

Mother Tryon, Beulah, & boys, left about 9:00 AM. Thunder storm in evening. Merrill finished combining at Landon’s. Vernon finished putting on new doors.

Diary Entry for 8/21/1958

Rained. Merrill & Vernon took TV to city.

Diary Entry for 8/22/1958

Vernon went out home after Mom, Dad, Doreen, & David. Also to Ken’s after Jim. Got our TV on way home. Had picture tube put in. $61.60 in all.

Diary Entry for 8/23/1958

Art Haggerty’s were here in evening. Grand day. Merrill combined oats at Hale’s. Vern worked on Howard’s garage. Washed & baked. Juanita came after Dave & Doreen with James Strader’s.

Diary Entry for 8/24/1958

Merrill, Jim, & I, took Dad & Mom home. Went blackberrying but it rained. Got 20 pounds cheese at Smithville. Orv & Angie & kids were here. Richard is home.

Diary Entry for 8/25/1958

Quite cool. Vernon worked on Howard’s garage. Jim stayed all night with Marty Rudes.

Diary Entry for 8/26/1958

Got percolator with green stamps. Merrill started combining at Art Haggerty’s. Broke belt on combine.

Diary Entry for 8/27/1958

Nice warm day. I got Jim’s phonograph from Sears. $3.50. Got legs for round table. $4.50. Merrill & Jim combined at Art Haggerty’s.

Diary Entry for 8/28/1958

Tired all day. Vernon worked at Howard’s. Merrill & Jim were at Art Haggerty’s combining footnote to this date: Loren killed in France on August 28, 1944.

Diary Entry for 8/29/1958

Alex Duff died today in Mercy Hospital. Frederick Brother’s called tonight to ask Merrill to be bearer. Merrill finished at Art’s. Moved to Kettles.

Diary Entry for 8/30/1958

Rained in evening. Merrill worked at Kettles. Merrill & Jim got hair cuts. Vernon worked on Howard’s garage.

Diary Entry for 8/31/1958

Lazy day. We went up to Duff’s in evening with lodges. Raining again.