Monthly Archives: December 1969

Diary Entry for 12/1/1969

Still snowing. Sent in film. Also our life insurance. Washed clothes. The snow plow was over for first this winter. Did ironing.

Diary Entry for 12/2/1969

Below zero last night. Took Mom home. Snowing out that way. We stopped at Jim and Pat’s on way out. Mom’s first visit at their home. WSCS Christmas party at Mrs. H. I just went for meeting. 17 present.

Diary Entry for 12/3/1969

Snowy off and on all day. I went to city shopping for Christmas. Got quite a lot done but tired tonight. Parked in new parking garage for first. Got Christmas tree at Matt’s store, $2.75. Merrill worked on tractor. Got letter from Charlene. Freddie got home October 5th from Viet Nam.

Diary Entry for 12/4/1969

Snowing all over. Got first Christmas card from Dot Medina. Sent us $5. She has moved. Cleaned house. Washed and tinted hair. Merrill went to Philadelphia and Theresa. They will fix tractor at Ken Browns.

Diary Entry for 12/5/1969

Sent first Christmas card to Dot and Joe. Wrote letter. Sent Uncle Berl package at Theresa Post office $1.10. Uncle Berl, sweater, Lettie, apron. Merrill drove tractor to Kenney’s. They took it apart. I went after him. Christmas shopped at Pearls.

Diary Entry for 12/6/1969

4-H Officers Training. We didn’t go as Merrill was using car. He went to Frys for tractor parts in morning. $60. Kenney and Merrill fixed tractor $52-$112. I got groceries at Theresa at the new Midstate Store that opened this week. Very nice. Put up Santa and outdoor candles. Debby was here in evening.

Diary Entry for 12/7/1969

Below zero last night. We went to church. Communion Sunday. Timer switch on oven isn’t working. Put up lights on porch and some of other decorations in house. Aunt Maude called in evening.

Diary Entry for 12/8/1969

Finished putting up rest of decorations. Made cookies and donuts. Jim and Pat here for supper. They have new car, 1966 white SS Chevy with black top. Red interior. Jim is working at Penny’s and Fays during the day. Eleanor’s mother died of a heat attack today.

Diary Entry for 12/9/1969

Sent Roy card. Wrote letter. Nice day. I went to city shopping all day. Saw Jim at Penny’s working guard. Merrill helped Howard on garage. Got 3rd Christmas card from Aunt Keitha. Fried donuts in evening. Debby was over in evening.

Diary Entry for 12/10/1969

Roy’s birthday. Another nice day. Wrote Good Housekeeping about December issue. Rebekah’s Christmas party. 21 out. Each one took something to eat. Mary made punch. Rained hard in evening. Addie Klock not good.

Diary Entry for 12/11/1969

Our 34th anniversary. I was in bed with a headache all day. Very windy. Jim and Pat called in evening to wish us happy anniversary. When Jim got off work, he worked at Fays. Got wedding invitation to Freddie Tryon’s wedding.

Diary Entry for 12/12/1969

Addie Klock 81, died in Carthage Hospital at 7:30 AM. She had an operation at 4 AM for a blood clot. Lois H called me. Merrill went to city shopping. I’m not very peppy today. Donna Hall came home from Washington. She didn’t like it there.

Diary Entry for 12/13/1969

Toby up in morning early for breakfast. Ground covered with snow this morning. I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Took donuts to Klocks. Got 3 records for Mom. Started addressing cards. Called some for Mary about Addie’s wake.

Diary Entry for 12/14/1969

We went to church. Merrill went up to funeral hone for Addie in PM. I went to concert at school with Evelyn and Debby. I went to Addie’s wake with Rebekah’s in evening, about 22 out. Mary went with me. I called Jim in evening,. Addressed Christmas cards.

Diary Entry for 12/15/1969

Put up tree and decorated it in evening. Sent 40 Christmas cards. Some with notes. Marty Rudes here in evening with my Tupperware from Karen. Made fudge. Addie Klock’s funeral at church 2 PM. I went alone. Jim and Pat here for supper. Jim said Eleanor’s mother passed away.

Diary Entry for 12/16/1969

Called Mom. Eleanor’s mother died of heart attack last Monday on Dec 8th. Found her on the floor. Made Christmas cookies and dipped chocolates. Merrill has headache. Got letter from Uncle Berl. He got our package. Rev. H entered hospital for piles.

Diary Entry for 12/17/1969

Wrote Eleanor. Called Aunt Maude. Washed Merrill’s clothes. We went Christmas shopping. Saw Jim and Pat at Fays. Jim has a cold. Saw Fanny Reeder in Grants. Got two rug runners for porch $3.33. Got letters from June and Marg. Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky married on TV Tonight Show.

Diary Entry for 12/18/1969

PNG’s at Leah’s. 6:30 dinner. 18 present. Carrie F had my name. My new S Pal is Elsie Bacon. Myrtle Duff and Addie Klock both gone this year. Wrote Vern’s. Hall’s came home with snowmobile, yellow. Snowing terrible way home.

Diary Entry for 12/19/1969

4-H party at Debby Halls 7:30. 39 there. Nice time. All girls there but Mary Landon. Sharon Hall’s 16th birthday. Had birthday cake at party. Mary made it. I finished wrapping gifts. Merrill got hair cut. 4-H kids gave me 4-H earrings and pad.

Diary Entry for 12/20/1969

Vern’s came about 4 PM. Got 2 new chairs at Ramargo’s. Cleaned house. June has been on diet. Weighs 115 and looks so good. Minnie Dyer called. Also Vi. Called Lois W in AM.

Diary Entry for 12/21/1969

Church Christmas tree in evening. We went. Stopped at Vi and Bill’s to see Martha’s baby. Packed shut-in baskets in PM. I didn’t help. Packed 33 baskets. Charlie Hayes died of heart attack. Pat called. She has cold. Made salad.

Diary Entry for 12/22/1969

Christmas with Vern’s and Jim’s. We had dinner at 12:30. All got nice gifts. I got perma press table cloth and SS Magazine. Dad got shirt, peanuts and National Geographic. Jim and Pat matching PJ’s. Jim’s left a about 6 PM. Patty made dessert. Danny has cold. Sent Donna card. Got letter from Dot M.

Diary Entry for 12/23/1969

Donna’s 26th birthday. Vern’s left about 10 AM. 10° below last night. Merrill put wire back on oven on stove. Hasn’t been working right. Merrill put doors on porch. Got 5 pounds of cheese from Queens. Also letter opener from Bob M.

Diary Entry for 12/24/1969

Church candlelight service, 9 PM. Jim, Pat, Merrill and I went to it. Very nice. Jim and Pat here for supper and tree. All got nice gifts. I got watch. Gave Jim watch, Pat clothes. Merrill watch and jig saw. 9 below zero at 7:30. Merrill went to Philadelphia for groceries. Rev. H not too good. He is having muscle spasms.

Diary Entry for 12/25/1969

12 °below zero. Milk house froze up. Took laundry room heater down to thaw it. We went to Mom’s. Stopped at Jim and Pat’s on way and rode out with Jim’s. They were at her mother’s for tree in AM. Ken’s didn’t get up to Mom’s. Roberta and Ken sick. Very nice day.

Diary Entry for 12/26/1969

Snowy. Bad in PM and evening. Very stormy with many roads closed. Syracuse hard hit. We went down to Toby and Karen’s in PM. Gave Wade red 3 piece knit outfit. No mail today.

Diary Entry for 12/27/1969

Very stormy all day. Lots of roads still closed. All planes grounded. Plow by here twice. There is a 4 foot snow drift all around house. Driveways full.

Diary Entry for 12/28/1969

Couldn’t go to church as Merrill couldn’t get driveways plowed in time. Tractor wouldn’t start. Jeff and Merrill finally got driveways open at 12 PM. Nice day. 23°. Toby, Karen, and Wade here in evening.

Diary Entry for 12/29/1969

-2° in morning. Renewed Good Housekeeping magazine for two years. I shortened my black and white coat. Merrill went to Theresa, Mills and Watertown. He got new electric 3 heat heater for back room at Century, $23. Got hose for bathtub. Hall’s got snow mobile going again.

Diary Entry for 12/30/1969

4-H here. 7 members and Donna. Got Vern’s book we sent for. Merrill helped Howard on garage. Much warmer today. Hal Mark’s 11th birthday.

Diary Entry for 12/31/1969

No special celebration this year. Iwent around neighborhood collecting for flowers for Justine Sinclair Smith who died Sunday 28th in Florida. Merrill helped Howard on garage. Ordered flowers $10.60. Took down tree.