Diary Entry for 11/1/2000

A great sunny day. I washed clothes. I played Pedro in evening. We had a fire here tonight. A tenant upstairs three her lighted cigarette in her wastebasket instead of her toilet. She got it out before fireman got here. Lots of smoke on second floor.

Diary Entry for 11/2/2000

A great summer day. Exercise class. Jessie at 10:30. Paid her $16. She went to store for me. Bus to see Merrill at 1 PM-3. Merrill got flu shot today. I took the bus. George was driver. Jolie called. She and kids were almost in bad accident on 5 lane highway. Several...

Diary Entry for 11/3/2000

Not a bad day. Cloudy in PM. Juanita called in AM. I got package from Blair’s. Pants and sweatshirts. Also fleece sweat set. I got Heap application blanks from Hope. I have to call bank. I called Jim. He was in Utica on his bike.

Diary Entry for 11/4/2000

Cloudy day. I went for coffee and donuts. Esther and Ken called. Hollis still costing Ken money. Jolie called. She said she told Jill and her boy friend to come see me. Jill and Shane here in PM. Lidia gave me delicious Italian Spaghetti for supper.

Diary Entry for 11/5/2000

Cloudy day. 38°. I went to church with Nash’s. All Saints Day. I took Sherrie and Jim out to eat in cafeteria at Genesis. They went up to see Merrill with me. I came home with them. It is in today’s paper that Rose Blair, 79 from 209 Second floor died here Friday...