Yearly Archives: 1986

Diary Entry for 1/9/1986

Sunny but windy. Warmer. We went for groceries. First I’ve been out since December 27th. Tired when I got home. Merrill cleaned church walks. Got cards from Alice and Sharon and Larry Patchen.

Diary Entry for 1/12/1986

Merrill went to church, 67 out. Vern, June, and I didn’t go. Jim’s came for dinner. June brought port chops, apple sauce, etc. Patty brought dessert. They gave us a just great photo album of our anniversary party. Over 100 pictures.

Diary Entry for 1/19/1986

Merrill went to church, 65 there. I didn’t go as my arthritis real bad. 50° and cloudy. Raining in evening. Very foggy in evening. Joyce Griffin is coming back to our United Methodist Church.

Diary Entry for 1/25/1986

Merrill went to dump. He helped at church. Washed clothes. Very windy. Got letter from Juanita. Hollis and Lori have baby girl. Juanita having eye trouble. Detached retina. Got first HEAP rebate notice, $340. Made chili and cake.

Diary Entry for 1/26/1986

We went to church, 62 out. First I’ve been since December 22. Eleanor called from House of Good Samaritan. Roberta had appendicitis operation this morning. Snow Fest ends tonight. June here in PM. Leslie called in evening. All okay. Elmer moved into Leon’s house.

Diary Entry for 1/29/1986

Snowing. Bad Adams way. Merrill cleaned driveway. Roberta called from hospital. She’s feeling better today. Vern’s appointment with Dr. Scanlon at 4:00 PM. Trustee’s meeting on insurance with Mr. Gleason at parsonage. All there.

Diary Entry for 2/2/1986

Ground hot day. Ground hog didn’t see his shadow. Freezing rain and snowy. Merrill went to church. Aunt Maude and I didn’t go, 47 out. Rev. Colin’s 27th birthday tomorrow. Jim, Patty, and kids here in PM and for supper. Jim working 8 AM to noon.

Diary Entry for 2/5/1986

Canceled clinic. Back hoe took down old farm building on corner. Snowed over night. Merrill plowed driveway. Called Vern’s. His eyes getting better. He’s back at work. Steve has new girl friend, Kathy.

Diary Entry for 2/11/1986

Cold but sunny. Below zero over night. School vote. merrill voted but I didn’t feel like going. My arthritis bad today. Merrill went to Administrative Council at parsonage in evening. Aunt Maude went to Mercy Hospital.

Diary Entry for 2/17/1986

Dr. Siegel, 3:30. He started me on Zorprin (Aspirin). He wants me to try gold in a month. doris H called. Bob’s funeral in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. He was cremated there. Got car battery at Sears, $68.16. Called Beulah.