Diary Entry for 1/4/1943

No mail. No school bus. Still snowing & blowing. Got a piece of beef today. First we have been able to get some in weeks. Grandma Harlow [Merrill’s maternal grandmother] died today.

Diary Entry for 1/5/1943

I went up to Barkers this morning. Called Aunt Cora [Kellogg, then Cross. Merrill’s Aunt] about Grandma’s Funeral. The snow plow broke down out front of our house. Still there.

Diary Entry for 1/6/1943

Ken’s birthday. 23 years old. Grandma Harlow’s funeral today. Merrill & I went. Stopped at Ange’s [Mrs. Orvile Haggerty] & saw their twins. First time. They are real cute. So is Stanley.

Diary Entry for 1/9/1943

Oren Jr. birthday (22 years) Don Moore’s also (25 years) Received letter from mother Tryon. Beulah & Gloria are a little better. Arlene was down. Made chocolate ice cream.

Diary Entry for 1/15/1943

Got 1 pound of butter today. Some blizzard all day. Calmed down some tonight. No school today because of the storm. Buster got our mail at Lacona. [Oren Junior is called Buster.] Oren’s cold is better today.

Diary Entry for 1/16/1943

Sent letter to Aunt Mildred, card to Mom. Oren has pneumonia. Had Doc. Reed. Got flashlight batteries. They plowed our roads with big plow in the night. Lorraine roads aren’t open yet.

Diary Entry for 1/21/1943

Harlow C. funeral. We couldn’t get around in time to go. Vernon is ill & couldn’t go to school. Wrote mom & Aunt Edna. Ken tried physical today. Awful cold.

Diary Entry for 1/22/1943

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Congdon have baby boy. (Roger Lee). Mr. & Mrs. D Pitkin have baby girl. (Anna Mae) Still cold. Arlene was down. Feeling horrid tonight. Received letter & pictures from Merrill’s Aunt Lila of Barnes Corners. Vernon didn’t go to school...

Diary Entry for 1/27/1943

A grand day. Heard on the radio last night that Pres. Roosevelt had just returned from a 10 day conference with Churchill in Africa concerning vital war doings.

Diary Entry for 2/4/1943

Received a letter from Mother Tryon. Beulah has a baby boy. (Roger Lee) Merrill, Vernon & I was up to Barkers & played cards tonight. They plowed our road all good & boy what banks.

Diary Entry for 2/5/1943

Received letter from Mother Tryon, Aunt Edna, & Marg. Aunt Edna’s letter sounds so sad about baby Harlow. Sent a get well card to Edna Kellar. Wrote Beulah C.

Diary Entry for 2/10/1943

Sent 3 dozen eggs to town @ 34¢. Just opened our roads today. Vernon & Arlene couldn’t get home. Stayed at Morton Poole’s tonight. Mailed letters & Valentines.

Diary Entry for 2/11/1943

Still snowing & blowing. Dusty died today. Vernon got home from school with a terrible cold. Merrill cleaned kitchen stovepipes tonight. Got 4 days mail.

Diary Entry for 2/16/1943

Mother Tryon’s birthday. Signed for Farmers Wife magazine for 5 years. Journal a year, True experiences a year. No mail today. Snowing hard & blowing.