Monthly Archives: March 1959

Diary Entry for 3/1/1959

Waxed kitchen & bathroom floors. Snowing but warmer. Marty went home about 5:00.

Diary Entry for 3/2/1959

Warm spring day. Jim went to basketball game at Carthage. Wrote Vernon. Howard got 1956 Ford Truck.

Diary Entry for 3/3/1959

Nice today. Freezing in evening.

Diary Entry for 3/4/1959

Snowy. Got letter from Uncle Berle.

Diary Entry for 3/5/1959

Nice today. Fran & I walked to Morrison’s at noon. Got letter from Vernon & Mom.

Diary Entry for 3/6/1959

Sent card & letter to Uncle Berle. Windy & rainy. Our light pole by garage blew over today.

Diary Entry for 3/7/1959

Very stormy all over. Roads blocked. Wrote Mom. Baked, cleaned, & washed. Merrill got more coal.

Diary Entry for 3/8/1959

Nice today so we went out home. First since Xmas. Rose D. came after pay. Aunt Maude called in evening.

Diary Entry for 3/9/1959

Jim went to play-off game at city. Nice today.

Diary Entry for 3/10/1959

Theresa Smith’s 48th birthday. Fran,Virginia, & I went up to Rosie D’s at noon.

Diary Entry for 3/11/1959

Jim went to game at city. Indian River & Carthage. Indian River won first place.

Diary Entry for 3/12/1959

Very stormy again. I went to Loblaws at noon. Gerald & Jean Parker have baby girl, Patricia. Pat & Walter Holkins have baby girl.

Diary Entry for 3/13/1959

Friday the 13th. Roads slippery. Jim went home with Marty. I took them over. Got back income tax $167.23.

Diary Entry for 3/14/1959

Nice day. Washed rugs & my skirts. Jim went to game at city. Indian River played Oswego. Indian River won.

Diary Entry for 3/15/1959

Vernon & June came for day. Left about 6:00 PM. Very windy. Jim made a cake.

Diary Entry for 3/16/1959

Very stormy on way to work. Drove with my head out widow.

Diary Entry for 3/17/1959

Nice today. Jim went to game at Syracuse. Indian River played West Genesee. Got home at 1:30 AM.

Diary Entry for 3/18/1959

Jim went home with Marty from Carthage game.

Diary Entry for 3/19/1959

We stopped at New Bargain Store on way home. I went to lodge practice.

Diary Entry for 3/20/1959

Warm. Got letter from Uncle Berle. He’s coming this summer. Jim played ball at city. Marty came home with us Dot Shorkey’s last day of work.

Diary Entry for 3/21/1959

Raining hard. I took boys over to city to play Holy Family. Merrill & I went to city in PM. Got new lamp. Club stuff came. Set of Melmac dishes.

Diary Entry for 3/22/1959

Nice but cold. Merrill’s birthday. 50th. Made him cake. 4 tier.

Diary Entry for 3/23/1959

Nice but cold wind. Jim got hair cut. Got letter from Mom.

Diary Entry for 3/24/1959

Blew muffler on car. Colder & cloudy.

Diary Entry for 3/25/1959

I went to lodge. I went to Gouverneur in morning. Got to work at 9:10.

Diary Entry for 3/26/1959

I went into work with Nellie. I went to blood clinic today. Jennie went to Cleveland.

Diary Entry for 3/27/1959

Took car to Gouverneur for new switch & muffler. Very slippery. I didn’t work at all today. Vern got home tonight.

Diary Entry for 3/28/1959

Washed & ironed. Vernon cleaned for me. Have had headache all day. Merrill got hair cut. Cold wind.

Diary Entry for 3/29/1959

Easter Sunday. We went out home. Ken’s & Don’s were there also. First time we were together in ages. Beautiful day.

Diary Entry for 3/30/1959

Debbie Hall’s 6th birthday. Nice day.

Diary Entry for 3/31/1959

Lodge practice. I’m the angel this year. Grand day. Warm. Vernon painted stair steps. Got new TV tubes at Thompson’s.