Monthly Archives: January 1950

Diary Entry for 1/1/1950

New Year’s Day 1950. Boys & I went to Sunday School. We all went to church. Very warm. Just like spiring.

Diary Entry for 1/2/1950

Rainy. Washed. Went out home for dinner. Marg, Grandpa, & Don were there. Merrill went to Lodge in evening.

Diary Entry for 1/3/1950

Boys go back to school after Xmas vacation. W.S.C.S. at Myrtle Duff’s. I went over awhile. Merrill worked on Grange tables. Rainy & warm. Sent for coat.

Diary Entry for 1/4/1950

Leah & I went to city. Got new house coat. We all went to Grange. Used new flag & staffs for first time. Very warm. (60°-70°)

Diary Entry for 1/5/1950

Made cake for Grange Chamber of Commerce supper. Gave third sewing lesson to group in PM. Helped with Grange supper. Worked in dining room. Colder. Mrs. Rudes died today.

Diary Entry for 1/6/1950

Ken’s birthday. Snowing & cold. Merrill worked on Grange tables.

Diary Entry for 1/7/1950

Snow plow was over today. First time for over a month. Merrill finished Grange tables. 6 of them. Dressed two chickens. Merrill started making me a sewing screen.

Diary Entry for 1/8/1950

Very cold. 15° below zero last night. We didn’t go to Sunday School or church. Was too cold to get truck started. Merrill & I went to Mrs. Rudes funeral at church.

Diary Entry for 1/9/1950

Washed clothes & ironed. Gave myself shampoo. Went skiing with Jim. Merrill went to Lodge. Mack Carey died today of heart attack. 81 years old.

Diary Entry for 1/10/1950

Merrill & I went to city. Vi went with us. Grange card party in evening. I took over candy to sell for Juvenile Grange. Rained all day.

Diary Entry for 1/11/1950

4th sewing lesson for PM group at Nellie Thibault’s. Went to Lodge in evening. Nice day. Painted two of Grange tables.

Diary Entry for 1/12/1950

Mack Carey funeral this morning. Didn’t go. Sewing lesson #3 at Helen Kiechle’s for evening group. Bob Hagan paid $15.00 on calf he got last May. Merrill & boys went to Minstrel show at theater. Mother & Dad Tryon here in evening. W.S.C. S. Benefit.

Diary Entry for 1/13/1950

Went to city to see about lime. Got new pocketbook. Went out home. Took them apples. Merrill practiced darts in evening. Friday the 13th.

Diary Entry for 1/14/1950

Awfully windy. 75 mile winds. Did a lot of damage. Telephone out of order. Power off from 11:50 PM until 11:30 next day.

Diary Entry for 1/15/1950

Telephone partly working. Power came back on at 11:30 AM. Boys & I went to Sunday School & church. We all went for drive in PM to see wind storm damage.

Diary Entry for 1/16/1950

Sent in income tax return. Went over to Esther’s to help plan IOOF installation supper. Merrill went to Lodge.Washed & ironed.

Diary Entry for 1/17/1950

Grange meeting at city. I didn’t go. Les Scrimager was here about lime. Mrs. Kiechle was over. Baked. Merrill painted rest of Grange stands. Rebekah’s drill practice. Called Mom. Wind did a lot of damage out there.

Diary Entry for 1/18/1950

Quite cold. We all went to Grange. Used Grange tables for first. Got home at 11:30. Mom called & said it was too windy to work on barn. Uncle Ray’s have new black truck.

Diary Entry for 1/19/1950

Merrill & I went out home. Merrill helped Dad on barn. Vernon & I went to Minstrel show. (W.S.C.S.) Very good.

Diary Entry for 1/20/1950

Sewing lesson #5 for PM group at Mabel Chapin’s. Merrill helped Lawson saw up tree at church. Boys got hair cuts.

Diary Entry for 1/21/1950

Very cold. Merrill, Jim, & I went up to Uncle Len’s with Peron Kiechle. No snow on ground.

Diary Entry for 1/22/1950

Cloudy all day. Didn’t go to church. Uncle Ray & Aunt Maude was over in evening.

Diary Entry for 1/23/1950

IOOF installation. Merrill was installed as Noble Grand. I worked on kitchen committee for supper. Boys stayed home alone. Washed clothes. Made cake for Lodge supper. Mrs. hardy’s mother, Mrs. Helmer, died today.

Diary Entry for 1/24/1950

Terrible sleet storm all day. Warmer at night.

Diary Entry for 1/25/1950

Grand day. Merrill & I went to city & got truck license & groceries. Went to Lodge in evening.

Diary Entry for 1/26/1950

Raining. Went to 4th sewing lesson for evening group at Thelma Hagan’s. Finished up sewing lessons. Nice time.

Diary Entry for 1/27/1950

Merrill made fire place. Finished up sewing screen. Vernon made drapery cranes.

Diary Entry for 1/28/1950

Baked cake & cookies. Vernon made set of andirons from wood. Got letter from Pauline Plato.

Diary Entry for 1/29/1950

Very warm today. Didn’t go to church. Vern finished painting Grange tables.

Diary Entry for 1/30/1950

Went out to Uncle Berle’s, Marg’s, Dad’s & Tryon’s. Uncle Berle planned to move today but Carl Scee didn’t come. Merrill conducted his first Lodge meeting as Noble Grand.

Diary Entry for 1/31/1950

Wrote Pauline P. & Marg. Snowing today. Grange card party but we didn’t go. Painted fire place. Quite cold. Snowed about 3 inches.