Monthly Archives: February 1978

Diary Entry for 2/1/1978

Clinic. I went. All ok. I got my hair cut at Donna’s. We shopped at city. We went to Oswego to spend night. Vern has a snow blower.

Diary Entry for 2/2/1978

UMW covered dish. Men invited about 25-30 there. Tom Dennison spoke on Community Health Center. We left Vern’s at 8:30. When they left for school. Went to Don’s. Stopped at Marg and Roy’s. Stopped at K-Mart. Called Patty. Got letter from Angie.

Diary Entry for 2/3/1978

4-H. Business meeting. Norma here also. We went to Philadelphia for groceries. 4-H girls judged cattle and horse contests. Wrote Beulah Hall.

Diary Entry for 2/4/1978

-18° this morning. Cold all day. Glen and June Risdale and girls, Laura and Susan here to look at farm. Made cookies in evening. Got letter from Olive Bowman.

Diary Entry for 2/5/1978

We went to church, 64, and Sunday School. Patty called to say Jolie was sick so we went down there for dinner. Fish Derby weekend at Sackets. Very cold.

Diary Entry for 2/6/1978

Put color rinse on my hair. Snowing. Windy. Lots of snow in NY City. Merrill helped Howard repair manure spreader. Mrs. Cameron here to have me measure slacks to hem.

Diary Entry for 2/7/1978

Terrible storm snow from Washington, DC to Boston. No school. Mail went. Merrill plowed out driveway. He helped Howard fix spreader. Merrill has another cold. I washed clothes. Jim had accident. He went to Albany.

Diary Entry for 2/8/1978

Brian Payne’s 9th birthday. Beautiful day. Merrill sick with flu. Jeff used our tractor to plow out at their place. Evelyn sent over Coricidin D and milk. June Risdale here.

Diary Entry for 2/9/1978

Merrill and Boots in bed all day. Patty called to say Jim had accident Tuesday morning in storm. He wasn’t hurt. They have all been sick with flu. Jim got home from Albany last night. He went on Tuesday. Wrote Don’s. Called Jim’s in evening.

Diary Entry for 2/10/1978

I went to Dr. Sommers. Had teeth checked and tooth put in denture, $19. Merrill better today. Up and around. Boots and I went to Philadelphia. Got groceries. Got traveler’s checks.

Diary Entry for 2/11/1978

Left for Florida from city at 10 AM. Jim and Jolie met us at Ramada Inn and took Boots to Don’s. Drove 499 miles. Spent night in Fairquier’s Motel, Virginia, $22. Got double room and extra bed. Marilyn and kids followed us. They spent night in camper at motel.

Diary Entry for 2/12/1978

Got on road about 10 AM after good nights rest. Spent night at Ramada Inn. Beautiful room, for $17. Bob and Marilyn camped in parking lot. Finally ran out of snow half way across North Carolina.

Diary Entry for 2/13/1978

Got to Florida about noon. Had supper with Pearl Helbert. Temperature 75°. Just beautiful. Motel $22, Silver Springs Florida. Called Patty in evening.

Diary Entry for 2/14/1978

Orlando Florida. Howard Johnson’s. Sent birthday card to Mother Tryon, Card to Vern’s. Spent the day at Silver Springs. Bob, Marilyn and boys spent day with us. Colder day. We spent night at Howard Johnson’s in Orlando, $33. Went to Orange City to find Beulah was in hospital. Stopped at Helen Lockson. [?]

Diary Entry for 2/15/1978

Sent cards to Jill for birthday and others. Spent day at Sea World. Called Gehm’s. Couldn’t find a motel anywhere so spent night in car at St. Petersburg.

Diary Entry for 2/16/1978

Mother T’s 89th birthday. Raining. Howard got car fixed, universal joint. Cost $33. Went to Jean Hanretty’s [?] twice. Howard’s sister Edna Fullington down here also. Ate at Ponderosa. Spent evening at Jean’s playing Idiot rummy. Washed clothes at Laundromat. Spent night at Clearwater, $22. Raining.

Diary Entry for 2/17/1978

Got to Gehm’s at 12:45. They were waiting at the gate. Spent the night there. Grand time. They called Vern’s. Raining hard all day. Gehm’s have nice home. Spent night with them. Venice Florida.

Diary Entry for 2/18/1978

Left Gehm’s at 11 AM. Raining. Spent night at Quality Inn outskirts of Tampa, $36. Went to Wards Plaza in PM. Ate at Morrison’s Cafeteria. Had mum plant sent to Gehm’s.

Diary Entry for 2/19/1978

Jill’s 3rd birthday. We spent the day at Disney World. Bob, Marilyn and kids also. Cold and raining toward evening. Nice enjoyable day. Kept our motel for second night at Tampa, $36. Saw Dorland’s there.

Diary Entry for 2/20/1978

Sent Dan birthday card. Raining all day. Came back to Ocala today. Visited Bob and Marilyn. Spent the night at Howard Johnson’s Motel at Ocala, $32. Same room we had last week for $22. The Daytona races are on now.

Diary Entry for 2/21/1978

Spent day at St. Augustine Florida. Saw Fort and oldest house. Ramada Inn Motel in St. Augustine, $22. Had store. Supper in room. Delicious. Lots of fun. stopped at Bob and Marilyn’s on way home. Raining off and on somewhat cold.

Diary Entry for 2/22/1978

Jacksonville. Spent day with Rev. and Mrs. Dick Graves. Spent night in Holiday Inn, $24.95 in Jacksonville. Cold all day and evening.

Diary Entry for 2/23/1978

We started for home this morning. We met Bob and Marilyn at Georgia State line at noon. Got Ramada suite of 2 rooms, $29. at Lamerton, North Carolina. Marilyn made goulash. Also fixed Merrill supper. Payne’s ate with us. Danny’s 11th birthday.

Diary Entry for 2/24/1978

Martinsburg West Virginia, Holiday Inn, $25. Got to Martinsburg West Virginia at 9:30. Spent night at Holiday Inn. Saw snow in spots in South Carolina. Ground white here in Martinsburg. Got towels and gifts on way home. Dawn rode all day in camper with Brian and Bradley.

Diary Entry for 2/25/1978

We got home from Florida about 5:30 PM. Had a good trip home. Bob and Marilyn and kids came with us. Snowy through Pennsylvania and until we got to city. called Jim’s, Vern’s called. washed clothes. Washed my hair. Good to be home. Called Aunt Maude.

Diary Entry for 2/26/1978

Debbie went to hospital. Had girl, 6 lb, 9 oz. Crystal Marie. Cesarian birth. Alice came after us for Sunday School and church, 76 there. Rode home with Ponzi’s. Jim and Pat and kids went after Boots at Don’s. Here when we got home. Boots glad to be home. Jim took me for groceries and B-12 shot. Great day.

Diary Entry for 2/27/1978

Got 2 weeks mail. Got letter from Uncle Berl. Mary and David Dimon here. Washed clothes. Patty called to say Debby had baby girl. Mrs. Cameron came after us to go to special Charge Conference about $30,000 Heath estate. Rev. Wood in charge.

Diary Entry for 2/28/1978

Beautiful day. Hal Hall got home the day we went to Florida. Came on bus. Wrote Debby. Sent Blue Cross.