Monthly Archives: October 1974

Diary Entry for 10/1/1974

Bible Study starts up again, 9:30 at CEC. I went with Pearl. Ruth went to Syracuse so didn’t go. UMW at Joyce G. in evening. I drove, 11 out. Talked [?] is getting church bus with Agway supper money.

Diary Entry for 10/2/1974

First snow of the season. Also rainy. Didn’t stay on ground long. I went to Dr. Roberts for shot. Sent Brenda card and note. Got flower ring for kitchen light. Cost, $5.89. Washed my hair.

Diary Entry for 10/3/1974

Snow flurries. Sent Marg card and letter. We went to Philadelphia for groceries. Merrill and Boots went to Theresa to bank and to Mills to Agway. Peeled and froze apples for pies. Wild apples.

Diary Entry for 10/5/1974

Bea Gehm’s birthday. Marg’s 62nd birthday. Took girls to Donna’s shop. Set up 4-H window. Marie, Judy, Lorraine, Jodi, and Jamie. (Horse show). Dawn was over with her calf. I’m awfully tired today. Went to bed at 8:30.

Diary Entry for 10/6/1974

We went to church, World communion, 91 out. Rev. Dodge had service. We went to Philadelphia in PM. A nice day but cluster flies are terrible in house. We went to first evening church service, Jim McEtherin, with Ruth. Patty called.

Diary Entry for 10/7/1974

Wrote Vern’s. Jim, Pat, and Jolie here for lunch. They went to Amway meeting at Syracuse. Left Jolie here for couple days. Eleanor, Roberta, and Luke here for supper. Dale and Dawn came over with Dawn’s calf, Taffy.

Diary Entry for 10/8/1974

Everything white with a heavy frost this morning. Took Merrill’s suit to Vera’s to go to dry cleaners Wednesday. Back Saturday. We went to Aunt Maude’s to check her furnace for blower.

Diary Entry for 10/9/1974

I didn’t go to Lodge. Patty came for Jolie. Here for supper. I washed my hair. Pat styled it for me. It looks nice. Dawn was over. Cheryl brought down glass in evening to be cut. Howard’s, Bill Zeller, and another guy here in evening with saw blade.

Diary Entry for 10/10/1974

Rebekah’s Assembly’s Presidents official visit at Antwerp. I went with Vi in evening. Didn’t go to dinner. Donna called and said we got blue award on 4-H window. 155 at Antwerp for Lodge meeting. Home at 11 PM.

Diary Entry for 10/11/1974

4-H achievement Night at General Brown, 8 PM. Very nice school and almost full. L Hall’s and us took all the club but Donna, Cindy, Allison and Vicky. We went to city in AM. Merrill went to dentist. I got dress at Penny’s $22, shoes at Woolworth’s $9. Merrill got suit at Robert Halls, $42.

Diary Entry for 10/12/1974

Brenda called in morning. Merrill went over to help with cement floor. Nice day. Warm. Rained in PM and evening. Nora over here to fill out 4-H cards. Lynn and Roger here to report phone out. World Series starts, Oakland A’s and Los Angeles Dodgers. Merrill got 3 piece suit from cleaners.

Diary Entry for 10/13/1974

Dr. Robert Jones, Pastor for 1st time today. About 100 in church. Nice service. We went to Don’s and Mom’s. Merrill got suit from Robert hall’s. I have head ache. We ate at McDonalds. We went to church in evening. 55 there.

Diary Entry for 10/14/1974

I got filling put in tooth, $10. Jim, Pat, and Jolie here for supper. Had Daisy with them. She is so big. I took down 4-H window. Stopped at Mary’s for key to Donna’s shop. Merrill went to Lodge in evening.

Diary Entry for 10/15/1974

Sent $12 for Moody Monthly for Uncle Berl and mine. Wrote Beulah Hall. I went to hospital for blood test at 9. Brenda went with me to Dr. Couch. We hurried home as air was going out of tire. Merrill took it to Floods. It had a tire spike in it. Put on winter tires. I froze pie apples. Merrill put in window at Lodge Hall.

Diary Entry for 10/16/1974

4-H Leaders meeting, 1:30, Fire Hall. 10 there. A nice day. Merrill helped Bill all day. I took him over in morning. Went after him at 3 PM. Aunt Maude went with me. She took Brenda sweater set she made, yellow.

Diary Entry for 10/17/1974

Theresa Installation. Rained hard about all day. Went to Philadelphia for groceries in AM. Merrill got hair cut. I fixed Mom’s dress in evening. Oakland A’s won World Series for 3rd win in a row. Played Los Angeles Dodgers.

Diary Entry for 10/18/1974

Nice day. Donna did my hair at noon. Wouldn’t take any pay. Leah called and asked me to be a Banner Bearer. Vern called in evening. They aren’t coming to Doreen’s wedding as Vern has to go to Syracuse. Are coming here next week end. Friday evening and Saturday.

Diary Entry for 10/19/1974

Doreen Hanson and Michael Ring’s wedding. A lovely wedding and reception. Debby, Patty, Jolie went with us. We went up to Mom’s before wedding. Got home at 6:15. Janet Hall Kelsey died, 37. Aunt Maude’s birthday.

Diary Entry for 10/21/1974

Mom and Dad would have been married 60 years today. Merrill broke glass in front door. I washed clothes. I went to PNG’s at Margaret Waters. Vi and Edna on committee. Janet Kelsey funeral. She had Huntington’s Disease, but died of cancer.

Diary Entry for 10/24/1974

Vi and I went to city to get Steve birthday present in AM. Got him sweater. Great day, but cluster flies bad. Merrill and Boots went to Theresa to get door window, cost $5.54. Washed my hair. Washed rugs, cleaned. State trooper, Emerson Dillon, shot on Thruway.

Diary Entry for 10/25/1974

Went to Martha’s to plan Agway supper, 1:30. Merrill took tractor to Bill’s. I went after him. Steve’s 10th birthday. Vern’s come. Got here about 7 PM. Gave Steve his sweater. Bill, Brenda, Robin and Mark brought over strawberries.

Diary Entry for 10/28/1974

Veteran’s Day. No mail. There was school. Washed clothes. Called Bill Draper. He was putting in silo unloader today. Jim, Patty, Jolie and Daisy dog here for supper. Dawn was over. Michael Payne had tests but they didn’t operate in Syracuse.

Diary Entry for 10/29/1974

4-H Leader’s Banquet, NI Leagues [?]. Turkey dinner. Very nice. I got 10 year gold pin. Lynn, Mary, Lorraine, and Marie went. Jamie, Judy and Nora went with Merrill and I. I went to Bible Study. A beautiful day. Merrill washed car. Mohammed Ali knocked out Forman in 8th round.

Diary Entry for 10/30/1974

Dr. Roberts, 3:00. Report OK but could be a little better. He gave me prescriptions for B-12 shots. Brenda and Bill have baby boy born this PM, 8 lb, 4 oz. Named Bill Wayne. Bill called. Michael Payne has brain tumor. Can’t be operated on.