Monthly Archives: March 1983

Diary Entry for 3/1/1983

Another beautiful day. Terrible rains in California again. Rev Salisbury here in morning to talk about church repairs. We moved furniture out of living room into dining room and front porch. Merrill went to store for milk etc. Got note from Vern’s.

Diary Entry for 3/2/1983

We tore off paper in living room. Still very bad weather in California. My arthritis bad today.

Diary Entry for 3/3/1983

Merrill helped with chores at Horton’s. Mark is sick in hospital. Carl and Cheryl went to bring him home. We went for groceries in PM.

Diary Entry for 3/4/1983

I went with Margaret to World Day of Prayer. We were invited to Evans Mills Church. i have prayer service, 48 there. Very nice. Merrill and Carl moved stuff back in church from CEC, I washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 3/5/1983

Times reported Jim has started black parent Program. District Board of Church Location and Building met at church, 16 there. Bob Griffin thought meeting was in the PM. Shirley and Jennie May Cooper here in PM. Merrill washed car. Like summer. Jim Collins burned meadow across the street. Had to call the fireman when it got out of control. Got letter from Steve.

Diary Entry for 3/6/1983

Another grand day, 60’s. We went to church. We’re back in the church again, 68 out. No company. I wrote letters. Merrill slept in PM.

Diary Entry for 3/7/1983

Sent letter to Vern’s and Uncle Berl. Merrill painted living room ceilings. Got letter from Grace Matthews from Florida. Merrill went to store for fly spray.

Diary Entry for 3/8/1983

Dr. Scanlon, 1:30. Everything okay. Got living room draperies at Woolworth’s. We went to Madonna Home to see Carl Scee. He seems so much improved. Raining all day.

Diary Entry for 3/9/1983

Rebekah’s. I didn’t’ go. Joey’s birthday, 9 years. Merrill painted living room woodwork. Merrill went with Hal Hall to Carthage for shavings, [animal bedding] cost $1 a bale, 80-100 bales.

Diary Entry for 3/10/1983

Uncle Bert Talcott’s 90th birthday. My appointment with Dr. Roberts, 1:30. I’m to take aspirin and Imodium and to have weekly tests at hospital. Merrill helped with chores at Horton’s. They took Mark back. We stopped at Ken’s, Don’s, and Roy’s. Got back at 8:30 PM. Had supper at Don’s.

Diary Entry for 3/11/1983

Ground white with snow this morning. First snow in ages. We went for groceries. Had fluid put in car transmission. We started papering living room. Donations over $12.00 to have professional baseball back to city.

Diary Entry for 3/12/1983

Merrill went to Landfill. We worked at papering. It goes slow but looks nice. Roy Matteson here in PM. They are leaving our church this summer.

Diary Entry for 3/13/1983

We went to church, 61 out. Communion. Sampson and LaClair wedding right after church at 1 PM. Jim’s here when we got home. Here for supper.

Diary Entry for 3/14/1983

We went to city. I had prothromfire (?) test at House of Good Samaritan Hospital. Had muffler pipe bracket and belt put on car at K-Mart. $68.69. They will replace muffler free if it wears out while we have car. I started taking aspirin and Imodium in evening.

Diary Entry for 3/15/1983

Worked at papering. My arms hurting. Merrill went over to church with Claude to see about church roof. Doris Haggerty called in evening. They are having party for Minnie and Aletha (?) on March 27 for their 40th anniversary.

Diary Entry for 3/16/1983

Rev. Salisbury leaves for Holy Land trip. We finished papering living room. Looks nice. Merrill went for 5 pounds of free cheese at the Legion. Glenn Brady here in evening. He missed bus so spent the night at Paro’s. Arthur Godfrey, 79, died today. In radio for years.

Diary Entry for 3/17/1983

St. Patrick’s Day. We rented rug shampooer from Robbins and cleaned living room, hall, and kitchen carpets. Cost $16.50. Looks nice. Put up new living room draperies. I like them. Pirates baseball team coming to city. Dr. Robert’s called, blood okay. Got $245 HEAP fuel ok.

Diary Entry for 3/18/1983

We got furniture back in from dining room. Looks like a home again. We went for groceries in PM.

Diary Entry for 3/19/1983

Another great day. Warm, 70°. Washed clothes. Merrill outside about all day. My arthritis bad. Aunt Maude called. Cheryl saw Juanita, Bill and Brenda in city. Don worse and Juanita helping with chores. Elsie Bacon in hospital.

Diary Entry for 3/20/1983

Collection at church for Tracy, $61. First day of spring. We went to church, 51 there. Bob G had service. Mr. Kay speaker. Very good. Jim’s here when we got home. Here for supper.

Diary Entry for 3/21/1983

Anne Eggleston stared at Theresa Post Office. Raining and freezing on. Most schools closed. Sent letters to Blue Cross and Hemmocult to Dr. Roberts. Frank here with fuel oil. Only took 37 gallons. It is down to $1.09 per gallon. Vern called in evening. They are coming Friday night for Steve. Edith Seeley, 96 died today.

Diary Entry for 3/22/1983

Merrill’s 74th birthday. Gave him black leather billfold. Gladys Lamson called him in morning. We went to city. More snow out that way. Had blood work done at hospital. Saw Pat and Ruth Eggleston at hospital. Grace Tryon called to say Happy Birthday. Merrill got several cards.

Diary Entry for 3/23/1983

Barney Clark, 1st artificial heart patient died after 112 days. Colder. A few snow flurries. The southern states are getting snow. Got letter from Beulah. She sent Merrill card. Pittsburgh Pirates farm team coming to city.

Diary Entry for 3/24/1983

We went for groceries in AM. A cold sunny day. Made cookies. Got letter from Uncle Bert. Merrill got birthday cards. Got Easter Lily for church.

Diary Entry for 3/25/1983

Sunny but cold wind. Eleanor’s 55th birthday. Steve got here at 2:30. John S brought him. Vern’s got here at 5:30. Brought fish and pie. I got my hair cut at Tracy’s, $5.00. Vern’s left at 9 PM. Gave Merrill a rose bush.

Diary Entry for 3/26/1983

Juanita’s 54th birthday, and Donnie’s 13th birthday. I called Jim’s. Sunny but still cold. Howard Hall called in evening. My arthritis bad today. Bill Mower’s 67th birthday.

Diary Entry for 3/27/1983

Psalm Sunday. Rev. Swales. Rev Salisbury in Holy Land, only 62 there. Minnie and Aletha’s 40th anniversary party. Freezing rain so we didn’t go.

Diary Entry for 3/28/1983

Bill and Vi’s 47th anniversary. Carl Scee’s 78th birthday. Wrote Elmer’s. Sent card to Minnie and Aletha. (Haggerty). Merrill went down to Ridsdale’s after check.

Diary Entry for 3/29/1983

Merrill cleaned church. Water pipe broke at parsonage.

Diary Entry for 3/30/1983

Dr. Summer’s, 9:30. He took two x-rays and did check up. I have to go back April 7th for filling. We went to city. Had blood test at hospital. Got shower curtain liner, $2.99. We went for groceries. Stopped at Ruth Schell’s.

Diary Entry for 3/31/1983

A nice day. Warmer. Rev. Salisbury got back this morning from Holy Land. Tired. Washed clothes. Merrill got hair cut at Theresa in PM. Went twice as barber wasn’t in until 3 PM. Merrill took church collection to Tracy and Joyce, $96. Maundy Thursday service at Evans Mills. We didn’t go to it.