Monthly Archives: October 1971

Diary Entry for 10/1/1971

Sent Brenda birthday card. Baled 2 load of straw. It was combined September 6. Finally got dry enough to bale. A beautiful day. Very warm. Changed living room in evening.

Diary Entry for 10/2/1971

4-H here. Election of officers. All here but Nora, Debby G, Jackie. Merrill stored combine and baler. Corn chopper broke down. Beautiful warm day. Eagle hotel sold at Philadelphia for $7000 to Freddie Hall. Merrill got hair cut at Theresa.

Diary Entry for 10/3/1971

Brenda’s 19th birthday. World Day Communion. We didn’t go to church. Went to Jim’s and then to Mom’s. Jim feeling better. We went to church in evening to see movie. In His Steps. and to Singspiration. Church full even fellowship room.

Diary Entry for 10/4/1971

Sent Marg and Bea cords. Chopper broke again. I washed clothes. Cleaned house. Merrill went to city to get part welded for chopper. Rain and thunder storm in PM.

Diary Entry for 10/5/1971

WSCS here. John Keichel talked on Laos. 26 present. We worked at chopper canvas all PM but didn’t get it fixed. Marg and Bea’s birthdays

Diary Entry for 10/6/1971

Rained about all day. Terrible rain at supper time. Winds. Patty’s cousin, Kirk Marshall 17, killed in Rochester. Pat called in morning. We went to Sackets and got Jolie. Jim, Pat, Audrey and Barb went to Rochester. Debby G and Grandmother here in evening. Merrill took out accident policy, Queens.

Diary Entry for 10/7/1971

Did Jolie’s wash. Made her formula. She is such a good baby. I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Merrill looked after Jolie. Talked with several about 4-H Achievement Night tomorrow.

Diary Entry for 10/8/1971

4-H Achievement night at General Brown. I couldn’t go. Had terrible time getting drivers to take girls. They all went. Spent day on phone calling 4-H kids. Jim and Pat called about 10:30. Just got home. Her cousin had a large funeral.

Diary Entry for 10/9/1971

Pat and Jim here for Jolie. Stayed for supper. Mary and Lorraine collecting for Hazel and Joe Seery. Their 2 year old daughter died yesterday. Evelyn brought over tomatoes. Sharon here with stuff 4-H club won. Gavel for Honor Club. Jim Matteson called to give 75 pounds of squash.

Diary Entry for 10/10/1971

Jolie is 3 months old today. Rained off and on all day. Very dark. We went to Sunday School and church. Bob Griffin preached. Rev. B at Camp Aldersgate Retreat. Aunt Maude called in evening.

Diary Entry for 10/11/1971

No school, no mail. Linda Lee Seery’s 2 year old funeral at city. Rev. B has funeral. Washed clothes. Merrill watched World Series. Rained all day. Cleared in evening but power off from 5-9 PM. Feed Mill at Theresa burned. Arson suspected.

Diary Entry for 10/12/1971

I went to Bible Study alone. No one from here went. Merrill worked at corn chopper. I got letter from Uncle Berl. Very hot in California, 104°. Beautiful rainbow in evening. Merrill went to Theresa for bolts. I stopped at bank in Philadelphia. New window partition put in over weekend. Looks swell.

Diary Entry for 10/13/1971

4-H Leaders Meeting at Philadelphia Fire Hall, 1:30. Mary and Sharon went with me. Linda Picket and Anne Wilmont, new leaders of boys club. Ore Bed Twisters. Merrill got chopper head changed. I went to Lodge in evening. Wrote Vern’s. No rain today. Betty Fikes elected Vice Grand. Esther resigned.

Diary Entry for 10/14/1971

Nice day. Merrill worked getting kitchen drain unplugged. Got cable wire at Theresa. Merrill saw Jim Decker at Theresa. Merrill tried to chop corn but chopper won’t work. I went to bank and grocery store.

Diary Entry for 10/15/1971

Trumble trucked stray heifers home for us and Brotherton’s in evening @1. from Neville’s and Malloys. Beautiful day, 69°. Washed clothes. Evelyn was over awhile. Shay Marie Morrow 1 year old today.

Diary Entry for 10/16/1971

Another beautiful day. Merrill got Richard Brotherton to help fill silo. Brought his chopper, wagon and tractor. Toby and Wade stopped in on way to dump.

Diary Entry for 10/17/1971

We went to church but didn’t get around in time for Sunday School. Church almost full. Linda Buker and Dawn Pledger had babies baptized. We went to Jim and Pat’s after lunch. Jim coming good. Stopped at Fays for eye drops and zerox. Pittsburgh Pirates won World Series from Baltimore Orioles.

Diary Entry for 10/18/1971

PNG, Marguerites, 12 out. Jim, Pat, and Jolie here for lunch and supper. Sent $5 to Times for 3 months. A beautiful day. Richard B here filling silo. Here for lunch.

Diary Entry for 10/19/1971

A beautiful day, 73°. I went to Bible Study. Went out to P&C to order turkeys. Ate lunch at Art Miles new restaurant in Seaway. They took over October 1st. Merrill didn’t fill silo today. Richard was combining his oats. Doris and Bonnie here in evening.

Diary Entry for 10/20/1971

Clean Lodge Hall. I didn’t help. A beautiful day. We mowed all three lawns. Washed my hair. Washed clothes. Merrill worked at grass chopper. Millicent called to ask me to take her to city in morning. I went to Sackets Lodge Installation with Esther. Stopped at Jim’s a minute.

Diary Entry for 10/21/1971

4-H Leaders Banquet at Hotel Woodruff. I went with Lynn and Mary, and Sharon. Had turkey dinner. Got home at 10:30 PM. I took Millicent to hospital for test, blood, in morning at 8 AM.

Diary Entry for 10/22/1971

Sent Steve card, $10, and letter for birthday. 4-H here. All members present. Cindy Kelsey joined. Makes 13 girls. We filled out enrollment card. I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Beautiful day again. Cleaned house. Merrill went over to Hall’s in evening. Called some about Delles Anniversary card shower.

Diary Entry for 10/23/1971

Merrill helped Richard draw straw. Cold wind today. Baked cake. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 10/24/1971

Eva and Vic Delles 58th anniversary. We went to Sunday School and church. Went out to Mom’s after church. Got vegetables for Election supper at Greco’s. Potatoes and cabbage.

Diary Entry for 10/25/1971

No school, no mail, Veteran’s Day. Steve’s 7th birthday. Richard here for lunch. Finished filling silo. Jim, Pat and Jolie here for PM and supper. Jim sawed his new doors for bedroom, Louver doors. Council on Ministries canceled.

Diary Entry for 10/26/1971

Bible Study. Good turnout. I drove. Merrill took car to Gouverneur to be inspected. He has to go back next week for ball joints. Cloudy and rainy. Merrill got new rubber boots at Theresa, $8.51

Diary Entry for 10/27/1971

Rebekah’s Installation, potato salad. 48 present. Small crowd. Nancy Rose NG, Betty Fikes VG, I’m Treas. Washed my hair. Sent supper notices to radio stations. Roger Hall quite sick with strep throat.

Diary Entry for 10/28/1971

Merrill and I went to city. Got new snow tires at Sears, $84.14. Got election supper turkey’s @.39. Groceries at P&C. Took ad to Times. Vern and June called in evening. They have had will made. Vern didn’t get very good news from Maryland on his thesis. Beautiful day, 75° Like summer.

Diary Entry for 10/29/1971

Larry N white washed barn, $31.56. A beautiful day. We stored outdoor furniture. Pulled dahlias and glads.. Froze swiss chard. Merrill chopped grass back of ledge for silo. 4-H Halloween party at Willments. 54 present. A nice time. Boys and Girls club sent Steve, Dan and Jolie Halloween cards.

Diary Entry for 10/30/1971

Nice day. I washed clothes. Broke up bread for dressing for Election Supper. I went to Philadelphia in morning for groceries. Merrill chopped grass. He washed car at supper time. 4 Theresa girls here for UNICEF.

Diary Entry for 10/31/1971

Daylight Saving time ended at 2 AM. We went to Sunday School and church. We went over to Gladys Carey’s wake at Black River funeral home. She died Friday. 11 kids here in evening. [Halloween] 3 Brotherton’s, 3 Lamicas, 2 Halls, Brian, Dale, Dawn.