Monthly Archives: March 1993

Diary Entry for 3/1/1993

Much warmer. Seems good.

Diary Entry for 3/2/1993

Administrative Council, 7:00. 8 out to it. Cloudy, warm day. Up to 35°

Diary Entry for 3/3/1993

We went to city. First time to Fleet Bank to cash check. Saw Juanita at Pharmhouse. We went to see Roy and Aunt Maude. Both well. Took them box of candy. Rev. Carol called. Ice broke her garage window.

Diary Entry for 3/4/1993

We went for groceries in AM. Lyla at store. Had good visit. She’s okay now.

Diary Entry for 3/5/1993

World Day of Prayer, 7:30 PM. We went. Very nice. 30-35 there. 3 pastors there. Rev. C at Mills.

Diary Entry for 3/6/1993

Washed clothes. Merrill cleaned floors.

Diary Entry for 3/7/1993

We went to church, communion, 48 out. Patty Boushaw helped for first time. Beautiful day. Merrill went to Men’s meeting in evening. Only he and Wayne there.

Diary Entry for 3/8/1993

Nice spring like day. Jim, Sue, and Ashley (Charabois) here for supper. Jolie called twice.

Diary Entry for 3/9/1993

Jolie, Shawn Michael, and Larry Beach here for dinner. Left early as Jolie remembered an appointment with lawyer. Gary B’s last treatment.

Diary Entry for 3/10/1993

Dr. Stark, 1 PM. First time I’ve seen him. Everything okay. Blood pressure 124/82 weight 151. Got brown purse at Woolworth’s. Couldn’t get diary. Saw Madeline Miles.

Diary Entry for 3/11/1993

Went for groceries in AM. Nice sunny day. Merrill went over to see Gary. He finished his treatments Tuesday.

Diary Entry for 3/12/1993

-0° overnight. Steve T here for supper. He was working at Fort Drum teaching 17 workers. Big snow storm on way on Eastern Seaboard.

Diary Entry for 3/13/1993

Church. Terrible storm on Eastern seaboard. Worse in PM and evening. Washed. Merrill cleaned oven and floors. Jim worked 12 hours, 8 PM to 7 AM.

Diary Entry for 3/14/1993

North country in state of emergency. Ban on driving. Everything at stand still. Called Jolie. Wanda L called. Linda cleaned out our driveway. Gary was over. I called Ken’s and Vern. Don alone. Juanita at her sister’s.

Diary Entry for 3/15/1993

Jolie goes to court about getting custody of baby Shawn. Terrible blizzard of ‘93. Much improved. Over 100 people died in it. Jolie called. Shawn has baby every other week. Friday 6 PM until Sunday 6 PM.

Diary Entry for 3/16/1993

Warmer, thawing, and raining in evening. Gilenda here with our Girl Scout cookies, $2.50 a box.

Diary Entry for 3/17/1993

I made cheese cake. Merrill took some to Belile’s.

Diary Entry for 3/18/1993

Down to -21° over night. Sunny day, in the 20’s. .

Diary Entry for 3/19/1993

Vern called in AM. They are coming Sunday . Also Steve’s. Called Jim in evening, 11:15 at work. We went for groceries in PM. Great day. Warmer and sunny, 30°.

Diary Entry for 3/20/1993

Merrill went to dump. He cleaned the floors. I washed clothes. Got stuff ready for tomorrow. Merrill spent PM with Bill Mowers while Vi went to city shopping.

Diary Entry for 3/21/1993

Vern, June, Bea, Jim, Jolie, Shawn Michael, and Larry B here for birthday dinner. June brought delicious casserole and birthday cake. Merrill went to church, 56 out. Party for U & S (?) Haggerty, 1-5 PM, Croghan.

Diary Entry for 3/22/1993

Merrill’s 84th birthday. Beulah called. Cha was over. Gladys, Gloria, and Joel called Merrill. Jim, Sue, and Ashley here for supper. Merrill got lots of cards. I called Vern’s in evening. I made appointment for Merrill with Dr. Sherman, April 5, 1 PM.

Diary Entry for 3/23/1993

Lazy day. Slept most of day. Merrill feeling better.

Diary Entry for 3/24/1993

A great day. I went to Rebekah’s, 10 there. I stopped taking arthritis pills for awhile so to see how I feel without them.

Diary Entry for 3/25/1993

Had car inspected, $10.00. Went out to Don’s. He was cleaning out snow. Shopped at K-Mart, old store. Got battery for my watch, $3.17. A nice sunny, warm day.

Diary Entry for 3/26/1993

We went for groceries in AM. I’m tired today. Very lame.

Diary Entry for 3/27/1993

Merrill washed car. I washed. Dried them outside. Merrill cleaned floors. Vern called in AM. Merrill saw a robin for first this spring.

Diary Entry for 3/28/1993

We went to church, 61 out. Nice service. New family there, Mr. and Mrs. Larson and 2 children. Bill and Vi’s 57th anniversary.

Diary Entry for 3/29/1993

Nice day, 52°, but not much sun. Merrill still having kidney and bowel trouble. I sent first order to Beautiful Visions for makeup.

Diary Entry for 3/30/1993

Dr. Kayani, 2:15 PM. All okay. He increased strength of Naptazane. Dr. Scanlon’s nurse, Beryl, is working there now also. Shopped at Pharmhouse. I’m very sore and tired tonight.

Diary Entry for 3/31/1993

I had bad nosebleed in morning when I got up.