Diary Entry for 12/1/2004

46° and 35°. Raining all day. Dark all day. Vi was here for Times. I called Candy with eleven preservations for VIP dinner. There may be more. I played Pedro in evening. Two tables.

Diary Entry for 12/2/2004

Cloudy day. I went to exercise class. They decorated here today. Looks great. I finished decorating my apartment. Jim here in evening. He brought me some cash. Angie here in evening also. I gave canned food for mailman for collection for the needy.

Diary Entry for 12/3/2004

33° and 24°. Everything white with snow this morning. Beautiful. So clean. Jessie here to clean. She finished my tree. Nelda McCarthy called to ask how I was doing. Cindy G, Cora Bura and Carol Garman called. Vi here for Times. Debby H called in evening.

Diary Entry for 12/4/2004

Cloudy. A little sun. Rain and snow in evening. I went for coffee and donuts in morning. Vi here. Also Rose T. I collected for church folks from Betty W ad Fred and Isabel Reinbeck. Jim N called about church.

Diary Entry for 12/5/2004

Sunny day. I didn’t get to First Church. Jolie called at 8 AM. She and the kids have moved into a new apartment. Zack has an expensive new car. Shawn Michael had to change schools again. I talked with Jim. It is in today’s paper where Michael Sounders has bought 6.5...