Monthly Archives: October 1978

Diary Entry for 10/1/1978

Raining. We went to church, communion. Ginger, Alison, Gloria and I fixed 4-H window at Donna’s after church. Jim’s here in PM and supper

Diary Entry for 10/2/1978

Cloudy. We went over town to bank. Charlie Watts here, $80. Sent Vern’s and our’s Readers Digest subscription, $16.81. I found book in desk drawer on arthritis that is a big help to me.

Diary Entry for 10/3/1978

Sent Marg and Bea G birthday cards and letter. Merrill put aluminum door on laundry room inside. Merrill worked at Howard’s in PM. Their house caught fire from stove. Marg called in evening. They are coming Thursday for weekend. Beautiful day, 66°

Diary Entry for 10/4/1978

Merrill worked at Howard’s. Rained about all day. I got beds made upstairs etc. Merrill run cleaner in evening. We went for groceries in evening. Wrote Vern’s. Got Blue ribbon on 4-H window at Donna’s salon.

Diary Entry for 10/5/1978

Marg P and Bea Gehm birthdays. Marg called in morning to say she was sick and they couldn’t come out. Merrill worked at Hall’s all day. I made three apple pies for freezer.

Diary Entry for 10/6/1978

Got letter from Uncle Berl. UMW and Stanley party at Aunt Maude’s. Achievement night at General Brown. Merrill and I went. Had a fish supper at the Ponderosa and shopped before. Merrill worked at Howard’s all day. Sent cards and notes to Mrs. Beardsley, Marguerite Beach, Laura Payne.

Diary Entry for 10/7/1978

Merrill set up Hales kerosene stove. He didn’t work for Howard today. He got home at noon. Did some work around here. We got farm mortgage and farm payment charts from Giles. Talked with Aunt Maude and June Risdale.

Diary Entry for 10/8/1978

First snow flurries. Power off over 3 hours in village. Came on about church time. I didn’t go to church. Merrill did. Mr. Cale speaker, Laity day. Power wasn’t off there. No company today. Brought in plants off porch.

Diary Entry for 10/9/1978

Cold but nice all day. Down to 30° during night. Pastor Parish meeting at CEC, 3 from Mills, 5 Philadelphia and Rev. Cameron there. Mrs. Cameron is visiting in Toronto. Merrill worked at Halls. Laura Payne got home from hospital. I have no pain today. Just sore. I asked Alice to do memorial book.

Diary Entry for 10/10/1978

Merrill worked at Hall’s all day. First game of World Series. Dodgers 11, Yankees 5. I have a lot of discomfort today. Yesterday I felt so great. Got letter from Marguerite Beach and Uncle Berl. Dot is home from hospital.

Diary Entry for 10/11/1978

Merrill worked in AM. Went to city in PM. Had winter tires put on. Got new one, $60.20 at Sears. I went to Rebekah’s with Ginny and Nancy. First time I’ve been in ages. A beautiful day. Like summer. Vern called in evening.

Diary Entry for 10/12/1978

Sent for dinning room wallpaper. Merrill worked at Hall’s most of day. Got home about 3 PM. Windy.

Diary Entry for 10/13/1978

Friday the 13. Blood pressure, 92/86. Dr. Roberts, 10 AM. Increased aspirin to 12 a day and 2 during night. Also gave me prescription for night pills. Only take 1 blood pressure pill now. We stopped at Don’s. 4-H at Norma’s, 6:30. We went. I think girls will transfer to R. [?]

Diary Entry for 10/14/1978

Got 4 pair panty hose from Hosiery Company sale. Sore and lame today. Rained. Sunday School had paper drive in rain. I froze carrots. Merrill run cleaner. Leaves all over the ground.

Diary Entry for 10/15/1978

New lights installed at church. Look great. We went to church, 79 out. Jim’s here in PM and dinner. Jim worked at Tina’s stair steps. Larry Ashley brought Stanley stuff. Power off in evening. Drunk driver hit pole at English Settlement.

Diary Entry for 10/16/1978

Beautiful day. Merrill raked leaves. Lynn Hall here. I washed clothes. New Pope John Paul II picked today from Poland.

Diary Entry for 10/17/1978

Senior Citizen’s covered dish supper. Jim speaks. He’s very good. Patty came with him. He brought our rototiller control. Got letter from Angie. Margaret married a month ago.

Diary Entry for 10/18/1978

Merrill got 6 sheets of plywood for dining room floor at Lanphere’s. Put down some.

Diary Entry for 10/19/1978

Aunt Maude’s birthday, 73rd. I put 4-H money in bank. There is $17.16 in account. Had it put in Norma Gee’s name. Merrill laid rest of plywood on dining room floor. Wrote Vern’s. Got groceries. Got B-12 shot at Marilyn’s. Got letter from June.

Diary Entry for 10/20/1978

Beautiful day, 50°. Merrill got hair cut. Forgot to pay for it. Bought church raffle ticket from Kim. We tore off paper in dining room. June R called. Not so sore today. Tired.

Diary Entry for 10/21/1978

Today would have been Mom and Dad’s 64th anniversary. Merrill went to dump. Showed Glenn how to sharpen chopper blades and helped Charlie W put up eaves troughs Beautiful day. We went to city for wiring etc.

Diary Entry for 10/22/1978

Like summer, 70°. We went to church. Rev. Pilbeam there. Jim, Pat and kids here in PM and supper. Jim’s back hurting him.

Diary Entry for 10/23/1978

Sent Steve card, letter, and $5. Merrill finished job at Watts. Worked at dining room light but didn’t get it going. UPS brought wall paper. Called Aunt Maude. We tore off more paper.

Diary Entry for 10/24/1978

Merrill filled cracks and washed and scraped dining room woodwork. I feel horrid today. Joyce called. Colder but nice.

Diary Entry for 10/25/1978

Steve’s 14th birthday. Merrill painted dining room. Rebekah’s Installation, 58 there. I was installed OG. [?] Ginny Delles, Noble Grand. Mary Chamberlain installed. My right hip started hurting today. Joyce Griffin here to plan Linsey’s reception. Got note from June, coming Friday.

Diary Entry for 10/26/1978

Raining. Merrill went up to Horton’s. They have a real nice barn. We went for groceries.

Diary Entry for 10/27/1978

I made salads etc. for weekend. Cheryl H called about Agway supper. Merrill put second coat of pain on dining room. Looks so much better. Got light working. Vern, June and boys got here about 5:30 PM. First time they have all stayed over night here in this house.

Diary Entry for 10/28/1978

Vern, June and Merrill papered dining room. Settled it and we ate birthday supper for Steve in it. Looks just beautiful. Vern’s left for home about 7 PM. A beautiful day. Hank Schell here. Mr. French called Vern.

Diary Entry for 10/29/1978

Standard time, 2 AM. We went to church. Jim’s here in PM and supper. I’m tired today. Nice day but cool wind. Orv and Angie’s 45th anniversary.

Diary Entry for 10/30/1978

Merrill took stuff to dump. Stopped at Evelyn’s. She paid him. Hal and Jeff in Syracuse about driving truck lessons. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 10/31/1978

Got note from June. Vern’s secretary’s husband died. [Mary Cipra, Sec.] Terry and Pat left for Florida at 5 PM. Merrill worked at Howard’s all day. Brancatella’s moved back on their farm today. Honeywell House burned this morning. Cook’s had been living there. Had about 40 kids here for Halloween.