Monthly Archives: September 1973

Diary Entry for 9/1/1973

I washed clothes. Very hot and dry. I feel horrid yet. Can’t quit coughing.

Diary Entry for 9/2/1973

Very hot. Jim’s 30th birthday. Merrill went to church but I was coughing too much to go. 2 men from Gideons spoke. Rev. B. is in Chicago. Andy came home this morning. He’s been gone since July 22, 6 weeks. We went over to Brenda and Bills in evening. They moved in Wednesday August 29th.

Diary Entry for 9/3/1973

Very hot. I feel punk. Coughed all day.

Diary Entry for 9/4/1973

Very hot, 94°. Merrill mowed lawn back of house. I slept some lst night for first time in a week. Still coughing. Marguerite Beach called to say Les Hall, 78, died this morning of a heart attack. They were getting ready to take Nettie Smith out to eat.

Diary Entry for 9/5/1973

Hot, 94°. School starts today. We went to Les Hall’s wake in evening. Called Gray’s to order flowers for IOOF. Glenn Hubbard, 67, died tonight of heart attack.

Diary Entry for 9/6/1973

Les Hall, 78, Funeral. Buried at Antwerp. We went to Clara Wallace afterwards. She looks good. Sent $3 to church memorial fund for Les. Wrote Mom. Sent Beulah sympathy card. Carl H. came for chopper wagon. Went to Philadelphia for groceries in morning.

Diary Entry for 9/7/1973

Called A & G Heating again. Arthur Parker, Theresa, came in PM and got furnace going. We have to have a new control for it, $36. We moved out bedroom furniture and put down carpet. Looks great. Got letter from Uncle Berl. He has glaucoma.

Diary Entry for 9/8/1973

Got furniture back in bedroom. Rug looks so nice in there. Cleaned house. Washed clothes. Howard, Evelyn and Dawn were over in evening. Want us to go to their cottage tomorrow.

Diary Entry for 9/9/1973

Installation for new UMW officers at church. All present. Rev B had service today. We went down to Howard and Evelyn’s camp for dinner. First time at their camp. It is so nice. Just like a beautiful home. Cold all day. Called Mom in the morning.

Diary Entry for 9/10/1973

First white frost last night. We went to city. Got towels for Kathy’s wedding gift at Grants. We went to Jim and Pats for lunch. Merrill helped Jim lay living room carpet.

Diary Entry for 9/11/1973

Beulah Hall is in hospital. New UMW Celebration supper. 38 to supper, 25 to meeting. A nice supper and meeting. My first meeting as President. Esther and I set tables in PM. Used 4 new tables. Wrote Vern’s. Merrill and Boots went to Theresa for bolts.

Diary Entry for 9/12/1973

Rebekah’s. Not too many out to first meeting this fall. I’ve coughed most of day. June called. They still haven’t their furnace. I washed clothes. Merrill built fence.

Diary Entry for 9/13/1973

I went to agway for 30 pound tin of strawberries, $15.30. Stopped at Brenda’s. Merrill chopped old standing weeds and grass in meadows. Boots and I went to Philadelphia for groceries.

Diary Entry for 9/14/1973

Sent Beulah H card and letter in hospital. Made cakes. Vern, June and boys came in evening. Called several about Past Grand meeting.

Diary Entry for 9/15/1973

Cathy Ashley and David VanTassel’s wedding. We all went to wedding but Vern. He worked on Sermon for Aldersgate. Lovely wedding and reception. Vern mowed back lawn.

Diary Entry for 9/16/1973

Vern went to Aldersgate at 7 AM. Got back at 1:45. We all went to church. Cloudy cold day. Kids left for home at 3:30. Brenda, Bill and Mark went to church at Mills for first time.

Diary Entry for 9/17/1973

PNG’s at Minnie Dyers. Mary and I on committee. Had individual salads, crackers and cookies. Merrill mowed all 3 lawns. Look nice. I baked cookies. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 9/18/1973

Rained all last night and all day. Merrill and Boots went to Doug’s for oil change. I have a head cold. Feel punk. Cleared in late evening.

Diary Entry for 9/19/1973

Wrote Vern. Sent him card and $5. A beautiful day. Boots and I went to Philadelphia for groceries. I have a head cold.

Diary Entry for 9/20/1973

A killing frost tonight. I’ve felt rotten all day. No work done. Sent list of officers to Mrs. Daye.

Diary Entry for 9/21/1973

Vern’s 37th birthday. 4-H here at 6:30. 7 members and 1 guest, Kathy K. Nice day. Merrill cut brush by Hall’s. Murphy filled gas tank.

Diary Entry for 9/22/1973

Rainy, Sent for 4-H candy to sell. Sent 4-H reports, due Tuesday. I slept in PM. We went to Philadelphia in PM to get cough medicine.

Diary Entry for 9/23/1973

UMW Celebration at Asbury but I didn’t go. Merrill went to church alone. We went out to Mom’s in PM. First we have been out since Donna’s funeral. Eleanor and Elaine here in evening on way home from Canada. Eleanor said Roberta is married. Tired tonight.

Diary Entry for 9/24/1973

Council of Ministries. I went. Only Matt and Rev. B there. Assembly Presidents visit at Sackets Harbor. I didn’t go. 128 present for dinner. I haven’t felt good all day. Coughing a lot.

Diary Entry for 9/25/1973

Got letter from Beulah Hall. Bible Study started up again today. I went alone as I couldn’t got Ruth on phone. A beautiful day. Three astronauts made safe landing after 59 days on Sky lab.

Diary Entry for 9/26/1973

Charles Carroll, 28, killed near Griffins in evening. Leah’s 37th anniversary. Rebekah’s election. Betty Rudes NG, Leah Simonds VG, Diane Sec, Marguerite Finan. Sec, Esther Treas. Washed clothes. Merrill and Boots went to Philadelphia and Mills. Paid school taxes, $328.58, up $41.18 from last year.

Diary Entry for 9/27/1973

Leah’s birthday. I got teflon cookie sheet at Vera’s for her, $2.59. Left it on her porch. Boots and I went to Philadelphia for groceries and to bank with Lodge money. We started painting garage trim. Looks nice. Rained in evening. I figured Lodge books in evening. Everything balanced.

Diary Entry for 9/28/1973

A nice day but not much painting done. Hot water heater in IOOF Hall went up. Merrill helped. Donna got one from Vernie LaFave for $45. Ken Lamica hooked it up, $10.

Diary Entry for 9/29/1973

A nice day. Merrill and Boots went to Weston’s and Sackets to get ladders from Jim. Got Aunt Maude’s brackets. I painted on garage and barn. Merrill painted on garage in PM. I cleaned stove in evening. Also washed some windows.

Diary Entry for 9/30/1973

A nice day. We went to church. Went to Clayton to see Beulah Hall. She is much better. Ate lunch at Theresa Diner. Wrote letter to Uncle Berl in evening. Merrill gave Carl K bills for hot water heater.