Monthly Archives: June 1978

Diary Entry for 6/1/1978

Dr. Roberts at 2 PM. He took blood for lab tests. He started me on blood pressure pills. Said I was in much better shape than last visit. We went up to Don’s. Had dinner at Ken’s. Got plastic pipe for water to barn. Risdale’s here in evening. I started taking blood pressure pills.

Diary Entry for 6/2/1978

Attorney Giles, 3:30 Mills. We went to see Carmon Palumbo at bank. Got tan shoes at Woolworth’s. June R here in evening. Vern’s called. Bill Meeks dug up water pipe by garage. Wrote Uncle Berl. Merrill worked at pipes.

Diary Entry for 6/3/1978

Merrill used new riding lawn mower for first. Jim used it when they came. Merrill, Jim and Pat planted garden at Philadelphia. I kept kids. I’ve had terrible cramps from blood pressure pills. Larry white washed barn for Risdale’s.

Diary Entry for 6/4/1978

Terrible leg cramps last night. Feel horrid today. We went to church. Risdale’s here to build fence. They may have buyers for their place. I quit taking blood pressure pills.

Diary Entry for 6/5/1978

I’m very lame today. No cramps last night. wrote Dr. Roberts. Raining some. First time in ages. William Meeks dug up water pipe by garage. Down about 5 feet, no breaks. Merrill and I cleaned out store room. I’ve felt horrid all day.

Diary Entry for 6/6/1978

Had Meeks dig up lawn toward house from side of evergreen trees. There was a break in elbow there. Pipe from spring came up to that spot, and then into cellar. Merrill got water back to barn. Went to Theresa and Mills for bucket parts. Risdale’s here. Also Carmon Palumbo.

Diary Entry for 6/7/1978

Merrill worked at Eberly’s today on their garage doors. I sewed dresses, Mom’s. Washed clothes. Made cakes and pie plant. Clarence Giles called. Appointment Friday at Mills. Raining finally. Badly needed. Called Vern’s. They are coming Sunday.

Diary Entry for 6/8/1978

Wrote Beulah Hall. Roy and Marg here all day. Merrill worked at Eberly’s awhile in morning. Risdale’s here in evening. I have a cold in my throat.

Diary Entry for 6/9/1978

2:00 PM appointment with Giles, Mills. Made out purchase agreement on farm. Merrill worked at Eberly’s in AM. Got letter from Angie. Also Dr. Roberts. My throat is worse. June R here in evening

Diary Entry for 6/10/1978

Merrill mowed lawn at Scrimmagar. Risdale’s here building fence. Merrill finished doors at Eberly’s. I wrote letter to Angie.

Diary Entry for 6/11/1978

A beautiful day. Merrill went to Sunday School and church. I was coughing too much to go. Jim’s, and Vern’s here for PM and supper. Vern’s and us went to see our new home on their way home. June and Glen built fence. They ate supper with us. Danny stayed with us.

Diary Entry for 6/12/1978

Hot and muggy. Dan and I worked at stuff upstairs. Merrill and Dan took load to dump. Risdale’s here in evening. Hank Schell here in evening. Thunder storm in evening.

Diary Entry for 6/13/1978

Rained all day, off and on. Dan and I packed dishes. Merrill cleaned out desk. John wheeler, 58, died in Florida on June 10th. Risdale’s here in evening a few minutes. Went to look at cows.

Diary Entry for 6/14/1978

Cooler. Marilyn gave me B-12 shot. Merrill finished lawn at new house. Called June. Giles made mistake on purchase offer. Got groceries. Dan got tank model at craft shop. Risdale’s here. They signed purchase offer for farm we received today. Called Giles and Palumbo.

Diary Entry for 6/15/1978

John Wheeler’s funeral. June R took out signed purchase offers to bank and Giles. We took Danny home. Had supper with them. Got home at 10:30. I went to Dr. Roberts. He wants me to take blood pressure pills but only half of one a day.

Diary Entry for 6/16/1978

Howard and Evelyn had party for us. A lovely party. 30 there. They gave us a bathroom set and $28 in money. So good to have all our neighbors together. Packed books. Donna Hall’s 29th birthday. I started 1/2 blood pressure pills.

Diary Entry for 6/17/1978

Today would have been Mom’s 86th birthday. Tired today. Merrill went to auction with Howard. Also cut brush. Jim’s here in PM and for supper. Merrill and Jim worked in garden at Philadelphia. Risdale’s here in evening.

Diary Entry for 6/18/1978

Cloudy day. I didn’t take Blood Pressure pills today. Had cramps last night. We went to church. They had reception for graduates. Risdale’s here to build fence.

Diary Entry for 6/19/1978

Got letter from Uncle Berl. Has been in hospital, Hiatal hernia. I went to Theresa to have my teeth cleaned, $6. Did some packing. Howard got buzz saw. Raining today. PNG’s went to Stockade in Theresa for supper. Only 9 went. I rode with Vi, Leah drove also.

Diary Entry for 6/20/1978

Kessel’s 62nd birthday. Giles called. Hopes to have closing this week. I did more packing. Merrill took paper to church for paper drive. Risdale’s here in evening. Marg called in evening. Don is at Bill’s helping saw lumber and build on his barn.

Diary Entry for 6/21/1978

Raining. Wrote Uncle Berl. Got Guens letter. Wrong zip code. We went to city. I got new shoes at Coryson’s. $22. Had metatarsal arch supports put in them, $2.50. Got two blouses. Got gifts for Keitha and Tristan. Wrote party thank you cards in evening. Risdale’s here in evening.

Diary Entry for 6/22/1978

Sent thank you’s for party. Merrill took Hall’s thank you and box of candy. I washed a lot of clothes, bedding etc. Merrill mowed lawns here. He didn’t feel good in morning. Risdale’s here in evening. June R here for inspector in PM.

Diary Entry for 6/23/1978

I did more packing. Merrill mowed part of lawn at Philadelphia. We went up in evening and worked some in garden. Got groceries. Graduation, Lorraine and Marie graduated. Marg called in morning to say Eleanor’s father died yesterday, AM. Cloudy day.

Diary Entry for 6/24/1978

Sent June card, letter and $5. Charles Jacob’s funeral. We didn’t go. Sent card, note and $10 check. We planted more cucumbers at Philadelphia. Risdale’s here working in PM. Washed bedding. A beautiful day. Texas cactus had a blossom in evening.

Diary Entry for 6/25/1978

We went to church. Jim’s here in PM and supper. Had short cake. Got berries from Mary, @.99. Risdale’s here in PM. We went out to Don’s in evening. They are haying. All are well. Jim’s back was bothering him.

Diary Entry for 6/26/1978

June’s 40th birthday. Cloudy all day. Merrill went with Risdale’s and Joe Ponzi to look at cows at Cronks, Dry Hill. I packed bathroom stuff. Merrill has laryngitis.

Diary Entry for 6/27/1978

Vern goes to Morrisville College for interview. Nora Durgin and Joe here about Risdale’s insurance. We asked them for insurance on Philadelphia place, $48,000 home owners, $156. (30-15-3) Called Giles. Also June R. Vern’s called in morning. Bisnett’s here to start tank refrigerator.

Diary Entry for 6/28/1978

Wrote Mother T and Leslie. Merrill mowed lawn at Philadelphia. He went to Mary’s to pick berries twice but got rained out. He picked 11 quarts. June and girls here twice. Glenn in evening.

Diary Entry for 6/29/1978

I’ve had glaucoma 8 years. June R called. We took Evelyn to Arnold Cronks to appraise cows. We all ate at McDonalds. Thunder and lightning with rain in evening. Evelyn’s back bad but feeling some better. Merrill got hair cut. Got groceries

Diary Entry for 6/30/1978

They brought Risdale’s cows, 21 and 2 calves. $14,575. Merrill worked in Philadelphia garden. He brought home radishes from it. June R called 3 times. Sent Merrill’s accident insurance, $30.