Monthly Archives: April 1943

Diary Entry for 04/01/1943

Raining hard. Dot, Evelyn, Buster was here. Oren came down in evening. Received cards from Fannie, Gertrude, Aunt Mildred & a letter from Betty.

Diary Entry for 04/02/1943

Sent money to Spiegel for mattress. Raining hard in forenoon. Snowed in afternoon & evening. Real cold. Ken was up in evening.

Diary Entry for 04/03/1943

Received letter from Aunt Cora & Dr. George. Buster stopped in on way to woods. Quite cold. I’ve got another cold. Been in bed 3 weeks today.

Diary Entry for 04/04/1943

Edith, Evelyn, Dot & Dick was here. Merrill took Mother Tryon home. Don brought Aunt Mildred up to stay awhile.

Diary Entry for 04/05/1943

Terrible cold & quite windy.

Diary Entry for 04/06/1943

Still quite cold. Sent for shoes for Carl. Wrote letter to Dr. Reed.

Diary Entry for 04/07/1943

Real nice today. Sent letter to Mom, Mother Tryon, Betty Hanson. Made $1.00 payment on paper. Dot, Evelyn & Oren was here. Mom & Dad was up in evening.

Diary Entry for 04/08/1943

Marie’s & Richard C birthday. Cloudy day. Received card from Bert Pitkin’s family. Played Chinese Checkers in evening.

Diary Entry for 04/09/1943

Real warm today. Oren stopped in on way to woods. Vernon went over home tonight to spend weekend.

Diary Entry for 04/10/1943

Dad’s birthday. 51 years. I’ve been in bed four weeks today. Received card & letter from Aunt Maude.

Diary Entry for 04/11/1943

Aunt Mildred washed my hair for me in bed. Aunt Mildred went home today. Mom, Don, Uncle Berle & Dot was here. Mother Tryon came back to stay. Uncle Berle brought me a head of lettuce.

Diary Entry for 04/12/1943

John Shelmedine & Marion Alexander married tonight. Grandma H., Betty, Velma, Marion, Ruth, Katie, Mom & Mary was here. First time I’ve seen Marion since they came back east. Brought me some oranges.

Diary Entry for 04/13/1943

Another stormy day. Received letter from Aunt Mildred. She sent my washing home by Merton Pool on the school bus. Heard today Don Moore is in hospital with broken leg.

Diary Entry for 04/14/1943

Snowing hard. Carl isn’t feel so well tonight.

Diary Entry for 04/15/1943

Carl didn’t go to school today. Mother Tryon washed clothes. Oren stopped in on way to woods. Quite cold & windy. Received letter from Marg.

Diary Entry for 04/16/1943

Baby Harlow Cobb was buried today at 10:00 AM in North Watertown Cemetery. A regular blizzard today. Had a letter from Angie. Oren Jr. was here. Snow plow got in ditch. Couldn’t get it out. Merrill got lunch for Dwight & Esther & then took them home. Snow plow came over tonight at 11:15 with truck. A lot of snow.

Diary Entry for 04/17/1943

Received cards & package (nightgown, towels, & comb) from Aunt Mildred. Dot was down. They came over with old plow & got out the plow. Been in bed 5 weeks today.

Diary Entry for 04/18/1943

Mom & Dad, Aunt Maude, & Lila was here. Grand day. Ken, Oren & Paul S. was here in evening.

Diary Entry for 04/19/1943

Has rained hard all day. Mack Carey bought the Roan horses today. Dot got me some peanuts today. Oren got me a box of Fanny Farmers. Received card from Hodges. Dad brought up potatoes. Dot got me shelf paper at Adams.

Diary Entry for 04/20/1943

Carl’s shoes & rubbers came today. Still raining.

Diary Entry for 04/21/1943

Sent for suit for Vernon today. Oren Jr. stopped in on way to woods.

Diary Entry for 04/22/1943

Easter vacation starts today. Go back March 3rd. Received letter from Dr. Reed, also Aunt Mildred. Dot, Evelyn & Arlene was down.

Diary Entry for 04/23/1943

Grand day. Dot & Peggy was down. Watkins man was here. I sat up in a chair awhile today. Also walked a few steps. Merrill got a raise in wages $!00.00.

Diary Entry for 04/24/1943

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Gibson have a baby boy. Been in bed 6 weeks today. Vernon got a new suit & 2 pair of socks. Received letter from Marg, & Mom, & Easter cards from Dad’s & Viola [Presley].

Diary Entry for 04/25/1943

Easter Sunday. Dot & Dick took Carl & Mother Tryon home today. Got up & ate dinner at the table today.

Diary Entry for 04/26/1943

Have walked out to the kitchen 2 times today. Dot was down & washed dishes for me. I wrote letter to Marg. Merrill sent for shoes.

Diary Entry for 04/27/1943

Received card from Beulah C. & Mom. Marg & Roy was up in evening. Mom took my wash home.

Diary Entry for 04/28/1943

Received card from Aunt Maude. Received new table oiled cloth & towel set. Evelyn brought down a chocolate pie for dinner. Read good. Made it herself.

Diary Entry for 04/29/1943

Merrill got new high top shoes & rubbers. Wrote letter to Aunt Mildred. Not feel very peppy. Vernon got his hair cut at Lacona.

Diary Entry for 04/30/1943

Raining hard today. Sent for shoes for Vernon & I. Wrote to Angie.