Monthly Archives: August 1971

Diary Entry for 8/1/1971

Vern preaches at Philadelphia and Mills. A wonderful sermon. Merrill went with Vern to Mills. 41 out to church. We had turkey dinner. Aunt Maude and Cheryl here in evening. Cheryl goes back to work in the morning.

Diary Entry for 8/3/1971

Raining. Merrill and I mowed lawns. Mom and I went to Dexter and Sackets. Aunt Keitha, Marion, and Jean in NH at Dorts. Had lunch at Jim’s. Stopped at cemeteries. Got letter from Uncle Berl .

Diary Entry for 8/4/1971

Wrote Uncle Berl. We drawed first load of hay back of ledge. Merrill mowed hay. Wrote Uncle Berl note. Sent Lodge check to DDP Neuwrath Pres. Gift. Bought 3 cukes from Hal, 30 cents. Washed my hair in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/6/1971

Cindy’s 10th birthday. Shower for Vicky Thayer. I didn’t go to it. I took Mom home in morning. Got back at 10:30 AM. We drawed 3 load of hay. Merrill raked some. Diane called to say she and Leah were having party for Helen Dickson, Monday evening.

Diary Entry for 8/7/1971

We drawed two loads of hay, 12 acres yet to do. Big hay mow full. Hot today. Washed clothes. Aunt Maude called. Astronauts made safe landing on 2 parachutes. One didn’t work. Apollo 15. Used new flag for first time. Washed my hair.

Diary Entry for 8/8/1971

Mr. Burton Colling and daughter Cindy. Mr. Colling ill so Owen LaForce preached. 47 out. We went to park after church. Band Concert there. We shopped at Grants and Bargain Center. Mrs. Riley and Diane returned Vern’s Master thesis. She read it all this week.

Diary Entry for 8/9/1971

Party for Helen D at Leah’s. Diane helping. Nice time and turn out. Drawed 1 load of hay. Merrill mowed and raked. I washed sheets and towels. Wrote Dot. Joanne and Stanley Preston have baby boy born today.

Diary Entry for 8/10/1971

Aunt Maude called in morning to say Gary and Chris Ashley’s baby Michael James, 3 weeks, 3 days was found dead in his cradle this morning. We drawed 2 load of hay. Merrill mowed and raked. We went over to funeral home in evening. I called Mom in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/11/1971

Sent Holly $1, card, and note. Gary and Chris Ashley’s baby funeral at 1 PM. Burial at Natural Bridge. We didn’t go. I have felt horrid all day. Headache. Merrill raked hay in PM. Thunder storms in morning.

Diary Entry for 8/14/1971

Sent car insurance, $99. Also light bill. We drawed part of load of hay we didn’t get yesterday. I mowed lawns by house. Merrill chopped grass across road for cows for first. Ronnie Sinclair here to use phone. He had flat tire by Halls. Beautiful hot day.

Diary Entry for 8/15/1971

Cloudy and cooler. Furnace on most of day. Rained during night. Rev. Blankenship preaches today. They are back from vacation. Good to have them home. Rev B sang solo. How Great Thou Art. We went for ride in PM, Theresa, Oxbow. Pres. Nixon on TV on economy budget.

Diary Entry for 8/16/1971

Wrote Uncle Berl. Merrill broke mower bar and had flat tire on rake. Jim, Pat, and Jolie here in PM and evening. We played cards. I made cookies. Doris Haggerty called in morning. Nice today but on cool side.

Diary Entry for 8/17/1971

Nice day. Finished haying. Last one done on road as usual. Got thank you cards from Gary and Chris. Also Vicki baby shower gift. Art, Doris, Stewart and Stephen here in evening. I ordered toys from her.

Diary Entry for 8/18/1971

Party for Beulah Hall at Leah’s. Merrill and I went. Nice time. I called Vern’s in evening. They are coming tomorrow. Merrill chopped grass back on 17 acres for cows. Washed clothes. Called Aunt Maude. Gary and Chris were painting on her house. Hot today.

Diary Entry for 8/19/1971

Merrill, Aunt Maude, and I went to city. She got porch railing. Called Pat. Very hot. Vern, June and boys got here about 7:30 PM. Had been up to Frank Smith’s camp at Lowville. Merrill chopped 2nd load of grass.

Diary Entry for 8/20/1971

Vern’s left about 3 PM. Steve stayed up for five days. Men put up silo pipe. Evelyn Hall and Dawn came over in evening. Hal and Steve played ball. Steve and Merrill went back in pasture twice for cow.

Diary Entry for 8/21/1971

Steve and I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Also went to Theresa for sneakers for Steve. Got Jolie outfit. Merrill and Steve went to Philadelphia for oil change. I washed clothes in evening. Washed my hair. Merrill chopped grass. Put some in silo. Sent Karen card.

Diary Entry for 8/22/1971

Vern preaches at Pulaski. We went to church. Church was full. Lots of visitors. We went up to park for picnic. Steve enjoyed it all. We stopped at Fays. Jim had migraine and went home. Rained in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/23/1971

Karen’s 7th birthday. We went to Vern’s for dinner. Took Steve home. Jim’s there also. Cold and windy. Terribly windy and rain storm down that way yesterday. Donna H here to borrow snack trays.

Diary Entry for 8/25/1971

Cool. Merrill chopped grass in silo. Cooked vegetables that Aunt Maude sent. Roy Smith called to ask when church and Marva’s birthday were. Diane called. Old pictures about 1946 in Town and Country paper of church. Boys and I in front seats.

Diary Entry for 8/26/1971

Gary Ashley’s 18th birthday. Sent Vern and June card, letter and $10 for anniversary. Went to Philadelphia for groceries and to bank. Took Leah Lodge checks. We went out to Bisnetts, Fays, and out to Mom’s. Aunt Keitha has taken Audrey’s oldest girl, 14 to Washington State.

Diary Entry for 8/28/1971

I got tooth, left front top, filled, $7, in morning. Rained hard all night and day. Merrill took tire to Floods to get fixed for rake. Got letter and pictures from Dot Medina. Her house and lawns are nice. Cleaned. Washed my hair.

Diary Entry for 8/29/1971

50th anniversary party for Les and Beulah at Legion. Nice party. We went to church. We were Greeters. I asked Cheals [?] for next Sunday. We ate lunch at Indian River Diner. Went for ride by Black Lake. Then to Hall’s “Open House”. Nice day, no rain.

Diary Entry for 8/30/1971

Merrill fixed toilet upstairs. Put new works inside, $5.90. Got it at Theresa. I washed clothes, blankets and rugs. Cleaned upstairs. Rained in PM and evening. Got letter from June. She went to Syracuse Doctor. May have polyps in nose. Vern is putting on barn roof, steel. Ironed.

Diary Entry for 8/31/1971

Les and Beulah Hall’s 50th anniversary. Nice day. Merrill worked at Aunt Maude’s steps. I went up with him in PM. She gave Merrill rubber rain suit of Uncle Ray’s. I made black and white cloth seats for chairs.