Monthly Archives: September 1945

Diary Entry for 09/01/1945

Rained. Went to Lacona & Mannsville in PM. Got bushel peaches $4.50. Buck Bates barn burned in evening. We went up to it.

Diary Entry for 09/02/1945

Jimmy’s birthday. Had birthday cake with 2 candles. Went to Dad’s & Ellisburg. Went up to Bates on way home. Got tomatoes.

Diary Entry for 09/03/1945

Labor Day. Went to Adams in PM. Canned peaches. Broke my glasses. Stopped at Aunt Mildred’s. Johnny Damedio was here in evening.

Diary Entry for 09/04/1945

School starts. Johnny Damedio is new bus driver. Washed. Canned 20 quarts tomatoes. Vernon got home at noon.

Diary Entry for 09/05/1945

Wrote to Marion. Mary S. came over. Brought me top for quilt she pieced. Dot was here. baked.

Diary Entry for 09/06/1945

Finished haying. Got card from Hogans. Feeling punk. Dot was down. Aunt Mildred called. Grandma is worse.

Diary Entry for 09/07/1945

Sent card to Mom & Hagans. Vernon went up to Mary’s in PM. Vernon only had to go to school half day. Teacher’s conferences. Grandma died at 10:00 in city hospital. Got my glasses. Merrill,Vernon, Jimmy went to Lacona in evening.

Diary Entry for 09/08/1945

Aunt M. Called in morning about Gram. Not feeling very good. Merrill went to Lorraine & over home in evening.

Diary Entry for 09/09/1945

Went over home. I got dinner as Mom had gone to Philadelphia.

Diary Entry for 09/10/1945

Grandma’s funeral. We went out with Uncle Berle. Jimmy stayed at Barkers. I was sick when I got home.

Diary Entry for 09/11/1945

Still not feeling very good. Dot took me down to Dr. Reeds. I weigh 141. Sent letter to Chellis’ about glasses.

Diary Entry for 09/12/1945

Wrote Aunt Mildred. Washed clothes. Baked cookies & pie. Sent order to Wards. Cut grain.

Diary Entry for 09/13/1945

Canned 7 quarts corn & 7 pints shell beans. They finished reaping grain.

Diary Entry for 09/14/1945

Got 2 new tires & 1 tube. Got dress pattern. Wrote Marg. Rainy. Went to Lacona. Came home by Dad’s but they were to bed.

Diary Entry for 09/15/1945

Dot was down. Got electric thing for radio. Roasted chicken for dinner. Gave Barkers rooster. Went over home in evening. Oren gave us meat.

Diary Entry for 09/16/1945

Mom, Dad, Eleanor & Ken were up for dinner. Merrill dug potatoes. Pretty poor crop.

Diary Entry for 09/17/1945

Washed clothes. Jimmy & I went up to Barkers in PM. Drove car. Sent letter to telephone company & Mrs. Hagan.

Diary Entry for 09/18/1945

Raining hard all day. Went to Mannsville in PM. Got Vernon pants, Merrill got boots & oil can. Ironed clothes.

Diary Entry for 09/19/1945

Wrote Angie & sent letters to Magazines about [new] address. Canned mincemeat & got chickens ready to can. Went to Lorraine & over home in evening.

Diary Entry for 09/20/1945

Canned 6 quarts of chicken & 7 pints corn. Got card from Aunt Mildred & letter from telephone company.

Diary Entry for 09/21/1945

Vernon’s birthday. Had the Barkers down for chicken supper. Went to Lacona in evening. Got bushel peaches $3.75. Vernon got card from Angie.

Diary Entry for 09/22/1945

Sent letters to Chellis’ & Mother T. Vernon got card from Mrs. Hammond & Gloria. Dot & Arlene were here.

Diary Entry for 09/23/1945

Bernard Macklin & Leona Stillman. Went out to Philadelphia. Had dinner at Uncle Rays. Took out dishes & canned goods. Took over corn to Mom. Stopped at Aunt Mildred’s on way home.

Diary Entry for 09/24/1945

Raining. Baked pies & cookies. Canned 17 quarts peaches. Thunder storms in evening.

Diary Entry for 09/25/1945

Went over home in evening. Mom gave me squash. Got letters from Marg & Angie. Mrs. Putnam went back to sanitarium the 18th. Went down to Doc. Reeds. Dot went with me. Stopped at Mary’s on way home.

Diary Entry for 09/26/1945

Washed clothes. Nice day. Got 5 chickens ready to can.

Diary Entry for 09/27/1945

Canned 7 quarts chicken. Got 5 more ready to can. Baked cookies.

Diary Entry for 09/28/1945

Canned 7 quarts chicken. Raining. Canned 7 pints swiss chard. Went to Lacona in evening for groceries. Dot & Evelyn were here.

Diary Entry for 09/29/1945

Canned 7 cans of green tomato mincemeat. Got rooster ready to roast. Rainy & cold. Made pie.

Diary Entry for 09/30/1945

Took canned stuff to Philly. Stopped at Uncle Ray’s. Left boys at Dad’s. Uncle Berle & Aunt Mildred were here for supper.