Monthly Archives: August 1959

Diary Entry for 8/1/1959

Cooler today. Jim & I went to city. Merrill combined at Kettles. Merrill got hair cut at Antwerp in evening. Froze beans. Washed.

Diary Entry for 8/2/1959

Worked all day. Made myself dress.

Diary Entry for 8/3/1959

Fran & I went to green Stamp store. I got paper rack. Merrill still at Kettles.

Diary Entry for 8/4/1959

Rained so W.S.C.S. canceled ice cream social. Lois, Margaret, & girls, were here in evening. Sent ironing home with Lois.

Diary Entry for 8/5/1959

Rained about all day. Jim went to Gouverneur with Lynn.

Diary Entry for 8/6/1959

Rained. A little boy was killed on High Street by 7-Up truck.

Diary Entry for 8/7/1959

Got 27 piece milk glass punch bowl set at Wilbur’s. $3.99. Got my hair cut & set at Mills. Jim hot hair cut.

Diary Entry for 8/8/1959

Jim went to city with Rudes kids. Merrill & I went to Avon to see South Pacific. Very good.

Diary Entry for 8/9/1959

Rained. Irene & Roy Foley were here. June & Mr. & Mrs. Gehm were here in PM. Power went off.

Diary Entry for 8/10/1959

Raining. Rose D. went back to work. Also Angie.

Diary Entry for 8/11/1959

Still raining. Took Jim & Marty swimming to Crystal. Got oil changed at Mercer’s.

Diary Entry for 8/12/1959

Merrill went to Art’s to combine. Did big wash in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/13/1959

Hot & Muggy. Merrill & I went to Gouverneur Fair. Carmel Quinn was there. Huge crowd. Merrill combined at Art’s.

Diary Entry for 8/14/1959

Very hot & muggy. Merrill combined at Art Haggerty’s. Fran & I went downtown at noon. Jim drawed oats for Hall’s.

Diary Entry for 8/15/1959

Jim worked at kettles. Merrill finished combining at Art Haggerty’s. Washed. Hot. I have headache. Jim went to fair with Hall’s.

Diary Entry for 8/16/1959

Very hot. Marry Hall & girls were here in PM.

Diary Entry for 8/17/1959

Stormed during night. Still muggy today. Wrote Mom.

Diary Entry for 8/18/1959

June called Vernon. Is coming Friday. Got bushel of peaches. $2.75.

Diary Entry for 8/19/1959

Jennie’s 59th birthday. Gave her alligator bag. Joyce Graham rode home. Merrill put roof on Gonyea barn.

Diary Entry for 8/20/1959

Hot. Merrill combined at Gonyea’s

Diary Entry for 8/21/1959

June came on 7:00 bus for weekend. Fireman’s convention ends. Broke water fountain on square.

Diary Entry for 8/22/1959

Nice. Vern didn’t work today.

Diary Entry for 8/23/1959

June left on 5:00 bus. Nice today. Marty stayed over night. Took Jim & Marty swimming.

Diary Entry for 8/24/1959

Rained all night. Joyce G. rode today. Froze 6 packages of corn. Freeman Thibault left for Texas job.

Diary Entry for 8/25/1959

Clara & Glenn Wallace’s 50th anniversary. Saw George & Nelda P. in city. Joined Norton girls club. $2.00. Made appointment for perm Friday. Alice Covey’s brother-in-law died on Factory Square today.

Diary Entry for 8/26/1959

Helen Dickson’s anniversary, 23 years. Went swimming in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/27/1959

Got letter from Mom. Wants us to come out Sunday.

Diary Entry for 8/28/1959

Got perm. $10.00 at Harriet’s. Palmer’s, Eleanor, Roberta, & Brenda came at 4:00.

Diary Entry for 8/29/1959

Eleanor, kids, & I, went to Gouverneur in AM and to Crystal in PM. Hot. Eleanor & Roberta went home in evening. Brenda stayed all night.

Diary Entry for 8/30/1959

Had our family together at Dad’s for picnic before Vernon leaves for Maryland. Ken’s, Don’s, Dad’s, & us.

Diary Entry for 8/31/1959

Hot. Rose LeClair came home with me. Vernon took car to Gouverneur. Gloria & Roger & family were here in AM.