Monthly Archives: May 1959

Diary Entry for 5/1/1959

Cherrie Crump’s funeral. Jim has first game with Alex Bay. Won 24-37. Mom & Brenda came home with us.

Diary Entry for 5/2/1959

Merrill, Vern, Mom, Brenda, & I, left for Everett’s funeral about 9:15. Went by bridge. Came home on ferry. Huge funeral.

Diary Entry for 5/3/1959

Mom & Brenda went back with Vern. Left about 2:30. Washed & ironed. David Hagan was here.

Diary Entry for 5/4/1959

Wrote Uncle Berle. I’m tired today. Too much weekend.

Diary Entry for 5/5/1959

Julienne cut & set my hair at noon.

Diary Entry for 5/6/1959

Fran & I went down town at noon. Very warm. In the 80’s.

Diary Entry for 5/7/1959

Greyhound bus had accident near city at 4:30 PM. Talked with Vi. Fran & I went downtown.

Diary Entry for 5/8/1959

Jim went on bus to Oswego to spend weekend. June met him in Pulaski. Merrill sowed first oats. Waxed kitchen floor.

Diary Entry for 5/9/1959

Merrill finished planting oats. Mr. Parson & George were here for dinner. I washed blinds, curtains. etc.

Diary Entry for 5/10/1959

Vern, June, & Jim, came about 9:00 AM. Kids & I went to church. Vern & June left about 3:30. Raining. Boys gave me 2 pound box of candy.

Diary Entry for 5/11/1959

I worked 2 hours & then went out home. Not much work. I have horrid cold. Feel punk.

Diary Entry for 5/12/1959

Worked today but feel punk. I’m going to take rest of week off. Dot Irish’s mother died last night.

Diary Entry for 5/13/1959

Finally got lawn mower going. Mowed lawn for first. I didn’t work today. Sent in films.

Diary Entry for 5/14/1959

Rainy & colder. I didn’t work today. Took Jim to school & got his medicine cabinet he made in shop. I went to Theresa in PM. Also Mills.

Diary Entry for 5/15/1959

I didn’t work today. Went out after pay & shopped. Raining & colder. Jim went home with Marty.

Diary Entry for 5/16/1959

I took Teddy to vet to see about his foot. Gave me salve for it. Jim & Marty went to city.

Diary Entry for 5/17/1959

No church. Conference Sunday. Jim came home from Marty’s. Rained.

Diary Entry for 5/18/1959

I went back to work today. First since Tuesday. Jenny Hayes had sold her house to Methodist Conference.

Diary Entry for 5/19/1959

Turned cows out days for first. Warm but rainy in evening. Rained hard all night. Thunder storms.

Diary Entry for 5/20/1959

Very hot. I didn’t work today. Cleaned bedrooms. Went to Theresa in PM for paint. Power off all PM. Turned cows out at night for first.

Diary Entry for 5/21/1959

Hot & muggy. Mary & I walked to Loblaws at noon. Merrill got hair cut at Theresa.

Diary Entry for 5/22/1959

Cloudy & cooler in PM. Senior Prom at school but Jim didn’t go. Got in lots of work at shop today.

Diary Entry for 5/23/1959

Cold & cloudy. Have coal fire again. Cleaned hall & bathroom. Washed & ironed.

Diary Entry for 5/24/1959

Jim Matteson & Roger Rappole were here. Cloudy & cool. We went to church. Went to Harrisville & Gouverneur. Stopped at Gladys & Ted’s. Jim called Vernon. Mr. & Mrs. Kiechle were here in evening.

Diary Entry for 5/25/1959

Washed & baked in evening. Jim got pictures back Easter pictures. Merrill started drawing manure pile.

Diary Entry for 5/26/1959

Cloudy & warmer. Jim went home with Marty. Stopped at Par for groceries.

Diary Entry for 5/27/1959

Washed car. Didn’t go to lodge. Very warm.

Diary Entry for 5/28/1959

Past Grands at M. Webb’s. Got home at 12:30. Foggy in morning.

Diary Entry for 5/29/1959

Very foggy in morning. Bill White 45, killed today on way to work. Marjorie G. & I walked downtown at noon.

Diary Entry for 5/30/1959

Thunder storm all night. We went out home for dinner. Carl, Evelyn, & family, Mary & Howard were there also.

Diary Entry for 5/31/1959

Mother & Dad Tryon, Leslie, & Grace came for dinner. Also Vern & June.