Monthly Archives: May 1973

Diary Entry for 5/1/1973

UMW at CEC. Ruth Porter as guest. A very enlightening meeting on the new UMW set up. 20 out to meeting. Jim, Pat and Jolie here for PM and supper. Rainy.

Diary Entry for 5/2/1973

Warm. Rainy in PM and evening. I washed clothes. Merrill and Boots went to Mills. Marie Gleason and Jamie Schell picked for Ottawa 4-H trip, 18th-19th.

Diary Entry for 5/3/1973

Boots and I went after groceries. Stopped at Leah’s. Left $5 check for Aynes. Cooler and rainy. Marguerite B called in evening. 32 people arrested in Oswego drug raid.

Diary Entry for 5/4/1973

Raining in morning but cleared later on. Sun out in PM. Got 130 gal of gas in tank @ 34 cents. Merrill cleaned inside of car. Cleaned house. Washed Merrill’s work clothes. Washed my hair.

Diary Entry for 5/5/1973

WSCS Conference at Bethany Church. Leah and I drove Willabelle went along. Ruth Eg went with me. 8 from Philadelphia went. Very nice lunch and meeting. Bishop Yeakel guest speaker. Cold. Doris and Aunt Maude went to Canada.

Diary Entry for 5/6/1973

We went to church. Nice day. We went to Aunt Keitha’s in PM. She has trailer at Marion’s Restaurant on Clayton Road now. I talked with Vi about PNG’s going to McCormick’s in June. Aunt M and Doris came home from Canada.

Diary Entry for 5/7/1973

Nice day. Merrill bought 100 bales of hay at $.50 from Payne’s. We mowed the lawns. New lawn mower works great. I washed kitchen window and curtains.

Diary Entry for 5/8/1973

Cooler and cloudy. I went to Bible Study with Ruth. A huge limb blew off tree by living room Our oldest tree.

Diary Entry for 5/9/1973

Rebekah’s Neighbor’s night. 48 present. Kids entertained. Played “Sorry About That” I helped set up tables at church. Rainy all day. Washed my hair. Started cutting up tree limb. Patty called. They have flu.

Diary Entry for 5/10/1973

Got letter and card from June and Vern. Mother and Daughter Banquet. I took Lorraine Hall. 98 present at covered dish supper, 6:30. Grand program. Jim and Pat’s 4th anniversary. Sent Mother’s Day cards and notes. Merrill cut up rest of tree limb. Bob P cut some with chain saw.

Diary Entry for 5/11/1973

We went to city to pay for feed. Called Jim’s. He went to doctor. Got 8 pieces of white plastic fence @ 59 cents. Dawn over in evening. Rainy and colder. Merrill and I took tables and chairs back to fire hall. Got basket for dish washer.

Diary Entry for 5/12/1973

Rain off and on. Merrill built fence along road. Bought two pizza’s from Esther. Benefit ARC.

Diary Entry for 5/13/1973

Mother’s Day. We went to church. Lazy day. Cold and cloudy all day. Vern’s went to Rochester today. Jim had to work. Called Mom in evening. Aunt Esther coming good.

Diary Entry for 5/14/1973

Circle G meeting, Marilyn Compus. 5 G’s and 4 B’s there. Next meeting June 11 at CEC. IOOF had meeting. 7 there. Lodge meeting next Monday night. Sent Patty card and $5 for her birthday.

Diary Entry for 5/15/1973

Pat’s birthday. 26. They were here for supper. Rainy some. Merrill mowed front lawn. I went to Bible Study. I drove. Ruth didn’t go.

Diary Entry for 5/16/1973

A beautiful day. Merrill finished mowing lawns. He got stuck in pasture with tractor in PM. I started cleaning house. Washed living room walls and woodwork. Cleaned kitchen cupboards and oven in evening.

Diary Entry for 5/17/1973

1 inch of snow in Syracuse. Snow flurries here. Raining all day. Watched first day of Watergate hearings by senators on TV. Waxed living room floor. Washed dining room curtains and windows. Put green draperies in Jim’s room. Went to Philadelphia for groceries. Merrill went to Mills to pay feed bill.

Diary Entry for 5/18/1973

4-H Ottawa trip, 7 AM. Marie and Jamie go on it. Raining again all day long. Merrill bought 100 more bales of hay from Payne’s @.50. He drawed one load. I ironed living room curtains and did ironing. Baked cupcakes, cookies and rhubarb and berry pie. Snow in many places. School closed in Boonville, Utica.

Diary Entry for 5/19/1973

Gave Boots worm kills. Food sale Confirmation class, cookies and cup cakes. They made good on it. Boots and I went to Philadelphia in morning. I made over bedroom curtains in both rooms upstairs. Dyed bedspreads and rugs. Washed quilts. Washed my hair.

Diary Entry for 5/20/1973

Got Jim’s green striped sheets for anniversary. Sun out today. Sure is great. Didn’t last long. Raining by noon. Rained all day. We went to Weston’s in PM. Got shower curtain and window curtain for bathroom. Stopped at Pearl Hoteling’s, Merrill’s cousin. Aunt Cora at Edna’s. Edna is in hospital.

Diary Entry for 5/21/1973

Rainy. Wrote Uncle Berl. IOOF Meeting. Merrill went. I cleaned laundry room. Also washed bedroom curtains. Cleaned silverware in evening. Pat and Jim called. Jolie had x-ray on her leg yesterday.

Diary Entry for 5/22/1973

Patty’s Pearl Party. I didn’t go to it. PNG’s at Hall. 16 out. Nice time. Vivian, Lois L and Minnie W on committee. I went to Bible Study with Ruth. Only one more until fall.

Diary Entry for 5/23/1973

Rebekah’s. I went. Some went to Igloo after Lodge. A beautiful day. Merrill mowed all three lawns. They look great. I weeded Iris. Put up new lawn fence, white plastic. Got plants up from cellar. Turned the cows out for first time this year, days and nights.

Diary Entry for 5/24/1973

We went to play at school “Deadwood Dick” Larry Patchen and men spray painted house roof. We gave him $55 for his work. We used 5 gallon of Agway paint, total $69.75. Got letter from June. Boots and I went to bank and grocery store. Merrill put dirt on flowers. Betty Haggerty went to hospital.

Diary Entry for 5/25/1973

Merrill went to auction at Ogdensburg with Pat B. Wrote Vern’s. Talked with Aunt Maude and Marguerite B. Marguerite’s daughter had brain tumor operation at 1 today. There is a leak thru the kitchen ceiling from the bathroom sink.

Diary Entry for 5/26/1973

Washed my hair. Gave Boots a bath. Cloudy day off and on. Rained in evening. We planted glads and dahlias. Went to Theresa for plants. Took them to cemetery. Set some by flag pole. Got wire fence at Seaway.

Diary Entry for 5/27/1973

Mom called in morning. Marg went to hospital Wednesday. We didn’t go to church. Went out home for dinner. Mom came home with us. Stopped at hospital to see Marg. She is some better. Art and Doris here in evening.

Diary Entry for 5/28/1973

Rained all day. We went up to Uncle Len’s in PM. Betty coming good. She got home from Mercy Hospital Friday, Memorial day. Betty’s 69th birthday today.

Diary Entry for 5/29/1973

I have had glaucoma for three year since I found out. Last Bible Study until fall. I didn’t go. Leslie, Grace and Mother T here for supper and all night. Jim, Pat and Jolie here for supper also. Gave them anniversary gift, sheets. Washed clothes. Washed Mom’s hair.

Diary Entry for 5/30/1973

Howard and Evelyn’s 21st anniversary. Leslie, Grace and Mother T left about 10 AM. Were going to stop at Rodman cemetery. Merrill’s leg is bothering him, arthritis.

Diary Entry for 5/31/1973

Raining. Sent Jim’s cards to Edna Hoskey and Aunt Cora. Boots and I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Made donuts. Merrill had bad leg. Nora, Linda, and Ken L and Lorraine here in evening. Joyce called to ask me to be Pres. of UMW. Said I would for 1 year.