Monthly Archives: March 1951

Diary Entry for 3/1/1951

Painted woodwork in bedroom. Merrill painted ceiling. I went to 4th home nursing lesson. Vernon got up some today. Got letter from Carl.

Diary Entry for 3/2/1951

Vernon feeling better. I was sick in bed in PM. Started papering bedroom. But was sick & couldn’t finish.

Diary Entry for 3/3/1951

Elmer was married today. We finished papering bedroom. Put furniture back in bedroom. Waxed bedroom rug. Power off in evening. Sleeting. I still have awful cold.

Diary Entry for 3/4/1951

Merrill, Vernon, & I painted playroom woodwork to ceiling. Ironed in evening. Had pop corn.

Diary Entry for 3/5/1951

Power came on about 11:30 AM after being off 30 hours. Washed & ironed. Started cleaning boys room. Vernon went back to school after being out 1 week. Merrill went to Lodge.

Diary Entry for 3/6/1951

Merrill took calf to sale at Gouverneur. I went with him. I went to Home Bureau at Mary Beebe’s in evening. Merrill took basket to Archie Holmes. Got plastic drop.

Diary Entry for 3/7/1951

Thunder storm & rainy. I don’t feel too good. I went to Grange in evening.

Diary Entry for 3/8/1951

Sent box to Carl in Japan or Korea. I went to 5th home nursing lesson. Nice day.

Diary Entry for 3/9/1951

Sent birthday card to Uncle Berle. I feel awfully tired today.

Diary Entry for 3/10/1951

Uncle Berl’s birthday. We went to city in afternoon. Got new water pail. Ordered 100 baby chicks.

Diary Entry for 3/11/1951

We went out home for dinner. Jim is sick again. Temperature 104°. Kind of cold today but nice.

Diary Entry for 3/12/1951

Washed & ironed. Jim has 3 day measles so has John K, & Dean W. Got letter from Carl. He is still in hospital. Merrill went to Lodge.

Diary Entry for 3/13/1951

Washed windows on outside. Worked at boys room. Jim feeling better.

Diary Entry for 3/14/1951

I went to Lodge. Jerry Hammond’s 5th birthday. Went over to Vi’s & helped plan Easter breakfast.

Diary Entry for 3/15/1951

6th home nursing lesson. I went. Jim is sick in bed again. Merrill put up posters for dance at Theresa & Antwerp.

Diary Entry for 3/16/1951

School let out today for Easter vacation. 3 days early because of flu & measles. Jim feeling a little better.

Diary Entry for 3/17/1951

Snowing today. Jim got up today. Made ice cream in hand freezer.

Diary Entry for 3/18/1951

Jim & I went to church & Sunday School. Jimmy not feeling so good in PM. Merrill is getting the flu.

Diary Entry for 3/19/1951

Merrill is sick in bed with flu. Vernon did chores. Uncle Ray & Ben helped milk in evening. Raining.

Diary Entry for 3/20/1951

Had Dr. Draper for Merrill. I took 3 calves to Gouverneur to sale. Ben helped with chores.

Diary Entry for 3/21/1951

I went to Grange in evening. Merrill feeling better today. Ben helped with chores. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 3/22/1951

Home nursing lesson. 7th. I went with Helen. Solicited for Red Cross. Got $20.00. Merrill’s birthday. (34 years) Made him cake. We gave him pipe. Merrill did chores today.

Diary Entry for 3/23/1951

IOOF dance at school house postponed because of Good Friday & so much sickness. I have sore throat. Feel punk. Carlton Ronas was over cleaning grass seed.

Diary Entry for 3/24/1951

Baked pies & cakes. Snowing some & blowing. Cold. Made appointment with foot doctor for Vernon. [Probably regarding hammer toe.]

Diary Entry for 3/25/1951

Easter Sunday. I helped on Easter Breakfast. Only about 50 there. We went out home for dinner. Uncle Berle was there.

Diary Entry for 3/26/1951

Bill Mowers birthday. (35 years?) Vernon’s appointment with Dr. Bleibtrey at 1:30. We all went to city. Merrill went to Lodge.

Diary Entry for 3/27/1951

Worked at boys room. Went over to Mrs. Hagan’s in morning.

Diary Entry for 3/28/1951

Lodge entertained the IOOF. We all went. Boys went to show. Treasure Island. Painted boys bedroom.

Diary Entry for 3/29/1951

Home nursing lesson. 8th. I went with Helen. Got our Red Cross home nursing book. $.60. Haven’t felt good all day. Terrible headache.

Diary Entry for 3/30/1951

Feeling better today. Worked at boys room. Baked. Got letter from Mother Tryon. Elmer was married March 3 to Melba Hazelwood.

Diary Entry for 3/31/1951

Painted ceiling in boys room. Baked & cleaned.