Monthly Archives: September 1946

Diary Entry for 09/01/1946

Went out home for dinner. Got 2 bu tomatoes. Uncle Ray & Aunt Maude were over in evening.

Diary Entry for 09/02/1946

Jim’s birthday. Made him birthday cake. Had ice cream for dinner. Esther & Jim Hardy moved on farm. Canned 28 tomatoes.

Diary Entry for 09/03/1946

Went up to see Dr. Roberts. Talked with Helen & Mrs. Keichle. Vernon went back to school. 5th grade.

Diary Entry for 09/04/1946

Washed clothes, canned tomatoes & cleaned. Started having supper before chores.

Diary Entry for 09/05/1946

Talked with Helen. Did ironing. Was over to Aunt Maude’s few minutes. Went over town in evening. Sent cards to Mom & Marg.

Diary Entry for 09/06/1946

Grand day. Waxed floors. Vernon went over town after school on bike & got groceries. Went over to Keichle;s for water.

Diary Entry for 09/07/1946

Helen called. Waxed dining room floor. Aunt Maude called. Not feeling so hot.

Diary Entry for 09/08/1946

Went to church. Wrote letter to Aunt Mildred.

Diary Entry for 09/09/1946

Cloudy. Helen called. Went to card party at Lois W. Merrill went to Lodge.

Diary Entry for 09/10/1946

Got letter from Mom. Rainy. Tried road test in pouring rain. Got floor lamp, table, & card table. Went to W.S.C.S. at church.

Diary Entry for 09/11/1946

Washed clothes & ironed. Merrill helped fill silo at Bacons. Got letter from Marg. Went to Lodge.

Diary Entry for 09/12/1946

Got my license. My new refrigerator is at Carters. Talked with Helen. Sent card to Mom.

Diary Entry for 09/13/1946

Vernon came home from school about 10:30 sick. Merrill filled silo at Rappole’s. Went over to Keichle’s after water. Went over town after groceries. Not feeling good & Friday the 13th.

Diary Entry for 09/14/1946

Canned pears. Talked with Helen & Mrs. Keichle. Went to show in evening.

Diary Entry for 09/15/1946

Vernon went to Sunday School. Wrote letter to Mom & Dorothy.

Diary Entry for 09/16/1946

Not feeling very good. Merrill helped fill silo at Kavanoughs. Merrill went to Lodge. Kids and I went to show.

Diary Entry for 09/17/1946

Merrill helped fill silo at Mercer’s. Washed clothes. Went over to Aunt Maude’s. Got card from Tryon’s. They are living at Adams now.

Diary Entry for 09/18/1946

Awfully warm. Merrill got boys sled. Paid for refrigerator $232.00. Got letter from Mom. Got refrigerator.

Diary Entry for 09/19/1946

Appointment Dr. Kelsey at 10:00 AM. I got 1 [tooth] pulled & several filled. $11.00. Went over town after Merrill at Mercer’s. Jim stayed at Helens. Sent card to Mom & Tryon’s.

Diary Entry for 09/20/1946

Got floor lamp, coffee table & card table. Talked with Mrs. Keichle.

Diary Entry for 09/21/1946

Vernon’s birthday. Had ice cream. Went to show in evening.

Diary Entry for 09/22/1946

Dad, Mom, Ken & Eleanor were here for birthday dinner. Uncle Ray & Aunt Maude was over. Ben gave Vernon birthday present.

Diary Entry for 09/23/1946

Mr. Hagan is very low. Washed. Talked with Mrs. Keichle.

Diary Entry for 09/24/1946

Not feeling too good. Mr. Hagan died at 8:00 AM. I went over in evening. Took over cake & eggs.

Diary Entry for 09/25/1946

Went to city for flowers. Got new clothes. Was over to Hagans. Went to Lodge in evening. I’m flag bearer now.

Diary Entry for 09/26/1946

Mr. Hagan’s funeral. First Catholic funeral we ever attended. Went up to Lila’s. Vi Mowers & I went over town with Aunt Maude’s. Vernon practiced at church.

Diary Entry for 09/27/1946

Took car to garage in PM. Was over to Mrs. Hagan’s. Wrote Mom. Got letter from Juanita.

Diary Entry for 09/28/1946

Charles K’s birthday (2 years). Feeling punk. Real warm today. Called Helen.

Diary Entry for 09/29/1946

Went to Sunday School & church. Had flat tire. Had bad thunder storm. Wrote letter to Marg. Sent cards to Juanita, Mom & Aunt Mildred. Vernon had part in Rally day program.

Diary Entry for 09/30/1946

Cloudy. Talked with Helen. Quite warm.