Monthly Archives: July 2000

Diary Entry for 7/1/2000

Great day. Sunny. Nice breeze. The bank robber was found and arrested at 2:45 AM. He was a city resident. Police dog followed his scent home. Vern called. They went to visit Jan and Jim. Gone three nights. Jim called. He and Nancy got back from camping at Boonville. Gone since Wednesday night. I called Elgin and Carmi. It’s Dominion Day in Canada today.

Diary Entry for 7/2/2000

A great summer day. I went to see Merrill at 11:30 and spent most of the afternoon with him. He went to Baptist church service at Madonna. Merrill went to Catholic Service in morning. Jim stopped in early evening. Had his bike. Jolie called while he was here to say Esther Lawler died this afternoon. She had cancer.

Diary Entry for 7/3/2000

Cloudy day. Some showers. Vern called about grant papers for Lawyer. I found the paper I called Jim to drop them off. He was in city on his bike. Bill put up a new window shade in my living room. He has more work to do on window The Office of the Aging and also Helen Chisholm called to say she will be here Wednesday about insurance supplement.

Diary Entry for 7/4/2000

A nice sunny day. A quiet day. I talked with Lyla this AM. I wrote some checks to pay some bills.

Diary Entry for 7/5/2000

A great day. Jolie called. Jim called in evening. He’s going to Albany in morning for the weekend. Ally Penrose has a new job there and is getting moved there. Helen Chisholm and another lady here about insurance. Florence and I watched fireworks at part out my bedroom window.

Diary Entry for 7/6/2000

Much colder and cloudy. Jessie here. She went to store for me. I called AARP about insurance. They will send me kit. I made blueberry muffins. Florence tested my oven. It is slow by 25°.

Diary Entry for 7/7/2000

Cool. Sunny. Partly cloudy. Lyla called. I talked with Shawn Michael for a half hour. I didn’t get to talk with Nancy as she was next door. Shawn Michael is so grown up for 8 years.

Diary Entry for 7/8/2000

A great sunny day. Down to 43° overnight. A new record. Elgin, Carmi, and Lyla here for chicken dinner. Cheryl here in PM. WE all went over to see Merrill in PM. He was awake but not talking much. I came home by cab. $2.50. Lyla called at 7 PM to say Elgin called at 7 PM to let her know they got home. Margaret Kiechle called. It’s good to hear some of the Philadelphia news. Jolie left message on answering machine.

Diary Entry for 7/9/2000

Raining all day long. I wrote letter to Clark and Vivian Trice. Jim called in evening. They got back to Adams last night from Vermont. Fred and Marlene went with them from Albany. Sally Penrose starts her new job tomorrow.

Diary Entry for 7/10/2000

No rain today. Jolie’s 29th birthday. I called her in AM. Lyla called in evening. Cheryl’s colonoscopy went well.

Diary Entry for 7/11/2000

A nice sunny day. I washed clothes this morning. A dryer out this week. Last week it was a washer. They need new ones. Watertown Fair starts today. Beverly LaFave Sampson stopped by to see me today. I gave her Merrill’s church keys.

Diary Entry for 7/12/2000

Another great day. Great for the fair. Juanita called. She goes to Mike for a week while they are on vacation. Lyla and Larry here for lunch. They both had appointments at different times. 11 and 2. I got insurance information from AARP. I sent for AARP medical insurance. $90 a month. Medicare cost me $45.50 a month.

Diary Entry for 7/13/2000

A great day. Jessie here to clean. She went to store for me. Her advisor here to check on things. Jim called in morning. He’s working on his houses. He is still trying to buy the house here in city on Haley Street. I called AARP about 6-month delay on insurance. I sent in payment for supplement insurance. Alice F called for prayer chain for her granddaughter Charlemagne. She has had a stroke. She’s 45 years old.

Diary Entry for 7/14/2000

Partly cloudy. I called Para-transit for first time. I’ll go see Merrill tomorrow. Vern called to say the house closing will be Monday PM at one or one thirty. I called Jim. June got a new car today. A white one. Donna Hall Ellis stopped by to see me. Good to see her. I called Ruth Eggleston in PM. I talked with Lyla in evening. Jim and Nancy here in evening. Ruth Eggleston said Barbara Drake and David Cooke are married. Had an outdoor get together at their home on Belile Road.

Diary Entry for 7/15/2000

Rained about all day. I took the Para-transit bus to Genesis for the first time. $2 there and $2 back. Very nice. Nice driver. Merrill very sleepy. Not talking at all. I started back on Evista today to learn if it gives me side affects.

Diary Entry for 7/16/2000

Raining by spells in PM. One real bad lightning and thunder together Fire truck went by on Washington Street. Jim and Nancy here at supper time. Jim put a pedestal fan together to take to Mr. Simmer. Merrill broke his last fall.

Diary Entry for 7/17/2000

A nice sunny day. Cool in morning. No rain. House closing 1 PM. Vern and June came for me. Jim met us at old American Agre (?) Building. Saw Susanne Bonjour for first time. We took check out to Philadelphia bank. It was late so I put most of it on interest account and balance in checking account. Lyla called in evening. I called Nancy Lawler in evening. Florence was in in evening.

Diary Entry for 7/18/2000

Cloudy day. I called Water department, Niagara Mohawk, Insurance etc to cancel things. It will be good to get just one bill for things finally. Kathy from bank called. I gave her a code name (Hanson) I ordered my medicine from Kinney’s and they delivered it in less than a half hour. Lyla called. She had had a call from Elgin and Carmi Bowman. Kathy from Genesis called to say Merrill got tangled up in his curtain and cut his arm.

Diary Entry for 7/19/2000

A cool day. Partly sunny. Hope J went over my new budget with me since I’ve sold the house. I got a cut in my rent of $19. It is $132 now. Jolie called in AM. I called Vi in PM. I made brownies and I gave Florence some.

Diary Entry for 7/20/2000

Still quite cool. The southern states are burning up with heat. Dr. LaPoint’s office called to say my heart ultra sound test was okay. The murmur is caused from a slightly weak heart valve. I’m to take antibiotics before any dental work even teeth cleaning. Jessie here to clean. She went to store for me. Carl Hall, 72, died in Florida. Jim and Nancy brought Shawn about 7 PM. He spent the night with me. We went outside and walked all over.

Diary Entry for 7/21/2000

Rained hard all forenoon. Jolie called in AM. Talked to Shawn. Nancy came for Shawn Michael at 3:30 PM after she got out of work. He wanted to see the other kids. Jim and two other bikers left for Boston at 3:30 PM. Will be back tomorrow night. He called today. Genesis health center has been sold for eleven million dollars. It could have been closed.

Diary Entry for 7/22/2000

Rain in morning. Sunny in PM. 200 Bicentennial celebration of the city of Watertown. I spent 2 hours with Merrill this PM. He is running a slow grade fever. Dr. Perus saw him yesterday. They will check his thyroid Monday. I road Para-transportation bus. I washed clothes when I got home. I called Pauline in evening. She is thinking of selling her house. I called Stones Presbyteranean church. It starts are 10 PM.

Diary Entry for 7/23/2000

I went to Stone Presbyteranean church out back on Chestnut Street for first time. A beautiful church. Not very friendly. Jim called form his dad’s room at Genesis a couple times. He got blades for Merrill’s electric razor. I wrote letter to Gloria and Roger. Vernon called in evening. We talked for an hour.

Diary Entry for 7/24/2000

A great day. Warmer. Janet Cobb stopped in. She was calling on a patient here at Centennial. Carl Kiechle told her I was living here when she called on him at Philadelphia. I talked with Jim and Lyla.

Diary Entry for 7/25/2000

Sunny day. They painted parking line. They put the cars out in back lawn. Robert Redwood Stine, Insurance agent, here for my signature. A Concord plane crashed in Paris killing 113. First time one has crashed ever. It cost 10.000 to fly on one. They are twice the speed of sound. I made appointment for bone density exam.

Diary Entry for 7/26/2000

Cloudy. Alice F called for prayer chain for Lois’s brother still. Alice goes to Dr. Sanni Thursday for her eyes. I called Karen L in evening. Linda Beyette stopped by. Not an official visit. I made macaroni and cheese. Jim called to say he and Nancy are going to Albany today. Will be back tomorrow. Are going to Sally’s. I called Juanita. Today would have been Don’s birthday. Crystal has a lab job in Oswego hospital. She will live in Mexico. I played Pedro in evening for first time here.

Diary Entry for 7/27/2000

Cloudy day, but no rain yet here. I went for walk around the grounds. Jessie here to clean. She went to store for me. Juanita called in AM. I called Para Transit and Shirley for hair appointment. I saw two young men breaking in May Myers car. I called police and they came to investigate. They picked up two men on street.

Diary Entry for 7/28/2000

Partly cloudy. I took Para Transit to Genesis. Merrill not very peppy. Darcie had been to see him and left a note. I called Jim. Also Doris Haggerty. Stuart and Lori are back together. Margaret K called in evening. Cark K had another aneurism operation.

Diary Entry for 7/29/2000

Cloudy. Warm 80°. We got invited to Bill and Tammy’s wedding September 9th in Adams. Elgin and Carmi called in morning. Carmi says they will be over for his birthday, October 3rd. I talked with Lyla. She says folks here have nicknamed me “Hero” because I called the cops. Big deal!

Diary Entry for 7/30/2000

Cloudy in AM Raining in PM. I walked over to Stone Presbyteranean church. Much friendlier than last Sunday. Rev. Ellison Elmer in charge today. He works with Urban Missions. He knows Jim and spoke of the good work he doe. I met Mr. and Mrs. Nash outside as I returned from church. They invited me to go to First Methodist with them next Sunday. They are in the apartment below me.

Diary Entry for 7/31/2000

Raining and humid. Cleared in PM. Paratransit bus picked me up and brought me back at 12 noon. Bone Density test at 10 AM. I had it done at imaging in Woodruff Medical Building. The only other time was in 1998. Same height, 5 foot 5 inches and weight 147. I shopped at $1 store in old Woolworth building. I ordered a pair of tan oxfords at the Avon Store. Also got some wings at Wing Wagon for lunch. A city cop retired, George, was bus driver. His wife owns Guilfoils. A nice guy. Hope thanked me for calling the police the other night.