Monthly Archives: April 1960

Diary Entry for 4/1/1960

Stopped at Seaway Plaza for groceries. Merrill & Howard went to auction at city. Jim went home with Marty. Work getting slack at Olga.

Diary Entry for 4/2/1960

Grand day. Jim & Marty went to city & to dance at Theresa. Merrill & I went to city. Sears called to say washer was fixed. Vern called in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/3/1960

Nice day. Raining in evening. Started formal but didn’t have green thread. Wrote June.

Diary Entry for 4/4/1960

Raining. Merrill got new post for mailbox at Mills. Washed my hair. Lois W. called.

Diary Entry for 4/5/1960

W.S.C.S. supper at church. Nice turnout & nice time. Evans Mills W.S.C.S. were our guests.

Diary Entry for 4/6/1960

Got new lime green hat at Empsalls. Got my washer back from Sears. $50.20. Washed in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/7/1960

Lodge practice. Nice day. I don’t have to work tomorrow. Flooded at Gouverneur & Ogdensburg.

Diary Entry for 4/8/1960

Kind of cool. I didn’t have to work today. Merrill got tile for guest room. @14¢. I took Jim & Marty to Theresa. They went to game in evening. Waxed kitchen floor.

Diary Entry for 4/9/1960

Flood waters down. Jim & I went to city. Got 2 new dresses. Snowing.

Diary Entry for 4/10/1960

Dad’s birthday. 68 years old. We didn’t go out home. We worked all day. Palm Sunday. Washed my hair. Cold.

Diary Entry for 4/11/1960

Past Grands District meeting at Natural Bridge. I went with Elsie Bacon. Very nice dinner. Eleanor Genita new District Deputy.

Diary Entry for 4/12/1960

They called me at noon. Dad died of coronary attack at 4:00 today. We were all with him. Took Jim out in evening. Stayed all night.

Diary Entry for 4/13/1960

We picked lot at Calcium. Got coffin. Came home tonight.

Diary Entry for 4/14/1960

Vernon got home at 7:00. Drove all night. Vernon’s car broke down. Merrill drove Vernon’s car to Adams. Jim came home for night.

Diary Entry for 4/15/1960

We went out home. Merrill came out with Uncle Ray’s in evening for visiting hours. Stopped at Ceil Allen’s, Howard’s funeral tomorrow also.

Diary Entry for 4/16/1960

Dad’s funeral. Big funeral. 25 cars. Spring day. Warm. Mae, Docsh [?] Olive, Elgin, Roy & Marg, Ken’s, Aunt Keitha, Dot & Velma came here after. Vern got 59 Chevrolet Impala car. Nancy Delles married.

Diary Entry for 4/17/1960

Easter Sunday. We went out home. Ken’s there also. Stopped at cemetery on way out.

Diary Entry for 4/18/1960

Colder. Vern left about 9:00 for Maryland. I went to city. Got wall paper & rug for bedroom. Paid $100.00 to Bert Johnson for cemetery lot. Lottie Hanson.

Diary Entry for 4/19/1960

Nice day. Merrill & I papered guest bedroom. Jim drove truck on 4-H paper drive.

Diary Entry for 4/20/1960

Grand day. Jim & Marty cleaned lawns both places. Washed. Worked on formal in evening. Cleaned. I went to Gouverneur to see about rug.

Diary Entry for 4/21/1960

70° today. Thunder storm. Got letter from Vern. Merrill & I went to Gouverneur for rug. I went to lodge practice in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/22/1960

Eleanor, Brenda, & Roberta, came about 1:00. I have head cold. Pauline & Garmon & kids came in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/23/1960

Eleanor, girls, & I, went to Ogdensburg. Raining.

Diary Entry for 4/24/1960

Eleanor & girls went home about 3:00 PM. Put hem in formal. Fast time started this morning. Power off for 4 hours. Rev. Paul Hagan had accident.

Diary Entry for 4/25/1960

I went to work but asked for this week off also. Sent card of thanks to Times. Wrote Vern. Started cleaning upstairs. Bread man fell out of truck & broke his arm. Kind of cold & rainy.

Diary Entry for 4/26/1960

Cooler. Nice day. Merrill took 2 calves to Gouverneur. Zelda McKeever had gall bladder operation. Started cleaning out bedroom. Got letter from Uncle Berle.

Diary Entry for 4/27/1960

Initiation at lodge. 75 present. Sandra Cross, Donna Pledger, Leona Durgan, & one from Alex Bay. I went to city & out home. Got wall paper for our bedroom. Card of thanks was in Times.

Diary Entry for 4/28/1960

Mother & daughter banquet. I took Debbie Hall. Huge crowd. Over 100 there. Nice program. Worked at our bedroom.

Diary Entry for 4/29/1960

Swell day. Painted bedroom. Merrill put in wall plugs in bedroom. Jim played baseball at Gouverneur. Marty, Ronnie Coaks, & Jim, went to fireman’s dance at Theresa.

Diary Entry for 4/30/1960

Garmon Roggie got hurt real bad on field chopper. Papered our bedroom. Washed my hair.