Monthly Archives: February 1954

Diary Entry for 2/1/1954

Gave myself Prom Super. Washed & ironed. Cut out blouse. Merrill went to lodge. Vernon is Valedictorian of his graduation class.

Diary Entry for 2/2/1954

Merrill & I went to Gouverneur with 2 calves. Got suit case for Juvenile Grange. Went to March of Times [Dimes?] basketball game. Jim played. I also went to Home Bureau at Barb Mosher’s.

Diary Entry for 2/3/1954

No Juvenile Grange as not enough kids came. Ken & Eleanor & Roberta were here for supper.

Diary Entry for 2/4/1954

Tore off paper in kitchen. Merrill & I went to adult education. 8th one.

Diary Entry for 2/5/1954

Wrote Melba. Snowy. Juvenile Grange meeting at Calcium but we didn’t go. Roads slippery.

Diary Entry for 2/6/1954

Sent order to Spiegel. Coat & kitchen stuff for cupboards. Merrill & Vern worked at kitchen.

Diary Entry for 2/7/1954

Nice day. Boys went to Sunday School. We all went to church. Boy Scouts attended. We all went up to Aunt Cora’s. Aunt Edna is in nursing home. Talked with Aunt Keitha.

Diary Entry for 2/8/1954

Very stormy. No school because of storm. Merrill went to lodge. Vern got plywood, masonite, & board for kitchen. Canceled Home Bureau sewing lessons.

Diary Entry for 2/9/1954

Washed & ironed. Billy Mattingly came home with Jim to stay all night. Merrill & boys went to Mills after chicken feed. Sent calf to sale with Halls.

Diary Entry for 2/10/1954

I went to Rebekah’s. Merrill went to Wards & Jim went to basketball game.

Diary Entry for 2/11/1954

Started boudoir chair lessons at Fireman’s Hall in PM. Merrill & I & Jim went to adult education to register. Went to P.T.A. We all went to Boy Scout Court of Honor.

Diary Entry for 2/12/1954

Merrill & I took calf to sale. Shopped at Gouverneur. Very cold. P.N. Grands at Delles’ but I didn’t go.

Diary Entry for 2/13/1954

Was 30° below zero last night. We went to city. Vern got picture taken at Rogers. 4-H at Nevilles but we didn’t go.

Diary Entry for 2/14/1954

Boys went to Sunday School. Merrill went up to Lobdell’s after pills for cows.

Diary Entry for 2/15/1954

Washed clothes. Rainy. Merrill went to lodge. I went to sewing Home Bureau lesson at Vi’s. Very foggy coming home.

Diary Entry for 2/16/1954

Very bad sleet storm. Power went off at 6:40 PM. All our trees damaged. Took down wires. Wrote Mother Tryon.

Diary Entry for 2/17/1954

No phone or electricity. Did cooking in furnace. No school.

Diary Entry for 2/18/1954

No school. Beautiful day but no power or phone. Wrote Uncle Berle. Mom & Jim sent letter to Howard.

Diary Entry for 2/19/1954

Power came on about 4:00 PM. Off for 69 hours. Howard & Ceil were here after eggs. Grand day. Got some of brush cleaned up. Boys didn’t go to school.

Diary Entry for 2/20/1954

Got some more of paper on kitchen. Vernon worked on cupboards. We went up to Bill & Vi’s in evening. Vern went to show. Windy in evening. Got phone working again.

Diary Entry for 2/21/1954

Rainy. Windy day. Boys & I went to Sunday School.

Diary Entry for 2/22/1954

Ceil Allen’s birthday. No school.

Diary Entry for 2/23/1954

Washed clothes. Finished papering. Basketball game over WATN. [A Watertown radio station.] Philadelphia won over Cape Vincent.

Diary Entry for 2/24/1954

Rainy. Merrill, Vern, & I went to city. Ordered Vernon’s pictures. I went to lodge in evening.

Diary Entry for 2/25/1954

Roy K. & Carl Hall were here with ice cream truck. Merrill & I went to adult education. Ironed.

Diary Entry for 2/26/1954

Very stormy & slippery. Vernon didn’t feel too good when he got home from school. Stomach hurt.

Diary Entry for 2/27/1954

Bennett’s were here today. Merrill got straw home from Cooks. 40 bales @.50. Baked pies, cakes, & cookies. 2 new milkers.

Diary Entry for 2/28/1954

Boys & I went to Sunday School & church. Grand day. We went for ride to Oxbow & Antwerp in evening.