Monthly Archives: March 1944

Diary Entry for 03/01/1944

Awfully cold in evening. Shampooed hair. Mrs. Rawlings, Vernon’s teacher is in hospital.

Diary Entry for 03/02/1944

Jimmy is 6 months old. Weighs 19 pounds. Still cold. Clear. Received letter from Loren.

Diary Entry for 03/03/1944

Received letter from Loren. Dot was down. Sent letter to Mother Tryon & card to Marg. They killed beef steer.

Diary Entry for 03/04/1944

Got new black pumps. Vernon & Merrill got jackets. Vernon went up to Barkers for dinner. Edith sent down beefsteak & liver. Made cookies to sent to Loren, sugar cookies with nuts & raisins.

Diary Entry for 03/05/1944

Marg & Roy were up for afternoon & supper. Still quite cold. Made chocolate ice cream.

Diary Entry for 03/06/1944

Grand day in forenoon but windy with sleet in evening. Dot was down. Did washing. Sent cookies to Loren.

Diary Entry for 03/07/1944

Sent letter to Loren. Quite stormy. Made cookies & did ironing.

Diary Entry for 03/08/1944

Still quite stormy. Gave $1.00 to Red Cross Fund. Vernon took oranges, card, & 25 ¢ for Sunshine box for Mrs. Rawlings.

Diary Entry for 03/09/1944

Merrill took car down to Greenley’s for repairs. Got hair cut. Evelyn was down. Got letter from Mother Tryon Cold & stormy yet.

Diary Entry for 03/10/1944

Did Jimmy’s wash & made cookies. Merrill got mortgage from Oren.

Diary Entry for 03/11/1944

Quite cold. Snowed some last night & today. Made pies.

Diary Entry for 03/12/1944

Real warm today. Rained in evening. Made vanilla ice cream.

Diary Entry for 03/13/1944

Washed clothes & did my ironing. Nice day. Madge Stanley Wieder has baby boy.

Diary Entry for 03/14/1944

Dot was down. Brought up some beef. Jimmy & I went up to Edith’s in PM. Got letter from Marg. Luther Gillette is dead.

Diary Entry for 03/15/1944

Finished cleaning clothes closet. Merrill got hen feed. Snowing today. Are getting 4-6 eggs now.

Diary Entry for 03/16/1944

Sent letter to Loren & Marg & order to Wards. Got letter from Mom. Raining & foggy today.

Diary Entry for 03/17/1944

St. Patrick’s Day. Wrote letter to Mom & Mother Tryon.

Diary Entry for 03/18/1944

Dot was down in PM. Quite cold tonight.

Diary Entry for 03/19/1944

Mother & Dad was up in PM. Brought up some pork. Don was up for supper & evening. Milked for Buster.

Diary Entry for 03/20/1944

Washed clothes. Merrill received birthday card from Mother Tryon. GotTrue Story.

Diary Entry for 03/21/1944

Evelyn was down in PM. White frost in morning but a grand day. Watkins man was here.

Diary Entry for 03/22/1944

Merrill got birthday cards from Marg & Aunt Mildred. Got letter from Aunt Mildred, Marg & Mother Tryon. Dot & Arlene was down for supper. Made chocolate ice cream & birthday cake. Vernon gave Merrill 2 cigars.

Diary Entry for 03/23/1944

Received letter from Loren & Gloria. Merrill got card from Gloria. Sent for lamp mantles at Wards.

Diary Entry for 03/24/1944

A Canadian plane crash landed on G. Bilkey’s farm. Real windy. Varnished rugs. Sent letter to Florence Yerdon.

Diary Entry for 03/25/1944

Real spring day. Let the hens out for the first time. Finished cleaning Vernon’s room. Easter vacation starts.

Diary Entry for 03/26/1944

Florence, Earle & kids was over for dinner. Nice day. Made ice cream. Wrote to Loren.

Diary Entry for 03/27/1944

Got lamp mantles. Sent $6.85 to Spiegel. Sent for play yard. Vernon sent birthday card to Louis. Louis is 7 years old today.

Diary Entry for 03/28/1944

Dot & Evelyn was down. Got wall paper & paint.

Diary Entry for 03/29/1944

A terrible windy day. Raining & snowing. Sent letter to Gloria.

Diary Entry for 03/30/1944

Arlene was down. Washed my bedroom curtains. Quite nice today. Buster stopped on way to woods.

Diary Entry for 03/31/1944

Sent letter to Mom & Ration Board. Vernon went up & had birthday supper with Arlene. Varnished bedroom rug & washed woodwork.