Monthly Archives: March 1989

Diary Entry for 3/1/1989

Dr. Sommer 11:40. Had exam and x-rays. Dr. Scanlon 1:30. Had field tests. Won’t have them next time. We went to Bible Study in evening. We went after Alice.

Diary Entry for 3/2/1989

Cold and sunny. We went for groceries in AM. Merrill took car to George’s garage in PM. They put on a new radiator. Cost $130.81. Guaranteed for one year.

Diary Entry for 3/3/1989

We went to World Day of Prayer. About 25 there. Cheryl and Griffin girls sang. Great program. Jim called in evening. They may be out Sunday. Jolie still working evenings. Emmalee Rebekah Kerr-Carpenter born. 8 pounds.

Diary Entry for 3/4/1989

Jeff Hall and Tina Horton married. Freezing rain. Washed clothes. Merrill cleaned floors. Very icy in evening. Much colder. Got letter from Beulah M.

Diary Entry for 3/5/1989

Rainy and snowing. We went to Sunday School 44, and church 37. Cecil Steele from Spragueville preached. Good service. Collin stopped in on way to hospital. Jim, Joel, Jolie, Sue Lucid and Pat Hogan here for supper. Showed video of Empire Games, Sackets Band.

Diary Entry for 3/6/1989

Much colder but mostly sunny all day. My arthritis hurts today.

Diary Entry for 3/7/1989

-10° this morning. Sunny and cold all day.

Diary Entry for 3/8/1989

-4° this morning. Warmer during the day. Rebekah’s. I didn’t go as Ginny didn’t come. Eric here. Got locked out of house.

Diary Entry for 3/9/1989

Joey’s 15th birthday. Brent’s 1st. Darcy and Brent here most of afternoon. He’s a cut little fellow. Not walking yet. Much warmer. We went for groceries.

Diary Entry for 3/10/1989

Washed clothes. Much warmer. Got up to 30°´.

Diary Entry for 3/11/1989

Power off 1 hour over night for repairs. Merrill went to dump. Washed clothes. Snowing in PM. Lyla called. Talked with Larry.

Diary Entry for 3/12/1989

Men’s Communion Breakfast at Evans Mills. 7 AM. We went to Sunday School 48, and church 38. Kathy and baby and Kathy’s parents in church. Emmalee is a darling. Looks like Collin. Snowing in morning and cold. Vern called in evening. June doing okay.

Diary Entry for 3/13/1989

Dorothy Hayden’s 91, funeral. Sunny day. Warmer 40°. Space launch got off okay.

Diary Entry for 3/14/1989

Administrative Council 7:30. 10 out. We went. Beautiful day, 59°. Windy in evening. Cheryl called.

Diary Entry for 3/15/1989

Windy and partly cloudy. Up to 52°. Snow and ice going fast. Jim called in evening. He was up to Don’s skiing in Gulf.

Diary Entry for 3/16/1989

Merrill went to lawyers with Cobby. Bob B there also. Wrote Vern and June. We went for groceries at noon. Saw Mrs. Farrell.

Diary Entry for 3/17/1989

St. Patrick’s Day. Snowed during night and this morning.

Diary Entry for 3/18/1989

Sleeting during night and this morning. It’s icy. Merrill cleaned driveway in PM. Washed clothes. Made cake and cupcakes.

Diary Entry for 3/19/1989

Palm Sunday. We went to Sunday School 44, and church 38. Shower for Collin and Emmalee after church. They got lots of nice things. We drove out to Seaway in AM. Saw Ruth and Virgel Street there. Nice day but cold wind.

Diary Entry for 3/20/1989

Nice today. Washed. Ironed white linen table cloths. Vi called. Clarence Schell in hospital. Colonostomy and cancer.

Diary Entry for 3/21/1989

Snowy and sunny by spells. 32°. Ground covered with snow. Merrill got maple sugar and jug of syrup from Gloria Verbridge of Newark.

Diary Entry for 3/22/1989

Merrill’s 80th birthday. Beulah C and Robert called in evening. Leslie called in morning. We went for groceries in AM. Sent cards and notes to Juanita, Donnie, and Aunt Maude. Got lily for church. Voted on school budget. Jim and Walt here. Brought dad birthday card. He got the girls water beds.

Diary Entry for 3/23/1989

Maundy Thursday, 7:30 Evans Mills. We went to church at Mills. Very nice. Went to store in evening. Got Easter card from Vern’s. Wanda Lancaster gave us Easter lily. Darcy and Brent here for visit in PM.

Diary Entry for 3/24/1989

Good Friday, Philadelphia, 7:30. 38 out. Raining in PM and evening. Warm. Got letter from Atty. Stuart Jackson. Clarence Schell, 84 died the 21st. Funeral today. We took food from UMW. Mary Hall and Sue Boscheck there.

Diary Entry for 3/25/1989

Bob B tapped our 4 maple trees. Got stuff ready for dinner tomorrow.

Diary Entry for 3/26/1989

Easter Sunday. We went to Cantata but didn’t stay for breakfast. Merrill went to church. Jim, Vern’s, and Steve’s, Dan and Robin Halbert here for first time. Here for dinner. Celebrated Merrill’s 80th birthday. He got shirts, granddad mug, and a Dave Barry book.

Diary Entry for 3/27/1989

Washed white tablecloths. A great day, 70° and sunny. Snow melting fast. Cut my hair. Horton’s here for pipe wrenches. Have a new 1980 truck.

Diary Entry for 3/28/1989

Foggy and rainy but still warm. Thunder storm in evening. Lots of flooding. Collin called about water in church basement. I called Atty. Jackson but he didn’t call back.

Diary Entry for 3/29/1989

Colder. Merrill checked water at church. Howard Hall called in evening. We talked for 1 1/2 hours. They have bought a house in Florida at Ridge Manor. Jeff and Tina got married March 4th. June R is moving cattle off farm.

Diary Entry for 3/30/1989

Raining and colder in PM. Called lawyer again but he didn’t call back.

Diary Entry for 3/31/1989

Raining. Got new prescription for 4% eye drops. Refill 10 times. We went to drug store. Didn’t get to see Aunt Maude as it was raining so hard. Got groceries in PM. Amy Gleason, 18, and Jewett boy from Theresa dead of car accident. Elwin Groves, 77, of Adams killed.