Monthly Archives: May 1946

Diary Entry for 05/01/1946

Washed clothes. Helen called. Merrill went to Lodge. Lila called.

Diary Entry for 05/02/1946

Worked at kitchen. Finished painting it. Washed curtains.

Diary Entry for 05/03/1946

Finished cleaning kitchen. Helen, Mrs. Keichle, & Charles were here. Did ironing.

Diary Entry for 05/04/1946

Went to show in evening. Ironed slip covers.

Diary Entry for 05/05/1946

Planted garden. Grand day.

Diary Entry for 05/06/1946

Edith, Dot & Evelyn were here for dinner. Merrill & I went to show.

Diary Entry for 05/07/1946

Went to church supper. Merrill played ball and then came to church program. Bob stayed with kids. Drove over town.

Diary Entry for 05/08/1946

Went to Rebecca’s in evening. Wrote Mom. Alice called me yesterday. She has phone now.

Diary Entry for 05/09/1946

Went to city. Couldn’t see Dr. Roberts. Got permit. Jim stayed with Lila. Went to musical at school. Vernon played clarinet.

Diary Entry for 05/10/1946

Mr. Hagan entered hospital in Syracuse yesterday. Talked with Helen. Bob got boys 2 rabbits.

Diary Entry for 05/11/1946

Horrid day. Rainy & cold. Went to show in evening.

Diary Entry for 05/12/1946

Mother’s Day. Got dishes & lamp. Went out home for dinner. Merrill & I went over to Uncle Ray’s in evening.

Diary Entry for 05/13/1946

Talked with Helen. Aunt Maude called. Took Jim over to be vaccinated. Washed. Went over town. Merrill went to Lodge. Sent card to Hank.

Diary Entry for 05/14/1946

Started cleaning living rooms. Merrill went to Evans Mills to play ball. Sent card to Dot.

Diary Entry for 05/15/1946

Got letter from Florence. Jim and I went over to Aunt Maude’s in evening. Turned cow’s out for first time this year.

Diary Entry for 05/16/1946

Mr. & Mrs. Hagan got back home from Syracuse. Went up to see Dr. Roberts. Raining terrible. Got letter from Gloria.

Diary Entry for 05/17/1946

Mr. Hagan’s birthday. Took calf to sale. Went out to Orv & Angie’s for dinner. Got letter from Aunt Mildred. Called Aunt Edna. Bob left today to finish paint job.

Diary Entry for 05/18/1946

Mr. Hagan & Bob were here. Went over town. Ordered a new refrigerator. Crosley Shelvadore. Wrote Aunt Mildred. Hungerford’s farm house burned.

Diary Entry for 05/19/1946

Cloudy & colder. Merrill & Jim went over town for ice cream for dinner. Bob called.

Diary Entry for 05/20/1946

Took Jim over to school. Went over town. Was over to Hagans. Called Aunt Maude. Merrill went to Lodge. Mowed yards.

Diary Entry for 05/21/1946

Drove over town. Was over to Hagans. Talked with Helen. Got card from Aunt Mildred. Wrote to Mom, Mrs. Hungerford, & Marg.

Diary Entry for 05/22/1946

Washed clothes. Went to Lodge in evening. Helen called.

Diary Entry for 05/23/1946

Put cows out for first night. Grand day. Washed windows. Called Helen. Spaded flower garden. Set out tomatoes & cabbage plants.

Diary Entry for 05/24/1946

Talked with Helen & Mrs. Keichle. Helen and kids were over. Grand day. Railroads are on strike.

Diary Entry for 05/25/1946

Real warm. Aunt Maude called. Went over town in evening. Lila & Jim were here. Canned 14 pints of rhubarb. Got rouster glass.

Diary Entry for 05/26/1946

Don came from Potsdam. Was here for breakfast & dinner. Wrote letter to Mom. Drove over to Mercers after can.

Diary Entry for 05/27/1946

Washed clothes. Did ironing. Talked with Aunt Maude & Helen. Merrill went to Lodge.

Diary Entry for 05/28/1946

Started varnishing furniture. Mrs. Hagan was over. They inspected cows. Got letter from Hungerford’s and Mom.

Diary Entry for 05/29/1946

Varnished dining room furniture. We put calves out to pasture. Talked with Aunt Maude.

Diary Entry for 05/30/1946

Helped over to church. Roy & Marg were out. Went for ride to Theresa. Went over to Aunt Nellie’s grave.

Diary Entry for 05/31/1946

Talked with Helen. Cold & rainy.