Monthly Archives: July 1954

Diary Entry for 7/1/1954

Got letter from Vernon. Jim got card. Having grand time. Merrill & Jim drawed hay at Claude’s in PM.

Diary Entry for 7/2/1954

Merrill was at Leah’s all day. Jim, Vi, Martha, & I, went to Adams after strawberries. @.45 a quart at Greco’s. Jim got shoes & hat. Went up home. Stopped at Washington Park. I went to show in evening. Did most of berries at night. Got folder from Vern.

Diary Entry for 7/3/1954

Cheryl, Vickie, & Kathy, were here all day. Flood children were over. Merrill worked at Claude’s all day. Finished strawberries.

Diary Entry for 7/4/1954

Vernon (seniors) got back from New York City on 7:40 train. Had a wonderful trip but very tired. Merrill & I went to church. Jim went with Howard Hall’s to Crystal Lake for picnic. Mrs. Flood Sr. is bad. Had shock.

Diary Entry for 7/5/1954

Froze peas. Men worked at Simonds. Washed clothes. Rained in PM.

Diary Entry for 7/6/1954

Men worked at Simonds. Baked cookies, & cakes. I went to W.S.C.S. at Margaret Waters. Ironed clothes in evening.

Diary Entry for 7/7/1954

Finished ironing shirts. had 12 dress shirts in ironing. Flood kids were here. Men worked at Simonds all day. Froze peas.

Diary Entry for 7/8/1954

Quite cold today. Like fall. Men worked at Simonds. David Rudes came home with Jim for supper. Got letter from Eleanor.

Diary Entry for 7/9/1954

Rained during night. We all went to city. Got white pocketbook.

Diary Entry for 7/10/1954

Men worked at Claude’s. Warmer today. Vern sent for parts to make kitchen light over sink.

Diary Entry for 7/11/1954

Leah & Claude went with us to Grasse Point on picnic. Betty H. Belcher is in hospital.

Diary Entry for 7/12/1954

Cloudy day. Men worked at Claude’s. Sent card to Betty B. & wrote Mom letter. We went to Northside Drive In.

Diary Entry for 7/13/1954

Did big washing & ironing. Men worked at Claude’s. Flood kids were here in evening.

Diary Entry for 7/14/1954

Jean Hanson has baby boy. Had caesarean operation. Baby not good. Past Noble Grands. 9 of us went to Cairds for dinner. Bad hail storm at Philadelphia. Broke windows at Bacon’s. Merrill went to Past Grands at Antwerp. Rained in PM.

Diary Entry for 7/15/1954

Cool day. Men worked all day at Claude’s. Fred & Doris Aynes barn & tenant house burned to ground. We went to fire. Leah & Claude went too.

Diary Entry for 7/16/1954

Cloudy cold day. Couldn’t hay it. Vernon broke his frames for glasses. We went to city. He got new frames. $14.00. Went out home.

Diary Entry for 7/17/1954

Men hayed it all day at Claude’s. Cleaned & baked.

Diary Entry for 7/18/1954

Went up to Claude’s in PM. Drawed hay.

Diary Entry for 7/19/1954

Subscribed toChildren’s Digest for Jim. Minnie Pike & Audrey Miller was here. Washed clothes. Finished haying at Claude’s. Very hot. Got card from Myrtle Duff from Canada.

Diary Entry for 7/20/1954

Started haying here. Claude was here for dinner. Rained hard in PM & evening. Finished ironing.

Diary Entry for 7/21/1954

Hay too wet to rake. Put some in silo chopped. We all went to Theresa in evening. Men got hair cuts.

Diary Entry for 7/22/1954

Leah & I went to Gouverneur. Got Jim overshoes for $2.50. Got 1 pair bed sheets. Quite warm today. Claude was here for dinner. Aunt Cora, Uncle Charlie, & 2 of Edna’s girls were here in evening.

Diary Entry for 7/23/1954

Claude was here for dinner. Merrill broke mowing machine. Real cool in evening. Leah & Claude were here in evening.

Diary Entry for 7/24/1954

Merrill went to Gouverneur for part for mower. Claude was here all day. Leah & Claude in evening. Baked. Made lemonade for picnic.

Diary Entry for 7/25/1954

Merrill, Jim, & I, went to Crystal Lake on Grange picnic. Nice time. Vern stayed home & varnished Grange stands. Rained in PM & evening here.

Diary Entry for 7/26/1954

Claude was here all day. Put hay in silo. Rained in PM. Don’s birthday. Sent him card. Flood kids were over.

Diary Entry for 7/27/1954

Heard locus for first this year. Mom called to say they butchered pig yesterday. Jim & I went out home & stayed all night. Gave Mom & Juanita a Prom. Uncle Ed came & stayed over night with Vern & Merrill. Claude was here.

Diary Entry for 7/28/1954

Jim & I got home about 10:30. Rained during night & all day. Uncle Ed left in evening. Froze the meat & made lard. Froze green beans.

Diary Entry for 7/29/1954

Very hot. Claude was here in PM. Had cucumbers from garden. Loads of them in garden. Some large ones.

Diary Entry for 7/30/1954

Vern took dining room table apart. Too wet to hay it all day. Drawed 2 loads at night. I had headache all day.

Diary Entry for 7/31/1954

Rained hard in morning so couldn’t hay it. Bennett’s were here & brought paint for milk house. Merrill & I went to ice cream social. I went to show with Howard’s. Vern worked on table.