Monthly Archives: January 1985

Diary Entry for 1/1/1985

Sleeting in morning. Slippery. Warmer in PM. Marty was over. Brought suet for birds. Watched parades. I have blood in my urine this morning again. I wasn’t dressed all day. Flooding real bad. Roads closed.

Diary Entry for 1/4/1985

I have a back ache. We cleaned stove. Rev. Salisbury here in evening with copy of her report to conference. Excellent report. Vi and Aunt Maude called. Also, Helen Dimon. Sent Ken card and letter.

Diary Entry for 1/9/1985

PPR meeting, Philadelphia, 6:30 PM. Talked about Rev. Salisbury getting ordained in June. A very nice meeting. I attended. Aunt Maude goes to Dr. Ebbels today. I have diarrhea again. Very cold all day. Below zero.

Diary Entry for 1/19/1985

Snowing hard and colder. First time to take garbage to town barn, 9-12. Viola Drake’s funeral. Terrible stormy all day. Washed clothes. Very stormy in evening. Bad other places too. Very cold and windy.

Diary Entry for 1/24/1985

Snowing hard all day. No school. Merrill plowed out driveway with Belile’s blower. Paro’s got us milk at store. Merrill went for groceries at supper time. Got 2 papers, Mail. Darcy was over.

Diary Entry for 1/25/1985

Snowing again today. No school. Cathy brought over two loads of wash. Her machine not working. Horton’s took our snow blower to Sixberry. Merrill went with them. Vern and June called in evening. Good to hear from them. Dan has been accepted at Oswego College.

Diary Entry for 1/26/1985

Much colder, 12°, but sunny. Merrill cleaned floors. I washed clothes. Leslie called. Storming hard in Wolcott. Hal Mark Hall and Kimberly Ann Yeardon married at Gouverneur United Methodist Church.

Diary Entry for 1/27/1985

Snowing again. We went to Sunday School and church, 60 out. Snowed all day. Audrey called to say Jim’s wouldn’t be out. Jeep is broke down. Left car out in driveway. I had diarrhea bad in evening.

Diary Entry for 1/28/1985

Sunny day. Administrative Council. Harry’s first meeting at 7:30. Good meeting and good Trustee Meeting at 8:30 at parsonage. Dr. Siegel at 1 PM. Infection is cleared. I’m to have X-rays Wednesday. Aunt Maude went to House of Good Samaritan Hospital in evening.

Diary Entry for 1/30/1985

X-rays at 8:45. They found kidney stone from pyelogram. We visited Aunt Maude at hospital. She is coming good. June R here in evening. Also Marty. I feel horrid. I didn’t get any rest last night. Lots of cramps in my legs.

Diary Entry for 1/31/1985

Paid taxed, $476.75. Wrote Vern’s. 2 years ago the Eagle Hotel burned. There is a new fire barn there this year. Snowed off and on all day. Darcy, Joey here selling scout cookies. I called Barb Delles. Her mother died this week. I wasn’t dressed all day.