Monthly Archives: April 1974

Diary Entry for 4/1/1974

Vern leaves Syracuse at 7:25 for Korea. Wrote June and boys. Sent Dave card. We went to Talcott Falls for milking machine parts. Went to Blue Cross office and Production and Credit. Owe $2298 there.

Diary Entry for 4/2/1974

UMW at CEC, 12 out. A nice meeting. Margaret M and I on refreshments. Cloudy, rainy with a spot of sunshine. Dave’s 20th birthday. Milk inspector here. Sent ad to Times to sell 8 heifers.

Diary Entry for 4/3/1974

Saw two robins for first this year. Thunder and lightening during night. A beautiful day. Very warm. Lots of water from melting snow. We went over to Bill and Brenda’s. Merrill helped Bill finish barn roof. Brenda, Mark and I went to Aunt Keitha’s. Also went to Dr. Roberts for shot.

Diary Entry for 4/4/1974

Borden’s picked up milk for the first time. State Inspector here. Had 5 days milk. Wrote June and boys. Got letter from her. Vern got off Ok to Korea. A great day, 79°. Windy. Merrill took off storm doors on porch. Thunder storm in night Washed. Had porch open for first.

Diary Entry for 4/5/1974

Merrill’s appointment with Dr. Hewitt, 1:30. Had first fitting. We went to Jim’s but they were uptown. Mr. P and Jolie there. 4-H here. Only 6 came. Brenda, Bill and Mark here in evening. Sold 8 heifers for $2880 to R. Sawyer.

Diary Entry for 4/6/1974

Snowing. Cleared in PM. Merrill went to Theresa and Philadelphia for hair cut. Boots and I went after groceries in AM. Baked cake and coffee ring.

Diary Entry for 4/7/1974

Snowing in morning and off and on all day. Elim Bible Members at church, covered dish dinner at CEC, 60-65. A beautiful service. Beverly Taylor Watson, 36, died this PM of pneumonia. “For Pete’s Sake” movie at church. We went. Great.

Diary Entry for 4/8/1974

District meeting at Mills, 6:30. I went with Mary, 52 there. Ham dinner. Vondale Pike new DDP. Got home about 10 PM. Merrill and I went to Theresa bank Got blouses at Pearls. IOOF, Merrill went. Bill, Brenda and Mark here. Merrill went to Brown Auction with Bill.

Diary Entry for 4/9/1974

Wintery and cold. Snowed about all day. Got letter from June and card from Beulah. Wrote June and boys. We went to city and paid off Pro and Credit. Jim, Patty, and Jolie here when we got home. I went to Fays for eye drops. $2.95 now. Got candy rabbits for kids.

Diary Entry for 4/10/1974

Dad would have been 82 today. I took down curtains on stairway. Cleaned downstairs. Merrill went to Gouverneur with Howard. Washed clothes. A nice day. I went to Rebekah’s in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/11/1974

A nice day. Cleaned upstairs. Boots and I went to Philadelphia bank and grocery store. We went to communion covered dish supper at Evans Mills. A large crowd. We got Easter Card from Jolie.

Diary Entry for 4/12/1974

Good Friday. June and boys came in PM. Here for supper. No word from Vern yet from Korea. June brought lemon pies and cookies. Mom called in evening. Bowman’s are at Ken’s. Mom was going down. Aunt Esther about the same.

Diary Entry for 4/13/1974

Got June pink carnation corsage from NY Florist. She left about 3:30 for Syracuse. Thunder storm during day. We went to Taylor’s in evening for party for Lois and Joe Lowery. Dan and Steve went too. Called Aunt Maude.

Diary Entry for 4/14/1974

Easter Sunday. Didn’t go to Cantata. We went to church. 128 out but not as many out as last Sunday. We went for ride after dinner on Creek Road and Oxbow. 80° in PM but cloudy. Thunder storm in evening. Dawn was over.

Diary Entry for 4/15/1974

PNG’s canceled. Got letter from Roberta. Wrote June and Vern. Boys did too. Vern called from Seattle. Jim, Pat and Jolie here for supper. Cold and windy today. The Amish people have moved into Alton’s and Grahams.

Diary Entry for 4/16/1974

Boots’ second birthday. We had a cupcake and 2 candles for him and ice-cream. Jeff here for supper. Spent the night with boys. Mary Hall and I took 4-H girls to Black River garden store, Echo Hill, and Carroll’s for lunch. Brenda brought Karen over. She went with us. Also Gail Myers and Dan and Steve.

Diary Entry for 4/17/1974

Pat B. left for New Jersey on bus to attend his uncle’s funeral. I took Lorraine to Philadelphia in PM. Bill and Vi came after Jeff. We got cards from June today. Mailed in Chicago. Merrill milked for Pat B. Roberta and Bill have baby boy, Luke Nelson, born 12:30 AM, 6 lb, 9 oz.

Diary Entry for 4/18/1974

4-H Roller skating at DeKalb, $1.75. Evelyn, Linda, and I took kids. All went but Cindy. Great time. Merrill milked for Pat. We got cards, letters from June and Vern. Got Vern’s letter mailed from Korea April 8th. Juanita called from Brenda’s.

Diary Entry for 4/19/1974

Cleaned house. Dawn and Patsy here to play with boys. Boys got cards from their folks in Seattle. A cold wind. Washed my hair.

Diary Entry for 4/20/1974

Vern and June came after boys. Vern brought us mother of pearl decorated box from Korea. Boys and I went to 4-H Roller skating at DeKalb. Evelyn, Linda, and I took kids for groceries. Pat B got home from New Jersey. Brought Merrill pair of work shoes for milking. Lisa B and Linda LaMica picked for Ottawa trip.

Diary Entry for 4/21/1974

We went to church. A beautiful day, 75°. We raked front yard in PM. Put out lawn fence. Pat B was here. Brought Merrill’s suitcase home.

Diary Entry for 4/22/1974

Merrill goes to dentist to have 3 teeth out and get upper plate, $400. 1:30 PM. He ate soup, ice cream and coffee for supper. He didn’t go to Lodge. Rained hard all day and evening. I picked up 4-H seeds at 4-H office. Got Heck’s also.

Diary Entry for 4/23/1974

Merrill’s appointment with Dr. Hewitt. He took some off his plate in a couple places. We went to Jim’s. Patty sick with flu. Wrote Mom, Mother T. and Vern’s. Merrill went to meeting about letting IOOF Hall for Teen Center.

Diary Entry for 4/24/1974

UMW District Meeting at Henderson. Margaret M, Leah, and Lula went with me. Elsie was sick and couldn’t go. 200 there. A very nice meeting. Stopped at Jim’s. He and Pat went to doctor for their flu. I went to Lodge in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/25/1974

Lula’s 84th birthday. A hard white frost last night. I started cleaning kitchen. Washed all of walls, cupboards, and ceiling. Merrill raked center lawn. Carl Killenbeck here in evening about Teen Center. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 4/26/1974

Dr. Hewitt, 2:30. Merrill had final check up unless he has a problem. I painted kitchen ceiling, cupboards, & table. Boots and I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Merrill got first free check book from Philadelphia bank. Merrill went to Brotherhood meeting at CEC.

Diary Entry for 4/27/1974

Painted some of kitchen wall. The paint makes me dizzy. Can’t see it very well. Bill D here. He bought 3 cows from Ivan Hale, $1500. Merrill and Boots went to Theresa. Washed my hair.

Diary Entry for 4/28/1974

Debby Hall’s wedding to Richard Golden. Halls left at 1 AM to go to it. Will drive all night. We went to church. We painted in PM. Warm day. Carl K was here in evening with contract for Teen Center. Thunder storm in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/29/1974

Jeff’s 17th birthday. Hall’s aren’t home yet tonight. Rained hard all day and evening. I painted all PM and evening on kitchen, 2nd coat. White woodwork yet to do. Blue Cross called to ask us to send back check they returned to us. Merrill worked at Teen Center. Got letter from Debbie and Mom.

Diary Entry for 4/30/1974

Bible Study. We started 6 week Love Trip. We went to church for Nation wide prayer service. Had Stanley party at CEC. Made $100. Jim, Pat and Jolie here for supper. Lisa and Donna here in evening. Merrill helped at IOOF building. Merrill was over to Halls in evening. Debbie had a beautiful Jewish wedding.