Monthly Archives: January 1955

Diary Entry for 1/1/1955

Sleepy today. Vernon worked at Howard’s. Got to bed at 3:00 AM. Merrill & I went over to Art & Doris’. Jim went skating at Philadelphia.

Diary Entry for 1/2/1955

Took Vernon to city at 9:00 PM. Ed Bennett & Roy Farrell were here in PM.

Diary Entry for 1/3/1955

Nice day. Roads bare & dry. Virginia has moved downtown now. Paid me today.

Diary Entry for 1/4/1955

Arlene Buker started riding. Nice day. I started working on repairs today. Vern got army college mark of 75. [Selective Service Qualification Test]

Diary Entry for 1/5/1955

We went to grange but was so icy didn’t stay. Had to get pulled up Ore Bed hill by Wayne Huddleson. Virginia didn’t ride today. J. Carnival rode home. Got card & note from Beulah Congdon.

Diary Entry for 1/6/1955

Ken’s 35th birthday. I didn’t get to work today. Icy. No school because of ice. Vi & Aunt Maude called.

Diary Entry for 1/7/1955

Merrill has horrid cold. Roads good today. Cold.

Diary Entry for 1/8/1955

Washed & ironed. Merrill & Jim went up to Philadelphia in PM. Grand day. Called Leah. Her thumb is coming good. Freddie got out of hospital Thursday. Got letter from Uncle Berle.

Diary Entry for 1/9/1955

Didn’t go to church. Cleaned & baked spice cakes & doughnuts. Merrill’s cold still bad. Cloudy. Jim isn’t feeling good.

Diary Entry for 1/10/1955

IOOF installation. Martin Rudes N.G. Merrill went. Merrill installed as L.S.N.G. We slid in ditch on way to work. The girls all paid me. Arlene didn’t ride.

Diary Entry for 1/11/1955

Cold. Jim didn’t go to school. Got letter from Mom.

Diary Entry for 1/12/1955

Jim didn’t go to school. Is feeling some better. Arlene didn’t ride. I went to lodge. First time in ages.

Diary Entry for 1/13/1955

Jim didn’t go to school. Has been up today. Got letter from Vernon. Comes home January 25. Arlene didn’t ride.

Diary Entry for 1/14/1955

Jim didn’t go to school today. Missed one week. Cold. Virginia paid me. Nellie didn’t ride today. Drove her car. Arlene didn’t ride.

Diary Entry for 1/15/1955

Snowing some. We went to Gouverneur. Got new black sweater. Windy in evening. Blowing snow.

Diary Entry for 1/16/1955

Didn’t go to church. Addie Klock fell on church steps. No bones broken. Is in hospital.

Diary Entry for 1/17/1955

Nice but cold. Car works better but is skipping. Wrote Vernon.

Diary Entry for 1/18/1955

Wrote Mom, Uncle Berle, Carl & Gloria. Julie Coco started riding to & from work.

Diary Entry for 1/19/1955

Didn’t go to grange. Merrill & Jimmy took car to garage to get new spark plug. Had a lot of repairs today.

Diary Entry for 1/20/1955

Nice day but cold. Nellie paid me. Work on my income tax return. Sure a busy day. Home bureau at Florence’s but I didn’t go.

Diary Entry for 1/21/1955

Roads bare all week long. Snowing in evening. We went up to Mowers in evening. Jim & Martha went to show. Julie paid.

Diary Entry for 1/22/1955

Washed & ironed. Baked pies, cakes, cookies.

Diary Entry for 1/23/1955

We went to church. Snowing. Made out income tax.

Diary Entry for 1/24/1955

Snowed about all day. Roads slippery. Arlene paid me

Diary Entry for 1/25/1955

Snowing in evening. Vernon got home for rest of week. Goes back Monday. Brought nice ceramics he made in shop.

Diary Entry for 1/26/1955

Very stormy in morning. Didn’t get to work as road wasn’t plowed. Waxed kitchen floor. Did Vernon’s shirts. Baked. Didn’t get to lodge. Vi took my place on committee. Got letter from Mom.

Diary Entry for 1/27/1955

Terrible blizzard. No school. I didn’t get to work.

Diary Entry for 1/28/1955

Julie paid me. Roads kind of rough. 24° below zero last night. cold all day. Got letter from Carl & Gloria. Jim had party at school for Mr. Lyonoga.

Diary Entry for 1/29/1955

Vern opened checking account at Philadelphia bank. Started out home but was so snowy we turned around other side of city. Jim had picture taken. Vern left watch at Rudolph’s.

Diary Entry for 1/30/1955

Still cold. Men dressed 6 hens for freezer. Didn’t go to church.

Diary Entry for 1/31/1955

Vern went back to school. Missed Leo at city so went back on Gould bus at 5:15. Spent all day in city. cold. Arlene didn’t ride. Jim has new teacher, Mr.Bourcey.