Yearly Archives: 1990

Diary Entry for 1/1/1990

Lancaster’s 2-4 nice party. Landau’s, Lesters, Mary K and us. good to have it warmer. Sackets bus in slight accident in North Carolina. No one hurt. They got home tonight at 11 PM.

Diary Entry for 1/2/1990

We took down Christmas decorations. Washed dark clothes. Wrote Vern and June. Part of Sackets band members sick with flu. Warmer but windy. Got tax notice, $370.03.

Diary Entry for 1/3/1990

Art Hall’s funeral at Gouverneur. We went. Stopped at Debby’s. She has a nice house. Sunny and warm. Stopped at store. Ate at McDonalds.

Diary Entry for 1/4/1990

Went for groceries in AM. Sent Ken birthday card and note. Arthur Shawcross, 44 arrested in Rochester as serial killer. He killed Karen Hill and Jack Blake 10, in 1972 in Watertown.

Diary Entry for 1/5/1990

Much warmer. Sunny, 32°. Merrill put wood down cellar. Aunt Maude fell and broke her hip this morning.

Diary Entry for 1/6/1990

Ken’s 70th birthday. Washed clothes. Lyla called in evening. Aunt Maude fell and broke her hip. She is in Mercy Hospital. They operated yesterday to replace broken bone.

Diary Entry for 1/7/1990

We went to Sunday School 34. Collin here in PM with Benevolent report. Jim called from the mall. Their colds are better. Jill is getting braces on her teeth, $2500.

Diary Entry for 1/8/1990

A great day. Washed table clothes and blankets. Lyla and Kathy here. Were out walking. Lois Burns brought check for apportionments. Sent it in. Sent in American Agriculture 1 year subscription. Aunt Maude doing okay.

Diary Entry for 1/9/1990

Cloudy but warm. Sammy happy that Chomsun gets home tomorrow night. She called them last night. Wrote Aunt Maude.

Diary Entry for 1/10/1990

Rebekah’s at 2 PM. I didn’t go. Cha’s went to Syracuse airport in evening to pick up Mrs. Cha from Korea.

Diary Entry for 1/11/1990

Snowing. We went for groceries in the morning. We miss Sammy coming.

Diary Entry for 1/12/1990

Dr. Siegel 10 AM. Everything okay. Snowing some. Worse in PM. We got home at 12:15. Got 24 cleaner bags, $21.30. Double in price of last ones we bought.

Diary Entry for 1/13/1990

Cold overnight. Washed clothes. Merrill cleaned floors. Merrill went to Sixberrys. Electrolux man here, Henry Watts, to check my cleaner (free). Called Lyla in evening. Aunt Maude about the same.

Diary Entry for 1/14/1990

Gladys 80th birthday. Merrill called her in evening. They are fine. We went to Sunday School 40, and church 27. I called Juanita in PM. All well out that way but Roberta. She has an infection.

Diary Entry for 1/15/1990

Martin Luther King’s Holiday. Merrill went to store for milk. No school, mail, but Times went.

Diary Entry for 1/16/1990

Trustee meeting, 7:30. Wayne Huntress, treasurer. Merrill resigned as trustee chairman. Bob Boscheck new one. Fog in morning. School delayed 2 hours. Washed dark clothes. Also some of our dark dress clothes.

Diary Entry for 1/17/1990

Called S Jackson. He was going to FHA. Hrabcheck had agree we signed (?). Sent June R note to come see us. Got letter from Beulah M.

Diary Entry for 1/18/1990

Beulah Congdon’s 78th birthday. Sunny but getting colder.

Diary Entry for 1/19/1990

We went for groceries in AM.

Diary Entry for 1/20/1990

Washed clothes. June Ridsdale called. Merrill cleaned floors. Darcy and Brent Toomey here in PM.

Diary Entry for 1/21/1990

We went to Sunday School 43, and church 42. Mrs. Muffit and 3 girls in church for first. Cold and snowy day. Jim Collins in hospital in Syracuse with brain tumor

Diary Entry for 1/22/1990

Jim on police force 22 years today. Wrote Roberta. Also Jim Collins at Upstate Hospital. Snowing all day. Debby here in PM on way home from doctors.

Diary Entry for 1/23/1990

Administrative Council meeting 7 PM. 12 out. Collin not there as he was sick. Nice today. Much warmer. Tracy and Kerrie Robertson had baby boy. Tracy Joseph Lee born today.

Diary Entry for 1/24/1990

Rebekahs. I went with Ginny. Aldine Tripp very ill with cancer. Windy, cloudy, but warm. We didn’t get Times tonight.

Diary Entry for 1/25/1990

We went for groceries in AM. Paid water bill, $120 for 6 months. Lyla called in evening. Aunt Maude still at hospital. Mildred Moore in room with her. Lyla saw Don and Peggy there.

Diary Entry for 1/26/1990

Paid County Tax, $370.03, 50% off. Cloudy and windy all day.

Diary Entry for 1/27/1990

Warmer, 40°. Washed clothes. Hung them on line outside.

Diary Entry for 1/28/1990

We went to Sunday School 42, and church 43. Windy all night and today. Sunny. Jim, Jill and Joel here for supper. Good to see them. Jolie called in evening.

Diary Entry for 1/29/1990

Cloudy and snowy in PM and evening. Lots of snow and accidents south of city.

Diary Entry for 1/30/1990

Beautiful out. Trees covered with snow. Sunny part of PM. Merrill used snow blower. 6 inches of snow fell. Sent application for tax cut to John Kiechle. He will give it to new assessor when appointed.

Diary Entry for 1/31/1990

Sunny and warm, 40°. Ordered hand soap from Adam Matteson, $4.00, March 1.

Diary Entry for 2/1/1990

UMW at parsonage. Week of Prayer and Self Denial. 9 there including Collin. Raining in PM. Got HEAP check of $340.00

Diary Entry for 2/2/1990

We went for groceries in AM. Ground Hog Day. Cloudy all day. Snowy in PM and evening.

Diary Entry for 2/3/1990

Rev. Collin’s birthday, 31 years. I washed clothes. Sunny and cold today. Down to 0° over night. Made cake and cupcakes. Vi called in evening to say Charlie House, 40 and Chris Acheson, 21 both committed suicide today.

Diary Entry for 2/4/1990

We went to Sunday School 41, and church 48. Communion. Collin had good sermon about the two Philadelphia suicides. It’s so sad. I called for food for House funeral. Snowy in AM but sunny in PM. Vern called in evening. All are well.

Diary Entry for 2/5/1990

Took UMW food to House family. Joyce and Margaret brought their food here.

Diary Entry for 2/6/1990

40° and mostly cloudy. We went to city to see Aunt Maude. She’s very mixed up today. Don and Peggy Moore there. Mildred not good today.

Diary Entry for 2/7/1990

Another great day. 47°. Merrill went to church for papers and to put in candles. Lula called. She is going to be a great grandma (Scott and Kristen Kanity).

Diary Entry for 2/8/1990

We went for groceries inx AM. Another great day. In the 50’s. Wrote Karen and Bob. Made chocolate chip cookies and roast beef.

Diary Entry for 2/9/1990

I made chili and layer cake (bazaar) Dark cloudy day. Washed clothes. Aunt Maude moved to Madonna Hall today.

Diary Entry for 2/10/1990

A good turnout and good lunch. Got a lot done at church and parsonage. About 25 worked.

Diary Entry for 2/11/1990

We went to Sunday School 45, and church 54. The most of yesterday’s workers in church. Church looks nice. Sunny but cold. Made $339 on food sale. Lyla called. They moved Aunt Maude to Madonna Hall on Friday.

Diary Entry for 2/12/1990

I sent Joel card, note, and money. Also wrote Beulah M.

Diary Entry for 2/13/1990

Joel’s 14th birthday. Warm in the 50’s. Washed colored clothes. Raining in evening.

Diary Entry for 2/14/1990

Rebekah’s. 9 of us there. A nice day but cold.

Diary Entry for 2/15/1990

Snowy and wintery. We went for groceries in AM. Sent Jill card, note, and money. Got tax refund check $273.00.

Diary Entry for 2/16/1990

Sleet storm over night. Everything icy this morning.

Diary Entry for 2/17/1990

Snowy morning. Washed clothes. Debby here on way home from Don’s. Donnie has left for Fort Knox Kentucky. Ethan not back to work yet from car accident.

Diary Entry for 2/18/1990

Cold and sunny -10° over night. We went to Sunday School 43, and church 51. Warmed up in PM.

Diary Entry for 2/19/1990

President’s Day. Jill’s 15th birthday.