Yearly Archives: 1993

Diary Entry for 1/1/1993

Starting my 51st year of keeping a diary. My eyesight getting bad so I don’t know how long I can continue. We went for groceries. Gilenda and Blue (dog) came for church money. Got invitation to party at Landau’s Saturday evening. Sunny day.

Diary Entry for 1/2/1993

Washed clothes. Neighborhood party at Landau’s. Very nice. Good food. I took tuna casserole. Cold all day.

Diary Entry for 1/3/1993

We went to church 42. They took down decorations after church. We went to city to drug store. Called Jim and Vern in PM. Icy in evening. Freezing rain. Cha’s got home in evening.

Diary Entry for 1/4/1993

Warmer 51. Cloudy. We took down tree and decorations. Boscheck girls here. Bob in Massachusetts. Jolie called. Hasn’t received card and key. I called Philadelphia Post Office. Sent out traces on Jolie’s letter. Called her twice.

Diary Entry for 1/5/1993

Boscheck girls here this morning. Warmer, raining, and snowing. Sent Ken card and letter. Jolie called. She had her tests today.

Diary Entry for 1/6/1993

Ken’s birthday, 73. Boscheck girls here in morning. Snowed in PM and evening.

Diary Entry for 1/7/1993

UMW at Manor, 11 women and 1 child. Nice meeting. Marion Smith hostess. We went for groceries in AM. Merrill spent evening with Bill Mowers. Bill’s mind not good at all.

Diary Entry for 1/8/1993

Defrosted freezer. Bob got home from Massachusetts last night. Tracy and Karie Robertson had baby girl, Kayla Ruth, born today.

Diary Entry for 1/9/1993

Washed clothes. Merrill went to dump.

Diary Entry for 1/10/1993

We went to church 44 out. Down to 0°. Cold all day. I called Jolie. Jim called in evening. He started new shift today, 11 AM to 7 PM.

Diary Entry for 1/11/1993

Jolie’s operation, 11:30 AM. Goes to hospital at 7 AM. Talked with Patty. All went well. Jolie called about 11 PM. She sounded good but she had had chest pain in evening. Doctor had been in and was coming again later.

Diary Entry for 1/12/1993

Administrative Council, 8 out. Jolie went home from hospital. She called. Jim took Sue to Syracuse to doctor’s. Merrill helped Elmer at church. Sent letter to Social Security office about CD.

Diary Entry for 1/13/1993

Rebekah’s. Canceled because of snow storm. Diane called. Leah Simonds left her apartment Monday to live with her nephew, Gerald Salisbury, at Redwood. Merrill plowed driveway.

Diary Entry for 1/14/1993

Merrill cleaned out driveway again. Snow stopped today. I wrote Vern’s. Merrill helped at church in PM. He and Elmer worked. Gary Belile had brain tumor operation.

Diary Entry for 1/15/1993

Snowing again. Slippery and lots of accidents. We went for groceries in AM. Vivian T called. Gary Belile had brain tumor operation yesterday. He’s been ill since Florida trip, before Thanksgiving. Neighbors never knew it but wondered why he wasn’t going to work.

Diary Entry for 1/16/1993

Merrill went over to Belile’s. Gary doing okay. He is in ICU. I washed clothes. Merrill cleaned floors.

Diary Entry for 1/17/1993

We went to church 51 out. Stormy day. House of Good Samaritan Hospital strike ended after 11 months.

Diary Entry for 1/18/1993

Martin Luther King Day. No school or mail. Got Times. Some snow off and on.

Diary Entry for 1/19/1993

Sun out today for first in ages. Sent Gary card. Also Leah at Redwood. They are moving her stuff out down here at Manor. I called Linda. Gary improving.

Diary Entry for 1/20/1993

We watched Inaugural most of day. Sunny and warmer. Worked at Jim’s scrap book.

Diary Entry for 1/21/1993

Merrill helped Elmer at church. Sunny and warmer. Sue here for church money. Worked at scrap book for Jim.

Diary Entry for 1/22/1993

Jim’s 25th anniversary on city police. We went for groceries in morning. Merrill helped Elmer at church in PM . Raining.

Diary Entry for 1/23/1993

Merrill went with garbage. Paid taxes at town office, $365.60. (half) I talked with Vivian. Gary out of ICU. I washed clothes. Made brownies and tuna casserole. Got letter from Beulah M.

Diary Entry for 1/24/1993

We went to church, 60 out. Good sermon. Called Jim’s in PM. Jolie fell and had stitches in her head.

Diary Entry for 1/25/1993

Jim, Sue, Ashley, Jolie, Shawn, and Shawn Michael, here for dinner and afternoon. Kids sweet. Shawn walking. I called Jim at cabin. PPR meeting at Philadelphia but I didn’t go.

Diary Entry for 1/26/1993

Vivian called. They went to see Gary yesterday. He is much better. Will be home soon.

Diary Entry for 1/27/1993

Rebekah’s. I went with Ginny, 11 out. Merrill helped Elmer at church in PM. Snowing off and on all day.

Diary Entry for 1/28/1993

Cold and sunny.

Diary Entry for 1/29/1993

We went for groceries. Paid water bill, $120, six months. Snowy and very cold most of day. Worse south of Watertown. Merrill went over to see Gary. He’s coming good.

Diary Entry for 1/30/1993

Sunny and cold, 0°. Power was off 35 minutes in AM. Washed clothes. Vern and June called in evening. Vern is resigning as Department Head on August 31. Merrill has intestinal bug.

Diary Entry for 1/31/1993

Snowing and freezing rain, windy. Sue called. We didn’t go to church. Merrill not feeling very good. Driveway not plowed out. Texas Cowboys beat Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl, 52-17. We didn’t go to church.

Diary Entry for 2/1/1993

Stephanie Cha’s 19th birthday. Cold, -5°. School delayed 2 hours. Merrill a little better. He cleaned out driveway. Trustee meeting. Merrill didn’t go. Trustees moved Rev. Carol’s furniture into new front office at parsonage.

Diary Entry for 2/2/1993

Ground Hog day, -25°. Sunny. Six more weeks of winter. Made doctor appointment for Merrill with Dr. Reeves tomorrow. Merrill not eating much. He started drinking tea.

Diary Entry for 2/3/1993

Dr. Reeves (Merrill) He didn’t find anything. Merrill in great condition for his age. His first physical in years. Merrill got hair cut. We went to mall to see Sue. Jim came there also. Shopped at Pharmhouse.

Diary Entry for 2/4/1993

UMW Week of Prayer and Self Denial program at church, 1:30 PM. Nice program. Merrill and Bill B put in light bulbs at church. We went for groceries. Robbins man here to check furnace. Still not working right.

Diary Entry for 2/5/1993

Frank Robbins here to put new control on furnace. Merrill took car to George’s for new spark plugs. Snowy and slippery in PM. Marty Paro 22, killed in tractor accident at Gleesner’s (?) today.

Diary Entry for 2/6/1993

Very cold -25°. Only up to zero all day. Called Vern’s. Merrill cleaned driveway. He went to store for communion bread. Lorraine Pickert here in PM.

Diary Entry for 2/7/1993

Cold water pipes frozen for first this year. We went to church, 35 out. Communion. Sue helped me. We went to funeral home for Marty Paro, 23. He’s to be a father in April. Merrill went to Men’s meeting in evening.

Diary Entry for 2/8/1993

Vern has polyp removed in Syracuse. Sunny. Talked with Lyla. Larry better. Mr. Van Tassel still in hospital.

Diary Entry for 2/9/1993

We went to Sears. Got new Die Hard car battery. Also got a good buy on rug cleaner and shampooer. Jim, Sue, and Ashley here for supper. Jim has been sick with cold. Jolie has a new apartment on Arlington Street in City.

Diary Entry for 2/10/1993

Rebekah’s. Exchange of Valentines. 11 out. Joyce G sent me pretty apron.

Diary Entry for 2/11/1993

We went for groceries in AM. My arthritis very sore. Merrill went over to see Gary in PM. He’s doing okay. Still having treatments. Linda didn’t work today. Sunny day. Sent Joel birthday card, note, and $10.00.

Diary Entry for 2/12/1993

Snowing. Freezing rain in evening . Stormy all over. Got Valentine from June and Vern.

Diary Entry for 2/13/1993

Joel’s 17th birthday. Lots of snow all over. Snowed all night. Vern and June called. Vern’s polyp benign. I got jury notice for March 2nd.

Diary Entry for 2/14/1993

Merrill went to church, 32 there. I didn’t go as I’m very sore. Sunny. Over 2 feet of snow in places yesterday. Jolie, Shawn, and Larry Beach here for dinner. Jim called in evening.

Diary Entry for 2/15/1993

President’s Day. Warmer and sunny. Another storm on the way.

Diary Entry for 2/16/1993

Storming again. I called and had my name taken off jury list because I’m past 70 years. Sent Jill’s card.

Diary Entry for 2/17/1993

A nice sunny day. Merrill cleaned out driveway again. 4th time this week. I baked chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes. Merrill took some over to Gary B.

Diary Entry for 2/18/1993

Wrote Beulah M. I’m very sore and lame today.

Diary Entry for 2/19/1993

Church supper, beef. Merrill went for take out. Good. Jill’s 18th birthday. Got letter from Beulah M. Sunny here. Very stormy south of us. Merrill’s kidneys not working normal.