Monthly Archives: August 1973

Diary Entry for 8/1/1973

Rained about all day. Merrill got hay mowed away. He went to Mills in PM. Saw Bill D at Agway. They have their closing tomorrow. Jim, Pat and Jolie here for supper. Jim’s back bothering him. He didn’t work tonight. Gave Boots breathing pills.

Diary Entry for 8/2/1973

Brenda and Bill bought farm at Mills. Hall’s started drawing manure pile. Jim starts therapy on his back. Hot and humid. Merrill raked hay but it was too wet to bale. Got out chopper and blower. I washed clothes. Boots coughing a lot. I gave him more pills.

Diary Entry for 8/3/1973

Cooler today but nice. We baled three load of hay. Parachute jumps at Camp Drum. Many hurt. Merrill baled hay in morning and evening. Gave Boots pills again today.

Diary Entry for 8/4/1973

Finished baling hay for this year. 3475 bales of hay this year. Only Payne’s 10 acres standing hay, $100. 21 acres near building to chop in silo yet. Thunder storm at 5 and 6 PM. Sent Cindy birthday card, letter and $1.

Diary Entry for 8/5/1973

We went to church. About 75 there. We took picnic lunch and drove along river. Took Boots with us. Stopped at Aunt Maude’s on way home.

Diary Entry for 8/6/1973

Cindy’s 12th birthday. Donna is sick. Cloudy and humid all day. I washed clothes. Made brownies. Merrill brought chopper wagon from pasture to get ready to use. He got grease gun from Agway truck, $4.95. He lost one baling. Juanita and Brenda called. Mom has been in Canada 2 weeks.

Diary Entry for 8/7/1973

A hazy day. Washed clothes. Mixed donuts. Merrill chopped first hay across road. Hal was over. Vi called. Carl Horton here in evening. He’s bringing his chopper wagon for Merrill to use.

Diary Entry for 8/8/1973

Merrill started filling silo. Pat B helped put up silo pipe. Brenda called in PM. Donna died on way to hospital this morning. Funeral Saturday. Elgin called in AM. I called them in evening. They are bringing Mom home tomorrow. Called Art’s, Aunt Maude, and Jim’s

Diary Entry for 8/9/1973

Very hot and humid. I went out to Don’s in PM. Elgin and Olive brought Mom home. Merrill chopped grass in PM. 3 loads. Renewed Town and Country. Got it for Brenda and Bill also. Called Vern’s in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/10/1973

We went to city for stuff for dumping station. I got new kitchen curtains at Family Bargain Center, $3.99. Very hot and humid. Rained in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/11/1973

Donna’s funeral. Aunt Maude went out with us. We all went to Mom’s afterwards. Merrill ordered knives for chopper at Frys. Merrill got hair cut at Theresa.

Diary Entry for 8/12/1973

Holly’s 13th birthday. We went to church. Cooked hamburgers on grill. Ate outside. Lazy day. Dawn was over.

Diary Entry for 8/13/1973

Sent car insurance, $127. Wrote Uncle Berl about Donna. Merrill chopped 5 loads of grass. I washed clothes. Dawn was over in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/14/1973

Another hot day. Merrill chopped grass. 4 load. We mowed lawn by house. I barbecued chicken for supper and baked potatoes. Aunt Maude called in evening. Called Esther T, Pat Burke was Floyd’s nephew.

Diary Entry for 8/15/1973

Got letter from Vern’s. Merrill chopped grass. It rained hard at Philadelphia. Just a sprinkle here. Made 3 loaves of pumpkin bread. Got basket of peaches from peddler.

Diary Entry for 8/16/1973

Mark Draper’s first birthday. A hot dry day. Merrill chopped 5 load of grass. Got sympathy cards from Rebekah’s and PNG’s Washed my hair. Washed clothes. Boots and I went for groceries at Philadelphia.

Diary Entry for 8/17/1973

PNG’s at Beulah’s cottage at Clayton. Leah, Marguerite, and iI drove. 16 PNG’s there and Les. Nice day and nice time. Aunt Maude, Lula, and Nettie went with me. Merrill chopped 5 loads of grass. He started taking blades out of chopper. Got 4 new blades by UPS this morning.

Diary Entry for 8/18/1973

I went to Eva Chase Runions funeral, 90, at Theresa. Her husband Charles Runions shot himself and a 17 year old boy here in our house in July 1, over 50 years ago. Merrill put new blades in chopper. He went to Mills in AM. I wrote to Vern’s. Ordered strawberries from Agway. Got Katy’s wedding invite.

Diary Entry for 8/19/1973

Thunder storm. Carroll Ward died 3 years today. We went to church at Philadelphia and at Pulpit Rock Service. Very nice. Les and Beulah there also. They took us to Gouverneur to dinner. Stopped here afterwards. Cow got head caught in blower.

Diary Entry for 8/20/1973

Wrote Juanita and Don. Merrill filled silo. I washed clothes. A nice day. Awfully dry. Halls are at camp this week.

Diary Entry for 8/21/1973

Sent Karen card and $1. Merrill chopped grass. Carl Horton here. Washed Merrill’s clothes. Jim, Pat, and Jolie here for supper. Jolie is a busy one. She is so cute. Jim cut brush by barn ramp.

Diary Entry for 8/22/1973

Rained hard in night. First good rain in ages. Cold all day. Had fire in fireplace in evening. Merrill cut brush by barn. Boots and I went to Philadelphia. Merrill and Boots went to Theresa for bolts. Four church tables came today.

Diary Entry for 8/23/1973

Roberta and Bill Tousant Jr. Married at Sandy Creek. Karen’s 9th birthday. Wrote Vern’s. Sent them Anniversary card. Merrill finished chopping field by living room. I washed bedding. Ironed clothes. Had wood fire all day. Esther and Joyce called.

Diary Entry for 8/24/1973

Boots and I went to Philadelphia to bank. Got pressure canner from Vi Mowers for June. We went to city in PM. Merrill had interview at ASCS office. Got gift for Barker’s. Corning wear. Got new tablecloth, $1.99. Washed my hair in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/25/1973

Kevin Barker and Diana Slades wedding, 11 AM, Mannsville. We went. A large wedding and reception. We stopped to see Orv and Angie. Alex and Margaret Steele there also. A beautiful day. Subscribed for TV, Radio Mirror with Legion guy.

Diary Entry for 8/26/1973

A cloudy day but no rain. We went to church. Rev Danks preached. Rev. B in Buffalo with MYF kids. We went for ride up above Harrisville in PM. Pat’s cows got in Howard’s garden.

Diary Entry for 8/27/1973

Steven Puffer, 18, hurt in car accident. Vern and June’s 13th anniversary. Sent for candy sample for 4-H to sell. Sent Readers Digest subscription for Vern’s and us, paid in full. Called Patty in evening. Steve has kidney injury. Mrs. Daye, District Pres., called in evening. Wants Philadelphia to have fall seminar.

Diary Entry for 8/28/1973

Very hot and humid. Merrill chopped grass. I had chills and fever. Jim, Pat and Jolie came in evening. Brought us rug for bedroom. Jim got 1/3 off on it, $27.

Diary Entry for 8/29/1973

Brenda and Bill and Mark Draper moved in at Mills. Still very hot. I still feel punk. Washed bedding and towels. Dawn was over twice. Merrill chopped grass. I called Mrs. Daye. She says to plan on 100 for luncheon.

Diary Entry for 8/30/1973

Another hot and humid day. Boots and I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Merrill and Boots went to Mills for water bucket. Marine Midland Bank in Seaway robbed of $36,000 in AM.

Diary Entry for 8/31/1973

Kathy’s shower at Legion. I went. Nice turnout. She got a lot of nice gifts. Very hot all day Merrill chopped last of grass for silo,. My throat still sore. Sent Jim card, letter and $5.