Monthly Archives: August 1975

Diary Entry for 8/1/1975

Beulah comes tomorrow. Patty and girls went to Sackets in PM. Merrill and I drawed 1 1/2 loads of hay. A very hot day, 97°. Patty cleaned house. Washed clothes, etc.

Diary Entry for 8/2/1975

Ken and Lois brought Beulah at 1 PM. Merrill went to Sackets to help Jim. Very hot, about 100° in places. Payne’s mowed hay. Got car insurance, $111.

Diary Entry for 8/3/1975

Very hot and muggy. We went to church. Beulah and Jolie went too. Vicky went to Catholic church. Vicky left about 3 PM. Jim came in evening after work.

Diary Entry for 8/4/1975

Beulah and I went visiting to Antwerp. Clara Wallace, Emma Hall and Cliff Hall. Ate at diner. Merrill went to Jim’s with Patty and girls. Rained about all day. Pat and Jolie went over to Brancatella’s.

Diary Entry for 8/5/1975

Patty and Jill went to Sackets in morning. Jill had Dr. appointment. Merrill, Beulah, Jolie, and I went to Clear Lake to see Pauline Giltz. Humphrey’s cottage. Cooler in evening. Payne’s drawed hay.

Diary Entry for 8/6/1975

Organ meeting, 7:30 Heck’s. Clara Wallace, 84 today. Cindy’s 14th birthday. Merrill went to meeting. Rained about all day. Cold. Had furnace on and fire in stove. Lois and Joe came after Beulah about 11. We canned tomatoes.

Diary Entry for 8/7/1975

Sent $2 for Town and Country. Patty and girls went home today. We went to Philadelphia for groceries. Marilyn gave me B-12 shot. Also stopped at Vi’s and Aunt Maude’s. Drawed 1 load hay. Froze zucchini squash and started dill pickles in evening. Rainy, cold.

Diary Entry for 8/8/1975

Finished haying, 3800 bales. Washed clothes. Nice day. Hot sun, 82°. Made dill pickles. Sent check for part for lawn mower.

Diary Entry for 8/9/1975

Night blooming cirrus plant had a 10 inch blossom open in evening. So very beautiful. Merrill mowed all 3 lawns. I made rolls. Washed rugs. I painted flag pole, mailbox, birdbath, birdhouse, benches and bricks. Ethel Johnson died this morning. Vi called. Aunt Maude called in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/10/1975

Terry H came home from hospital. Been there since July 18. Hot and windy. We went to church. Bill Mattingly gave us good sermon. 46 there. Lorena Smith brought Beulah back in evening. Other blossom on night blooming cirrus blossomed. About 8 inches.

Diary Entry for 8/11/1975

We took Beulah to Clayton to Lucy Wicks. We went to Sackets by Dexter way. Merrill helped Jim put in kitchen window and cupboards up. Jill’s first tooth is through. Rained in AM. Sent Holly card. The beaver is official state animal. We found Andy, cat, dead. We went over to see Terry.

Diary Entry for 8/12/1975

Merrill went to Philadelphia and Watts to plan garage. I froze corn. Art Haggerty went into hospital Sunday with pinched nerve. Is in traction. I called over there. Talked with Stuart and Vicky. I lost filling in front tooth. Dawn was over. Sent car insurance, $111. Sent Agway order over.

Diary Entry for 8/13/1975

Merrill chopped grass for cows. Merrill started work on Watts garage. Patty and girls came out and froze corn and peppers. Made pickles and canned 7 pints of tomatoes. Rained hard in PM. Thunderstorms. Got letter from June.

Diary Entry for 8/14/1975

Gov. Carey at Keichels farms. About 500 out to see him there. We didn’t go over. Merrill worked at Charles garage. Boots and I went for groceries in AM. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 8/15/1975

Dr. Sommer’s, 8:30 AM. He took x-rays of my teeth, $23. Merrill worked at Watts. I made 7 dozen fried cakes, 5 dozen for booth tomorrow, organ fund booth. Froze corn in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/16/1975

Philadelphia Civic Days. A nice day. I fried donuts all day. Joyce made them. Made 72 dozen. had 35 others donated. 107 dozen, and all sold. Esther and Ray brought me home.

Diary Entry for 8/17/1975

We went to church. Joyce G gave wonderful sermon. Said we made about $355 on booth yesterday. Jim, Pat, and girls here for dinner. Brought us new toaster. Proctor Silex. We canned pickles and 14 quarts tomatoes.

Diary Entry for 8/18/1975

PNG’s at Carries. 16 there. I went to Mills for Beulah and Lois. Vi took them home. I went with her. Merrill got other wagon for grass working. Mom called. I washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 8/19/1975

I made 10 pints bread and butter pickles. Merrill worked at Watts. Got letter from Vern’s and clipping of frog jumping contest from Syracuse paper.

Diary Entry for 8/20/1975

Wrote Dot. Merrill worked at Watts. I made cake, cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookies. Called Doris H. Art came home last Thursday. He is in traction at home.

Diary Entry for 8/21/1975

Merrill worked at Watts. I felt miserable all day. Diarrhea. Dumping station wouldn’t work in evening. Milk inspector, Cornell, here.

Diary Entry for 8/22/1975

Eleanor called. They are camping at Crystal. Vern’s got home from vacation. Got 2 cards from them. Got gears for lawn mower, $6.50. We went to city. Got inflation rubbers. Got 19 inch colored TV $340 at Grants. Dawn was over.

Diary Entry for 8/23/1975

Sent Karen card. Today is her 11th birthday. Merrill worked at Watts. I washed clothes. I’ve felt horrid all day. Bowel upset.

Diary Entry for 8/24/1975

We went to church. Cheryl gave a very good service. Ken and Eleanor here for supper. They spent the weekend at Crystal Lake. Jim Madison here in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/25/1975

Very hot and muggy, 90°. Merrill worked at Watts. I canned 7 quarts of tomatoes and 3 cans of dill pickles. Washed my hair. Made donuts.

Diary Entry for 8/26/1975

Wrote Vern’s. Merrill worked at Watts in PM. Got letter from Dot M. Jim’s here for supper. It rained in evening. Thunder storm. Gillette checked cows, $13.

Diary Entry for 8/27/1975

Vern and June’s 15th anniversary. Merrill finished garage job at Watts, 46 1/2 hours at $4. I canned 7 quarts of tomatoes. The Cameron’s got home from Florida. She called in the evening. Called Dr. Roberts.

Diary Entry for 8/28/1975

Boots and I went to store. Took Mrs. Cameron’s plant back to her. Merrill brought new black angus calf to barn. Heifer freshened. I picked another bushel of tomatoes. We went to Amish church in evening for first time.

Diary Entry for 8/29/1975

Marilyn gave me B-12 shot. Gave her tomatoes. Rainy. We spent most of the day at Mom’s. Don’s had gone to city. Got peaches at Johnnies, $4.99 3/4 bushel. Got Jim’s 3 bushel. Called Patty. Got note from Uncle Berl.

Diary Entry for 8/30/1975

Cloudy day. Cool. I cleaned house. Cleaned registers. Washed clothes.

Diary Entry for 8/31/1975

We went to church. Rev. Cameron back. Jim’s brought girls to stay over, while they went to Rudes for family picnic. Jerry Lewis Telethon started at 9 PM.