Monthly Archives: April 1996

Diary Entry for 4/1/1996

Dr. Parcinski, pressure 14. Donna, 3 PM. Got my hair cut. Raining all day. Snowed in evening. Jill here while we were gone doing her laundry. Jim in field until Wednesday. He got to come home for night. Carol called from FHA. Jill and Jim got phone, 642-1821

Diary Entry for 4/2/1996

Ground white this morning. Melted early. Sunny in 40’s. Washed upstairs bedding. Merrill took old lounge chair apart. Lyla was here in PM. Jill here for supper.

Diary Entry for 4/3/1996

Sunny but cold wind. We put new seat on Uncle Berl and Aunt Mildred’s rocking chair. They got it for a wedding present years ago. Jill took Cliff’s car out to be repaired when she went to work. She took Jim our insurance card. I made apple pie. Called Vern in evening. June not feeling good. Talked with Vi.

Diary Entry for 4/4/1996

Sunny but cold. Jill took Merrill for groceries in morning, 9 AM. Merrill has terrible cold. Coughing and sneezing. Dr. Hummer called. Has changed my antibiotics. Talked with Jolie.

Diary Entry for 4/5/1996

Jolie called this morning to say Joel was arrested last night for giving drugs to a 13 year old girl. I dreamed about him and was crying for him in my dream. Vern called. They are all coming Sunday. Jolie and Randy (Medivac pilot) here. Jolie got my antibiotics at Pharmhouse. Jim and Sue brought us new car. 90 Chevy Corsica. Jim changed insurance and got license. Said it was all paid for. We have to find a way to pay him. We have the best sons in the world.

Diary Entry for 4/6/1996

Sunny day. Cold wind. Merrill took garbage. Cliff washed and polished the car. It looks like a new one. Merrill went to store for rolls. We got tables set for tomorrow. Got other stuff ready. Jolie called.

Diary Entry for 4/7/1996

Easter Sunday. It snowed hard about all day. We went to church, 80-90 out. Vern, June, Steve, Kathy, Kristen, Sarah, Jim, Sue, Ashley, Joel, Jill, Jim, Jolie, Shawn Michael, Randy, Merrill and I here for dinner. A great day together. A delicious dinner. June, Sue, and Kathy brought food also. Paul at Ranger School in the south.

Diary Entry for 4/8/1996

B-12 shot, 10:00 AM. Jill was here all day doing laundry. Jim M here in PM. Snow melting fast. Everything so pretty and white this morning. Tree loaded down with wet snow. I called telephone company. They made a mistake on our bill.

Diary Entry for 4/9/1996

Still cold. Had a few snow flurries. Ironed tablecloths and napkins. A lazy day. Jill had to work all day at store. Vi called. Martha still in terrible pain. She goes to Syracuse tomorrow for MRI test.

Diary Entry for 4/10/1996

Snow flurries, 40° high. Rained in PM. Rebekah’s. Merrill took me. I came home with Ginny. 8 members there. I washed dark clothes. Merrill cleaned floors.

Diary Entry for 4/11/1996

Rained in PM 40°. UMW here in PM. 7 members present. Rev. Elaine had Bible Study lesson. Seven year old girl aviator crashed the plane, killing her, her father, and flight instructor.

Diary Entry for 4/12/1996

Antique dealer Davis here. Sold him earthen jug, railroad lantern, and butter mold.

Diary Entry for 4/13/1996

Colder. Cloudy. Merrill took trash. He went to store for fabric softener. I washed clothes. Sue Boscheck’s birthday. Paul Lamotte got back from Ranger Camp today.

Diary Entry for 4/14/1996

Paul Lamotte get back from Ranger school in Georgia and Florida. He got back yesterday. Raining, cloudy, cold wind. We went to church, 47 out. I called Beulah in PM. She has a lot of pain. She has CAT scan next week in Watertown. I have cold in my throat. Hard to sleep. I cough up so much.

Diary Entry for 4/15/1996

A nice sunny day, 50°. I called Worden’s Insurance company. We put collision insurance on car, about $170 a year. I made cherry pie and a cake. Dr. Sherman’s office called to verify appointment time and date. Debby called. She found missing albums of mom’s and my booklet on Hanson family. They were at Don’s. Glad they didn’t get lost. I coughed most of night.

Diary Entry for 4/16/1996

Raining, windy. I sorted news clippings. Took me all forenoon. My throat still terrible. Got invitation to Helen and Allan Rockwood’s 60th anniversary party, May 4th at Dexter Legion. They are 5 months behind us. We were married 60 years last December.

Diary Entry for 4/17/1996

Check spot on my leg. Raining and snowing. Terrible weather. We went to city. I didn’t see doctor as both were out. Juanita’s sister, Theresa Foster, 72 died today at Norwood of cancer.

Diary Entry for 4/18/1996

A warmer sunny day, in the 50’s. Lyla was here. She, Cheryl, and Marion are going to Atlantic City this weekend on town bus. Jill here for supper. She did washing. Jim has been in the field since Wednesday. Debby called.

Diary Entry for 4/19/1996

Church roast beef supper. Merrill went over for our dinners. Jim and Jill came over and ate with us. Jim back after 3 days in field. Merrill went for groceries in AM. Shirley called. Anniversary of Oklahoma bombing, a year ago. 168 people killed. 19 of them little children. So sad.

Diary Entry for 4/20/1996

Cloudy, in the 70’s. Merrill took garbage. Merrill cleaned floors, washed clothes. Bill Matteson came after his tools he left here yesterday. Merrill got hair cut. Vivian, Janet Toomy, and Alison stopped by. Kids are so cute.

Diary Entry for 4/21/1996

We went to church. Carol Savage preached. 46 out. Nice service. Bad thunder storms with wind and hail at 9:30 last night. A warm sunny day.

Diary Entry for 4/22/1996

Dr. Sherman, 1:15. I’m to have kidney x-ray Wednesday and cysloscope May 2. Jim, Sue, and Ashley here in evening. Sue has new teeth, upper. Jim has a new car. Raining hard in PM. Talked with Vi. Martha hasn’t started chemotherapy yet. Chip Vadi called.

Diary Entry for 4/23/1996

Jill and Jim have been married one month. Raining, colder. I washed dark clothes. Chip Vadi here to finish door. Jolie called. I started bowel cleaning at 4 PM.

Diary Entry for 4/24/1996

Kidney x-ray at Samaritan Hospital 10:30 AM. Took 3 hours. We ate at hospital. Ground covered with 2 inches of snow this morning. Cold, 32°. Melted later. Cold wind but sunny. Glenda brought my Girl Scout Cookies, $3.00. Beulah Macklin went into hospital.

Diary Entry for 4/25/1996

Snowed during night. Rained about all day. We went for groceries in PM. I’m tired today after all the x-rays yesterday. Alice F called

Diary Entry for 4/26/1996

Raining all day. I made apple pie. Nancy Delles Willix is having cancer operation today. We have a prayer chain going for her. Jolie called. She becomes manager of Bavarian Pretzel store May 13th. 40 hour week. Debby called.

Diary Entry for 4/27/1996

Cold, cloudy. Elgin and Carmi called. They are coming over Saturday, May 11. Merrill took trash. I washed clothes. I called Esther Taylor. She said the State Grange Master that is related to us is George Fuller. He lived on Ore Bed Road where Lynn and Mary Hall lived. I believe he is buried in Shurtliff Cemetery on that road. I couldn’t remember his name.

Diary Entry for 4/28/1996

We went to church, 47 out. Jolie, Paul, and Darsha, a friend of Jolie’s, here for dinner. They came to church. Sunny all day but cold wind. I called Vern in evening.

Diary Entry for 4/29/1996

Called hospital about x-rays. Called again. Kathy’s birthday, 33. Dark, cloudy day. I washed tablecloths, blouses, and slacks, and Merrill’s shirts. Lyla was here. Said Beulah went into hospital last Wednesday.

Diary Entry for 4/30/1996

Dr. Stark 1:45 PM. He is leaving city in July for New Hampshire to live. My weight 146. Blood pressure 170/90. Carol called from RECD. She will be here Thursday AM. Rained terrible most of day. Debby called in evening. She’s coming tomorrow.